Senin, 17 Desember 2012

Dcakes by Dewi RED VELVET! Major Yum!

I personally will put this cake on the top 5 BEST RED VELVET CAKES I've ever eaten. This cake is just beyond amazing! I've been hearing a lot about this cake but lately just got the chance to try it for myself and I'm completely satisfied. It's the moistest, super delicious and great balance in its sugar level, I like the cream topping used, it's like a mixed caramel and cream cheese resulting an amazing culinary to enjoy.

I have always been a lover for contrast balance and I'm totally putting my thumbs up for the baker and how the concept of this cake was made. I love the idea of using almonds and caramel as the garnish on the side so when you're enjoying this cake, you got the moist texture of the cake, and you'll get the crunch too from the almonds mixed with the sweetness of the caramel :). NOMNOM!

If you're wondering if rum is used for this cake, I'm not sure with that, you'll get a sort of nice scent of the cake and when you tasted it, it's just good!

More photos for you to enjoy...

Everyday like this, STRESSED is totally DESSERTS spelled backwards, not stress, just desserts!
I am running out of words! I'm having this moment when my mouth is watering just by minds. Imagination running wild!

I ordered the 18cm diameter cake, and it costs me almost 400k (including the delivery fee)

If you want to make an order, you can visit the blog for further information -> dcakes by dewi
or follow its Twitter -> @dcakesbydewi

- I am so happy because I've been receiving tons of food testing invitations lately, I'm going to tell you right now that on December 5th 2012 (that would be 2 weeks ago), I was invited to attend a food testing of the newest and hottest ramen house in town ICHIDAIGEN (located at Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta). This food testing was different from the others that I've done, it's because I am very honored to be given a chance to have a food testing, pre-launching, so I got to give my comments on the food whether it's a bit this or a bit that, I feel like contributing so much on this, the manager told me to keep it until the launching, so I think it would be free to published tomorrow or on Wednesday!
- Just got another invitation from "Georgepeck", I was invited via Facebook telling that this bubble drink company is opening at Mall@Alam Sutera on 12-12-12. I looked it up online, a lot of people gave positive reviews about the brand, I'm getting more excited, wish I could post everything on this blog, soon :)

Never hesitate to give your contrustive comments for the blog, I wish no hatred related comments were made :).

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Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Oejingo Bimbimbap

The korean wave is totally striking me and so does the culinary. I have lately been very obsessed with everything korean. Just so you know, I'm a VIP and Blackjacks and of course a YG STAN! hahaha. One of my most favorite korean food restaurants is totally Han Gang and Han Gang is probably one of the most famous on the list.

The menu that I'm posting now is obviously one of my most favorite: it is 'Oejingo Bibimbab'. This is the classic bibimbap with squid and garnished with a pretty 'hot' red sauce, it is just simply delicious. I always have at least one menu of korean dish this for my lunch in a week. I wanna give the credits for the squid, thanks for giving me a lot of squids because I love 'em and you will too if you're eating this dish. Han Gang is not stingy.

YUMYUM at last :9.
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Han Gang
Mall Taman Anggrek 4th fl.