Kamis, 11 April 2013

Mama Melaka Grand Indonesia: Fancier Touch of Malaka Culinary.

I have always loved weekends! Especially Saturdays when I actually got a full day off my busy life and I usually just stay at home or sometimes get super rebelious and choose to get out even though I'm super tired.

Damn maturity, kinda miss childhood y'all know everything just tastes so free and carefree. Huff.

Anyways, I went to Grand Indonesia and didn't actually plan to eat anything because my mom didn't cook any food so she told us to go and find ourselves, I then asked my sister to accompany me to Grand Indonesia.

My attention was caught by this new restaurant with nice artsy deco and bright lights, and of course bright lightbox. It's this new Malaka restaurant named Mama Melaka and I'm reviewing it to you right now.

As usual, before I take you to surf the food, I'm going to take you on a quick tour of the place itself.

They use a lot of this cages for lamps and it somehow works with the original vintage sculptures and architecture Grand Indonesia has.

More flying cages!

A touch of Malaka is essential since it's the concept of the restaurant.
Don't you just love the classic good old Chinese ceramics :D.

We're being seated just at the perfect spot and perfect lighting for photos, and better than that, enjoying the meal with live view to the outersphere.

LOVE THE GLASS JARS and I think the usage of the vintage papers and handwriting is just..genius.

I just need to feel like I'm eating at an Indonesian restaurants at the 50s, well kinda hard because actually I'm in Grand Indonesia, but thanks to the deco at least I can still carried away and living pretend to live at that era.
More and more glass jars <3 <3 <3

I hope from the little tour you'll get a little picture and imagining if you're eating there.

So what did I have for my meal? Of course I'm trying their recommended menus...

Mamak Mee Goreng.
IDR 38.000 (before tax)

Just look at that picture... I"m drooling over here! Still can totally feel the taste, it's soooo yummy, it's a little spicy and the servant actually told me that the noodle is self-made. The noodle is on a great texture and very well made and...thank you for not being so stingy on the seafood.

Ok skip, I can't look anymore of the Mamak Mee Goreng pictures. They hurt my eye.

Roti Canai with Chicken Curry
IDR 25.000 (before tax)

I think it should be more like an appetizer and light bites instead of main course but this one comes second, but that's okay I am a total organized freek, I eat eventually, (exception for fine dinings which I'd love to feel the throughout process, since I pay loads of money to experience it, let's get a little lifted sometimes)

The bread? the hardest texture of Canai I've ever tried, so hard to rip off and not your common Canai bread you've probably tasted before...It was slightly not the best first impression.


I find it that the more I eat it, the better it is!
Just when you think you're going to have it plain, there goes the curry sauce, when you dip the bread in the sauce, it blends and become soooo tasty! The curry is also decent :).

 but if you're going to have it without the sauce, it's going to be hard and not teeth friendly in my opinion.

 Look how it softens.

Ayam Goreng Pandan
IDR 60.000 (before tax)

The crisp of the day, well..since it's the crispiest and it's cooked very crunchily and dry, which is a good thing since I hate having oils on my chickens. I can't find the reason why it's called "Ayam Goreng Pandan". FYI Pandan is the indonesian of "Screw Pine leaves/Pandanus leaves". I can't find the flavor of the leaves, overall it's your good old fried chicken, tastes a bit unique but I kinda wish for the pandan extract on the chicken.
For the beverages, two glass of Ice Milk Tea
IDR 12.000 (before tax)
The milk tea's decent, it's fresh and fit the hot weather Jakarta has been having lately.

For the closing, sometimes all you need is a good dessert and my attention again caught by the beautiful name of "Es Kacang", simply means "Nut Ice". Nut Ice? Sounds hideous in English by the way, and don't start thinking that when you hear "Nut Ice" and it actually looks hideous as the're wrong.

Super large bowl of "Es Kacang"! I think you can share it with another twos.
Favorite part? The corns! The corns are like the savior of this whole dish because you basically get "sweet" everywhere and the corn's actually a little more salty so it's a good thing, another nice thing is the  vanilla ice cream. I thought the ice cream was homemade, but it wasn't. Whatever it's good tho! 

To sum things up, I got them all from appetiers to dessert, and actually I think I spent a great amount of money for a very good deal.

Together we spent around IDR 200k nett for these amount of food. We obviously are very happy and full!

Thank God for the meals! One of the best things I ever thank God for! Just can't get enough for.
Thank You *wipe tears*

and also...

Thank you my lovely readers for reading.
I'm typing this with such a happy feeling? Why??? Because my article posted yesterday about the Illy Coffee is receiving TONS OF LOVE! I actually got the highest daily hits 1280 HITS IN A DAY! INSANE!!! and hopefully each and everyday the numbers can go stronger.

Promise you I'll never stop writing!



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