Cloud Lounge and Living Room Jakarta

Gotta tell you upfront that this post will be full of emotions, well mostly negative.

Went to Cloud Lounge and Living Room yesterday with my friends because we have been stalking this place online and couldn't wait to be here and blog about this for you.

But I guess my experience was not all good but more about that later.

Cloud Lounge and Living Room is under the same group that managed Altitude and both located in The Plaza tower, Cloud Lounge is located on the 49th while Altitude's located on the 46th. To reach here, you have to go to Altitude first and then a connecting elevator will lift you to the location.

First impression: HUMID! I was expecting that cool breeze like those I experienced both in Ku De Ta and One Altitude Singapore but unfortunately all that I felt was humidity and it was really hot. I put the effort of putting nicer outfit because I thought I wanna take a decent picture of myself but then to realize I can't because I couldn't stop sweating!

I arrived here about 5 PM and finally aware that some of the tables were booked around a week ago (YES! a freaking week ago), so I was seated at the less attractive part of the restaurant: the one located at the back: with no view, even HOTTER but thankfully since it was just minutes away from the sunset hour, the weather was a bit friendly. However, I was disappointed because the view that I was expecting was not very flattering thanks to the rain... it was just foggy.

Since I came with my friends, we ordered some meals (all to share) and some of their beverages.

Exotic Sunset
IDR 60k

This one is their best-seller and therefore I must had a glass. This beverage was pretty refreshing, it had an awesome balance of sourness and sweetness, the sourness gave me the chill and actually the prime element to this beverage in my opinion. The fruit given to this beverage was also pretty generous.

Kiwi Ice Tea
IDR 50k

I never really had Kiwi Ice Tea before but this one was pretty unique. I didn't taste like tea anymore actually due to the Kiwi fruit given was pretty generous.

Choco Pistachio
IDR 45k

This one was to be honest under my expectation. I was expecting a more fun collaboration between chocolate and pistachio but this one was seriously nothing really special, it was really plain, it didn't have that kick for a food-climax (beverage that is) and that bold flavor that you kinda expected from a chocolate beverage.

Guacamole Dips
IDR 45k

Their version of Guacamole Dips was truthfully one of the best to date. The Guacamole was awesomely seasoned, fresh and addicting. I think I ate this the most. The chips were also crunchy!
Smoked Salmon Pizza
IDR 140k

This one was not my favorite one due to one major thing: the salmon smelled fishy. The smell was tad strong, if only they could make the salmon to be stink-free, this would have been a better dish. I kinda like the texture and the consistency of the bread already.

Broken Fried Egg Beef
IDR 80k

The bomb of the serving was this one. It was technically a beautiful simple dish: half-cooked runny fried egg with potatoes and beef but the flavor: UH-MA-ZING! It was very creamy, nicely seasoned, the eggs were fresh, yummy and silky. This was probably one of the most stunning egg dish I've tried so far. If they could make it this good at all the upcoming services, this could be the best-seller!
Brownie with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream
IDR 55k
Ordered this particular dish but since it came the last and it was freaking dark, I didn't take any pic but I wouldn't recommend any of you to have this one because ironically, that particular brownie was one of the bad ones I've had so far, it clearly was not a brownie texture (more like "bolu"), it was really dry, lack of chocoate flavor and the only awesome thing about the dish was actually the Haagen Dazs ice cream which undoubtedly the brand, made beautiful ice creams.

I am fully aware that I am typing this post with more emotion, and if you notice, I am a little complaint-bastard here, but guess what? It's because I was super irritated by their service and I have to be brutally honest here.

They don't call me Stanislaus Hans "the bomb" without any reason, yes, because sometimes when I got hurt by what people say or do to me, I will 'explode' *DHUAR!*

Everything ran pretty smoothly from the reception at The Plaza tower (the one you go before you enter the elevator) and remaining until Altitude. The staffs were friendly but once I stepped my foot to Cloud Lounge and Living Room, the atmosphere suddenly changed. I swear I was not seeing any servant smiling at all and saying "Welcome to Cloud". I wasn't sure if they're trained to have an attitude but that for me, no no... was not flattering AT ALL.

I am a type of person who gets irritated by bad service EASILY! You know what I honestly personally think? Some of them were making these "can you afford eating here" or "are you rich enough to be here" faces with literally rolling eyes!!! Yeah, it's a little hard to explain but really, I did feel that and it brought back the memory when I was shopping with my uncle in a high end brand flagship store and when my uncle wanted to look at this particular bag, the staff there said this (swear I remember vividly):

"yang itu mahal loh pak"
"that one is expensive sir"

Guess what, my uncle's FUMING RICH,  back then I assume the rude staff had balls to say such things to my uncle because he was wearing lumpy clothes. So let me tell you this, don't judge people and it's not okay to assume! My uncle is not some kind of OKB, he worked his ass-off to reach where he is right now. Fortunate enough for the staff, my uncle only replied "what do you mean with that?" and then leave, if that was me, I would probably kick that person on the face.

and so, with that attitude, you think I couldn't afford eating here? No no no servant I am way richer than you think I am so suck on that!

Not only that, when we finished eating we went to the area with the view (the one with a mini bar) to take some pictures of the landscape (photo below), when suddenly a guy dressed in all black uniform (guessing it was the security) came to me and say "Hey, have you booked a table here?" with a deep tone, and then I replied, "Yes, I just finished my dinner here at the back" with a very normal tone.

I then asked my friend: "do you think it's rude?", she answers: "yes it was!"


Okay, I need to chill, but it was seriously irritating and I was severely disappointed. ANGRY NOT?

Also when I uploaded a photo of the food to my Instagram, there was a little conversation that I want the Cloud Lounge team to look at.
THE AGE DRAMA. Don't really want to deal with this I just forwarded this to the team!

However, despite all those not so flattering experience, gotta give the credit to the beautiful night view. Total mess saver, still not exactly cool but at least it's a lot better than few hours back.

The thing is, I don't mind giving good or perfect reviews if they deserve it, but I guess in a business, especially the "service" industry like F&B, you have to deal with a lot of customers. I guess restaurants should be ready with their own products and variety of customers they're going to deal with: some customers are forgiving, others are bitchy-perfectionist and could even go IN YOUR FACE. I am usually the first but in this case here, I am pretty much in between. Overall they have pretty good food but the service... *snap* *snap* IMPROVE!

Also, my words to everyone owning and running a restaurant:

Picture this, if let's say you are a boss and you own a restaurant, which then I believe at some cases in your life, you act as a customer. When you went out having dinner somewhere with your family and you experienced bad service, wouldn't you be irritated and felt terrible after and most importantly don't want SUCH THINGS happening to your own place? I don't like the feeling of "not-belong-somewhere" just like everyone else, so when you can bring a little piece of home to the restaurant, why not? At least the warmth of the service. I am probably just a little part of the physically unsatisfied customer but socially *ahem* a lot of people read my blog *defensive*.

I am a type of person who would push particular brands if they want to work with me and gave me at least a little benefit, and no I am not always talking about money here when it comes to "benefit", but I am talking about positive mutual relationships: as simple as you make me happy, I'll write good things and promote you simply because you deserve, but when you make me feel terrible, then you have to deal with my honesty. I am open enough for change and things change in this world and I am more than thrilled to see good things from Cloud.

Ciao and good luck!

Cloud Lounge and Living Room
The Plaza Tower 49th fl.
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
021 - 2992 2448 (connecting via Altitude)