The "Shameless" Food Blogger's Guide to Selfies


First things first, if you're presuming this entry will be filled with anger and rage, then you might want to tone it down, because this post is going to be so much fun and *ahem* narcissistic, but do stay tuned for the cherry on top.

So I just got this new phone from Lenovo which by the way just launched its newest mobile phone: LENOVO VIBE X S960! Say what?!
Super super chic and slim! Only 6.9mm thickness, even slimmer than a slice of bread. Just because it's slim doesn't mean it's not strong, the screen's using the Gorila Glass Class 3, super duper anti-scratch.

So, what's so good about this phone comparing to the others? So many! Talk about efficiency! But the most pleasant thing about this phone is undoubtedly its camera! 5 freaking megapixel front camera that could not go wrong! I know, I am such a hardcore narcissistic and I always love to capture the *ahem* money maker right here and who says food bloggers can't selfie? I sometimes do it well enough to annoy you all, I still win!

Don't tell me you haven't done any selfies in life.... seriously, it's not socially acceptable.

Okay, no worries, for those of you who haven't, in this post, I am going to give you the ultimate guide to selfies, but since my world revolves around food, why not take selfies WITH what you eat instead of keep on ONLY taking what you eat, for this special post, I am going to be using macarons and if you care, these are the ones from Antoinette.

PS: No editing is done to the photos, no enhancement, just resizing, all 100% no photoshop, Lenovo Vibe X is featured with built-in soft skin mode than you can adjust (say goodbye to Camera 360). I sometimes use none, but for dark places, I usually set it only at the level 2 to reduce the noice and since I don't like when my face looks perfectly porcelain like, almost unrealistic.

Know your lighting!
Generally, it's essential to camwhore on a decent lighting, natural daylight I would say the best but anywhere light enough should be fine, it's not rocket science.

Surpisingly, backlight sometimes would do for phone cameras, especially since phone cameras are mostly completed with exposure setting that you can adjust just by touching the screen.
not exactly bright but not that unfortunate either and at least you're not a freakin silhouette.

Be aware of WHERE you're taking the photos at!
Please, enough with taking selfies at the toilets, especially when they're ugly as hell, you never know when you're accidentally captured something that no one wants to see like... dirty laundries and maybe someone's butt-crack.

Know your angle and signature poses!
Most of the times I just do a straight forward selfies and just smile, but sometimes with a few degrees of tilted head, I think that's just the side that I am used to. Most of the times (mostly women), I noticed people do a lot of the 'lost puppy' pose when they tilt they head in certain degrees LOL.

Well I guess it's important to pose because then your photos will be more fun and less boring.

I also love the angle from the top (TONGSIS POSE), I think it makes the face appear smaller and it can hide the double-chin that most people are having, if you don't have any, lucky you.

Trust me, you don't wanna go too high, it's not like you're "Patung Selamat Datang".

Unless you're a supermodel with very square jaw and tiny figure, better off trying the fierce-bottom pose, especially when people start noticing the nostrils, yikes!

When everything fails, just make silly face and pose pose pose!
It's okay for guys to make silly faces too!

I know, hideous and probably not silly enough.

Please, those were like the most basic theories ever but trust me, the most important thing is to be yourself and get to know your face, we're born with various kinds of faces and it comes down to us to emphasize what we have to look more interesting both in reality and camera, and it's not all about editing, it's all about the angle, the beauty of selfies.

Besides selfies, it has been such a companion to my busy and mobile daily activities, thanks to the fast processor and the 13 MP rear camera as well, say goodbye to yucky grainy pixelated pixtures.

Some of the photos that I took with this phone (mostly using this for Instagram and of course... selfies). You can also check out some others on my Instagram.

Again, no editing! More like... no need.

A candid shot by a friend when I was selfie-ing at Haji Lane Street Singapore just yesterday.

Another great news which I am very grateful about, I am one of the Key of Leaders (KOL) for this phone as the food-blogger ambassador, and let me tell you upfront with honesty and sincerity, this is a one rocking phone. I think this gadget really helps me connect with you all and engaged my relationship with my blog readers and social media followers, especially if you guys follow my Instagram, I am such a big big freak to Instagram and I keep on posting so many food and travel pictures (and my face occasionally).

I attended the grand launching  last week and actually be on stage to give a little testimonial about this phone and do you know what's the best part? Selfie-ing with Pevita Pearce who I am such a big fan of, she is just pretty and very very humble.

I smell jealousy...

Okay, now that you have been throwing up but in the same time enlightened to take more selfies, how about actually getting the chance to WIN THIS AWESOME PHONE? One Lenovo Vibe X might be yours. Follow these simple rules, they're so damn easy:
2. FOLLOW @LenovoMobileID on Instagram and LIKE their Facebook Page.
3. DO A LOT OF SELFIES AND I MEAN... A LOT and post your selfies on your Instagram, but don't forget to mention @LenovoMobileID and use hashtag #MyVibeX.

CONTEST ENDS ON FEBRUARY 13TH 2014! THE LUCKY WINNER WILL BE CONTACTED BY PHONE AND EMAIL BY THE TEAM FROM LENOVO INDONESIA ON FEBRUARY 27TH! Still plenty of time to post your selfies. More selfies means bigger chance to win, make sure you post the unique, awesome and quirky ones!

Visit their official website for more complete information -> (also additional terms and conditions), and follow their Twitter timeline for more updates.

In the meantime, if you're not interested in joining the competition and decided to buy yourself one... smart move! Start investing on a phone with tremendous camera, remember, you only young once!