and what's a birthday without a surprise!

My family always has this tradition with birthdays... that is to give birthday cake to whoever is having the birthday, no matter what age they're now. The biggest surprise is of course given to the queen of the family: THE GRANDMOTHER, and another queen of my heart is having her birthday today! My momeeeh!

The surprise is actually nothing really special, what makes it special is because we (me, my brother and my sister) always plan this days before her birthday, see...we're very caring to one another *tears*.

This birthday cake is by TOUS LES JOURS (french for "everyday"). One of the hippest bakery in town, TLJ is a brand franchise from South Korea, they're really good at reading the market. Indonesians are crazy over KPOP nowadays.

and they have one of the nicest box design!

Priceless kiss for a priceless woman in my life.

What's eatandtreats without giving you some food pictures?!
This birthday cake is Chocolate Mocha cake from Tous Les Jours!

Taste? I'd say this cake is good. Initially I wanted to buy her another chocolate cake from TLJ but the manager recommended me to take this one and he sounded really convincing and I got carried away.

This is certainly not bad, I just wish it would be cremier and mousse like, because personally I love cakes like that, this one is still okay for you to try. I also love how the cream tastes and those rich dark chocolate grates!

The cake is SOFT. I don't really feel like it is your typical sponge cake, looks and tastes like chiffon cakes to me..only better and more creative.

My slice of cake. Want some?

THANK YOU TOUS LES JOURS for being a part of my mom's birthday!
I'll go back and grab that first chocolate cake I fell-in-love-at-the-first sight with.

Thank you for growing up with me, for your guidance, for all the lessons, for all the sacrifices. I never ask for your existence in my life, and I'm glad that I never have to. You're a Godsend angel <3.

Can't wait to make you happy and happier each and every day.

Cause you're the one... my everything.