Otel Lobby Jakarta: Lunch and Cronuts!

Picture above includes the main star of this entry. Got them blurred, so stay tuned :).

Got invited for lunch by Otel Lobby Kuningan Jakarta. For some of you who don't know (which I don't believe so), Otel Lobby is a restaurant/pub/lounge located in the heart of Epicentrum Kuningan, just beside Bluegrass restaurant.

Gotta love the interior. Surely one of the most attractive Jakarta's restaurants interior I've seen so far. The whole concept was actually inspired by "hotel lobby", and I believe the name's also inspired from it. The moment you enter the restaurant, you'll notice a concierge station which looks pretty much like a hotel-like receptionist and the dining areas are set to look like hotel lounge. Love.

Not only the interior, the exterior is freaking awesome as well!

If you notice the bubbly thingy, which is actually a lamp, it's made of silk grub's cocoon.

Sorry for the exploitation of the venue, it's so pretty I can't help not to share it! By the way, the deer is claimed to be fake, so there's no animal cruelty involved.

The idea of this visit, beside having lunch is the privilege to try out Otel Lobby's cronuts! Cronuts has been freaking nuts and they have been such a hip star of culinary lately. These cronuts are scheduled to be released next week so you can have the sneak peek earlier here (yay!). The lovely cronuts are made by the beautiful and talented Chef Maya Aldy, who is also the co-owner of Otel Lobby along with Gaby Bakrie.

But before getting to the cronuts, let's surf the lunch!

Zing Berry
IDR 45k
This beverage contains a slightly strong flavor of fresh bell pepper which for me, actually adds up the unique, kinda weird flavor, but in a good way. Personally, I'm pretty much fond of this one

Mint Lime Crush (Virgin Lime Mojito)
IDR 45k
The good old Virgin Mojito that I love, this drink for me, is a lighter version of a mocktail drink (non alcohol), short to say, quite refreshing.

IDR 85k
The filling of this Enchilada is chicken, I found this one very interesting, starting from the lovely presentation to a playful flavor and the great seasoning, this one is certainly a pleasure for both the eye and the mouth. A great appetizer to start the big lunch.

Pigs in the Blanket
IDR 45k
First time ever trying sausages wrapped in puff pastries and pretty satisfied with how they burst in my mouth. FYI, the sausage is actually beef, not pork. Still wondering the philosophy of naming it "Pigs in the Blanket". The sauce presented as the company is "Mustard Sauce". Another great round of appetizer!

Shrimp Malfatti
IDR 75k (regular), 105k (large)
If you're not aware of what Malfatti is, it's actually a hand-rolled dumplings, sort of the base of "Raviolli" only it doesn't have a certain form. May not be the most photogenic dish, but this one surely tastes more decent than it looks, however, I kinda expect the pesto flavor to be richer and more fragrant.

Smoked Salmon Fettuccine
IDR 75k (regular), 105k (large)
One of my most favorite menus from the lunch! This was such a pleasure for a baboon like me! I love how the Salmon is perfectly cooked, the thick cream to toss the whole thing with and the adorable home made fettuccine pasta! Very recommended.

Smoked Salmon Stone Baked Pizza
IDR 85k
For a 85k, this is such an awesome deal, really. It has a pretty generous cut of salmons, lovely flavor, adorable textures and a crispy baked pizza dough but still chewy in a way. I personally love the crust consistency of the pizza, even though some of you might think it's a little hard, but to decide, go here and order this one!

Slow Cooked Salmon
IDR 115k
Hands down, this one is probably the one that gives me chill! I adore this course!!! Accompanied by the Potato Confit and Hollandaise Sauce, those three main elements of this dish were working well with one another. The Salmon is very soft and smooth because it's slow cooked, let it sit for around 25-30 minutes, boiled, not grilled or baked. You'll find a lovely pink Salmon, even more tender in the middle!

OTL Fried Banana Split
IDR 45k
The deep fried bananas are cooked adorable! That great temperature giving space for the bananas to soften down so you'll have amazing contrast from the crunchy coats and the soft bananas. Three scoops of assorted ice creams to make it even better. This dish is not only an eyegasm, but a major foodgasm!

After the big lunch, let me introduce you guys to the main star of this post! Ladies and gentlements here comes...
Otel Lobby's cronuts are currently available in three flavors: (left to right) Coffee Caramel, Lemon and Chocolate! Due to the quality control and the preparation (preparing cronuts are not a piece of cake hmm), prior to that, ordering one day before is recommended in advance, and when it's served, 30 minutes are the maximum time for serving. As in for me, since I took photos, I have to let 5 minutes gone in a snap (*o*).

Generally, Otel Lobby's cronuts are going to be strong contenders, they're crunchy, rich in flavors and good-looking (the last one doesn't really count LOL).

Coffee Caramel
Caramel glazed on top of the cronut is already an eyegasm for me, they're so photogenic my camera can't wait to snap it! As in for the flavor, the coffee cream injected inside the cronut is pretty strong and slightly salty, but as in for me, that's a good thing :).

From the three cronuts served, this one is definitely my most favorite! Starting from the lovely texture play from the crunchy almond and the cronut itself, the chocolate's also really decent! This version is the only one without the cream filling. I was expecting it to have a cream filling, just to know how it would taste, a milk-chocolate cream maybe? :). Anyway, I recommended this one for you to try out.

This one is the most plain looking, but surely not to be missed! I like the match between the cronut and the lovely lemon cream (sort of custard-ish)! Out of all three, this one is the lightest and I'm going to still recommending this one for you <3.

The price are not yet published due to the internal decision that's not my authority section, but I heard from the PR that they're going to be affordable, anyway, you can follow my social networks so I can keep you updated with the latest news!

Thank you for such an amazing lunch session, Otel Lobby! Your food are indeed very lovely. This ain't sugar coated words honey!!! Looking forward to come back and try out your famous Beef Wellington for sure!

Anyway, eatandtreats is being featured by inside the Cita Cinta Magazine's web (yippie) and if you want to see me and also recommendations of lovely eating and hangout places in Jakarta and around, please click on the widget on your right, and it will direct you to the "Info Jajan" column. You probably need to scroll up a few times due to this long post.

The Annex Building, Bakrie Tower, South Gate Entrance
Jl. Epicentrum Tengah
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12940
021 - 2994 1324

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  1. lovely, hans.. as always..

  2. Hi Hans, thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. Those are amazing shots you took, what camera & lens r u using? :)

  3. Hello Irene! I am using Nikon D3000 (that's like the cheapest DSLR on the market) with 35mm 1.8 lens ;). Your photos are also really really good!

  4. Oh my god, really love your pics! Thanks for your review, I'll give that a try with my boyfi on our anniv hehehe

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