Happy Birthday Brother!

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and he is now officially 16! What's this post happening with the 'eat' or 'treats'? Well, first of all, I just want to share the joy and the happiness surrounding him and family, he is now growing and getting older and yet more mature I can tell!


Here are more photos relating to the surprise party we held for him :).

He is definitely shy when we want to give him a playful kiss! He freaked out, literally!

I'm totally jealous of his age, he is still young and still have 4 more years before hitting the 20s, I don't know why even though I'm still relatively young, but knowing that I already hit the 20s brings me a lot of things to think about....oh life. Am I the only one here noticing that change?
feels like turning 16 again.

cherry on top!
this will brings us to the next post TOMORROW :)
I'm going to put a review on this cake! made by a famous baker in town, you probably know who :).

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