Kamis, 13 Juni 2013

Afternoon Tea at Moovina Le Jardin-Mezzanine

It was a nice day, cool weather and all that I have in mind was having afternoon tea.

I asked my followers on Twitter about the great places in Jakarta to have afternoon tea and some of my followers replied me with a name of the place that I'm going to be reviewing right this second. Ladies and gentlemen, it's MOOVINA: Le Jardin-Mezzanine. (Le Jardin is pronounced : LE JARD(A)N).

Le Jardin was the venue of where this afternoon tea session occured. Moovina has two areas: Le Jardin's located on the third floor of Plaza Indonesia and Mezzanine was located one level higher. Le Jardin is purposed for everyone who wants a more relaxed atmosphere for light-bites and afternoon tea like I did, while Mezzanine is for a more formal event (more romantic event), since it's purposed for ones who wanted to have their main course.

Just a few steps inside and I was super impressed by how beautiful the place is, it's almost like you're in a French garden with a lot of plants and I was seated at a perfect place near the window where natural daylight is friendly.

When they gave me the menu, I just can't decide, I need to see it for myself because I need to have the physique look of the cakes so that I'll be more relieved in choosing, yet at least that I know that my cakes are pretty (lol). Initially I wanted to go for the Edelweiss private afternoon tea set, but sadly they don't include sliced cakes, the menu consists of croissant, rhum sticks, and lemon tart, therefore I go with the Ala Carte.

La Vie En Rose
IDR 25k (before tax)

This cake really caught my attention, especially how beautiful they decorated the side with butter-cream in pink gradation. I was so blown away with how pretty the cake looks I need to make sure that the cake actually tastes as sweet and as memorable as it looks. The cake was very moist with a touch of raspberry flavor! I honestly like this cake. I am not a very big fan of butter cream but this one is beyond my imagination, I thought it's going to greasy and eww-in-taste, but it was so soft, melts in your mouth, not overpowering.

Love the idea of using chocolate sauce. It adds different flavor that play around in your mouth.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake
IDR 21k (before tax)

Again, I was captivated by the beauty of this cake, the nut crumble are the reason why I have to choose this cupcake! It looks so delish any eyes will feel extremely guilty not taking this.
I tried the peanut butter and I love how it's very smooth, it doesn't really taste like Skippy so I presume that it's custom made Moovina style. Overall, good start at the peanut butter.

I must admit that the chocolate cupcake wasn't my favorite and it's under my expectation. I thought the cake would be soft and moist, but it's the exact opposite. I need to spend a little more energy to slice the cupcake but as it gets to the bottom, the softness is like a gradient, the lower surface has the softest consistency. I think it'd be better if the cake starts from the medium to extra soft, instead of hard to soft.

Camomile Tea
IDR 28k (before tax)

The tea they're using is from Dilmah, which is one of the top quality teas in the world. Going with Camomile wasn't a mistake at all, it's really relaxing and the scent of the camomile really keeps my mood at the steady-good.

PS: I like my tea to have a little glimpse of the flowers. It just appears to gve a soothing yet much natural flavor.
I spent IDR 89k after 20% tax for this special treat on a special afternoon.

While you spend a little fortune to enjoy an afternoon tea at certain places. For some people, afternoon tea is not an excuse to post beautiful fancy treat on Instagram, for some, it's a lifestyle, and it's actually so much more than pretty cakes and fancy teas, it's about private, personal and inner joy on a nice afternoon.

I'm still going to surf the great places in Jakarta to have my private afternoon teatime.
If you have any recommendations, please leave comments or reach me via Twitter <3.

Thank you guys! See you around!!!

Plaza Indonesia 3rd fl. #119 & 4th fl. #06
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat
021 - 2992 4567 (Le Jardin)
021 - 2992 3999 (Mezzanine)


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