The Diary of Lenovo Vibe X: Becoming A Guest Speaker.

Sorry if that ginormous picture of me terrify you or will cause you a terrible nightmare after, but welcome to another Lenovo Vibe X and me diary! This time I'll be blogging about one activity that I did along with Lenovo Indonesia a few weeks ago.

I was appointed to be one of their speakers for an event they held in Central Park! I instantly had a panic attack when the peeps told me that I'll be doing a public speaking, I never really liked public speaking even since my early ages back at school reading poems, because I'm actually a really shy person *wink* (err...really). I was informed back when I was in Singapore and I remembered vividly I was eating at one cafe and I lost all my appetite and the thought of it froze the hell out of me.

Me on the way to event, just admit it, when traffic jam occured, selfie-ing was probably the ultimate salvation! Photos taken with none other than Lenovo Vibe X! 5 mp front camera perfect for selfies.

I brought just the perfect company! My little sister who's also a narcissist and love Vibe X as much as I do, she even asked me to exchange phones -.-"

Another great thing about Lenovo Vibe X is that the rear camera is supported with 13 megapixels resolution! Say goodye to bad picture days!
The stage that day, panic attack number two!

It's embarassing but definitely fascinating to see your own faces everywhere on a shopping mall! Never thought that this will be happening to me...ever. God is just too good with all the chance I got from blogging. Whatever you do with heart will lead your somewhere further than your dreams :). Believe!

Another exciting thing happening that day was to meet my idol! I have been adoring and listening to the awesome duo: Endah and Rhesa in like... forever! Especially since they came out to the scene with "When You Love Someone", must listen! PS: they were extremely humble and down to earth. I was thrilled :).

Even though I was shaking and couldn't stand not to barf, honestly when I sat on the stage, the nervousness started to disappear and I was excited seeing at the crowd that day, so many people were excited with Lenovo Vibe X.

It was a short session, probably took around 10 minutes, so the idea was to give a little testimonial about Lenovo Vibe X and of course, so far I have been enjoying my new phone! What could you ask for when you realize you have a phone with 13 megapixels rear camera, 5 megapixels front camera to selfie-craze everyday all day, quad-core processor and Android OS that fasten up everything you need to deal with the phone and last but not least, ergonomic-modern design with 6.9mm thickness. Nothing could go wrong. Not a damn thing!

I came to the stage with two other Lenovo KOLs: Calorine Siahaan (second from left), who is the owner and designer of Olink Workrobe which you could easily find in retails like Goods Dept., next to her is Isha Hening, the fabulous motion graphic artist with creative minds, she's behind all the virtual designs for events like Djakarta Warehouse Projects and some other famous events! I am surrounded by talented people.

Special thanks to my sister, Vania, for these photos.

It was just an awesome day, probably the first time ever to do a public speaking and carry the title "food blogger" with myself. Thank you to those who came to the event that day and actually being so nice to me, you guys were just too kind!

Thank you Lenovo Indonesia for the incredible chance and fantastic experience working with fantastic figures like Pevita Pearce, Caroline Siahaan, Isha Hening and Petra Sihombing! Also I love the fact that I enlarge friendship with the peeps from Lenovo Indonesia who were extremely friendly and helpful, I love working in an environment where you don't have to be too strict, the definition of "professional" for me is those things you could accomplish as what both parties have agreed to!

In the meantime, let's unbox the Lenovo Vibe X together with Pevita Pearce! Click on this link to view the video ->

Lenovo Indonesia is currently on the road for the Lenovo Vibe X roadshows and here are the schedules, come to their events and have fun with the phone!
1. Bandung - Paris Van Java (6-9 Februari 2014)
2. Yogyakarta - Plaza Ambarrukmo (13-16 Februari 2014)
3. Semarang - Paragon Mall (20-23 Februari 2014)
4. Surabaya - Tanjungan Plaza (27 Februari - 2 Maret 2014)
5. Medan - Sun Plaza (6 - 9 Maret 2014)


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