Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho Jakarta

Again, the kind peeps from Opco Indonesia (thank you Sylvie and Priscilla) invited me and some bloggers to dine at their newest branch Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho, or simply known as H5. Okay, never found such a catchy name for a restaurant but here you go.

I sometimes (have to) pass this particular restaurant because it's located on the 5th and life knows how often an event is being held on the 5th floor, and at first I thought this was just another western themed restaurant serving western food only with different packaging but there I was given a lesson NOT to judge because I was quite stunned to learn the fact that they're actually a restaurant with Asian food concept! Now I am curious!

But it did NOT look like typical Asian themed restaurant as you can see from the logo and the entrance, very western retro with a little touch of sophistication *self-defense*.

The venue was spacious but not huge and I totally love the idea of separating the smoking and non-smoking area! Restaurants with this policy ALWAYS get higher points from me, talk about supporting the health! The design looked like a traditional eatery with mixture of earthy materials, metals, in a way quirky but hip and yet comfy.

THE RIGHT ONE IS SO ME!!! minus the fat.

Enough interiors! FOOD PHOTOS!!!
Gotta warn you since the restaurant was really dark and dim, these are not the best photos that I took, I think I should really start consider buying external flash, only thing that it's totally not handy. Beauty is indeed pain.

There were around 12 courses served to us (big dinner!!!) and most of the menu consist of eggs which I am such a sucker for and they were...

Mr Phat (Pork - Non Halal)
IDR 50k
The first course with egg! Okay let me start with the egg, I think they made simple great pan fried eggs, lighty seasoned, semi-crispy layer underneath with runny yolk still pouring like lava! This was a good starter, more like a salad which consisted of vegetables and meat addition, both elements were fresh and all topped with a little tangy sauce dressing.

Uncle Ho's Crunchy Wings
IDR 32k
For appetizers, I have always loved deep fried chicken wings, well I think most of you would probably agree with that, but H5's take on this was a bit unique because the chicken wings were marinated before, fried and then tossed in what could be the most unthinkable: FISH SAUCE, yes this dish was inspired by the Vietnamese culture and guess what? IT WAS DELICIOUS! The chicken was still juicy and tender, the coating was crispy with fish sauce on, totally unique and worth trying

Son-In-Law Eggs
IDR 18k
If you know Tamago or that runny boiled egg(s) in ramens then this would be the deep fried version. A little fried texture-ish on the coating but still pretty much runny on the inside! This was being served with the tamarind-caramel sauce which was just a perfect match to this whole dish. Simple but pretty yummeh!

Vietnamese Chicken Chop Rice
IDR 55k
This particular dish was H5's take on the classic broken rice, I was honesty expecting the rice to be how it should be instead of plain white rice because I wanna experienced the uniqueness, but the honey-glazed chicken saved it all, it might look a little burnt and dry physically, but the flavor was just pretty decent! The portion also completed with Chicken Meatloaf which was just okay to me, and (again) soft-centered Sunny Side Up.

Nasi Campur Aunty K
IDR 52k
If you know "Nasi Uduk" then this one is H5's version of it, the rice was really fragrant and perfectly seasoned and flavorful! I honestly found their coconut milk rice as the top ones I've had in life so far. The portion was also completed with papaya salad, amazing shredded beef, addicting peanut cracker and (again again again) egg topped with chili jam. This was just simple but overall pretty yummy.

Tom Yum
IDR 60k
While the portion and the filling was appropriate enough, their soup was not my favorite one, I just felt like it was a little too strong for my taste bud but in a way I was expecting it to be a little sourer, maybe spicy and smoother soup texture.

Crispy Roast Pork Knuckles
IDR 199k
One of my favorites, hands down gotta be this one! Their cripsy roast pork knuckles was seriously good, it's share-able for three beasts and since we've had that much food already, we kind of "snacked" this one, the skin was crispy but still chewy and the meat was just tender but one thing for sure: both pretty much addictive! The portion also completed with Zesty Apple Slaw, Lettuce wraps and special H5 sauce, but even without the sauce, it was great already!

Before we move to the more detailed explanations of the desserts, quick word: THEY HAVE AMAZING DESSERTS worth going back for!!!

Bangkok Betty
IDR 35k
Warm black sticky rice with coconut cream, Thai tea sago (mini orange pearls), Durian ice cream and fresh Durian on a bowl and you could feel that burst of flavor in your mouth even on that first goddamn scoop! It was very good and the Durian ice cream turned out to be passing my expectation. The black sticky rice was on the perfect state of consistency, and the fruit was fresh, but maybe if they could have a fuller one that would be better. The Thai tea sago however was not really 'screaming' but it did give a little texture play tho.

Mango Mania (seasonal)
IDR 40k
Presentation wise, not the best looking dessert but I just don't know how to put it: THIS WAS PERFECT! At first, I saw the mango and felt a little turned off already because the color sort of led me to a thought that this ain't going to be sweet but again, your favorite scum seemed to have to learn a lot because the mango was sweet with a very little hint of sourness and definitely fresh! The mango-cream icy bar had two layers: the top one was the more sorbet-ish texture and the below one was the creamier, smoother, silkier one but both was equal friggin delicious, so delicious I want it right this second! The sticky rice was also lovely made with proper consistency and stickiness! Another thing that needs to be highlighted was the simple salted peanuts, played a major roll on the flavor and the texture man!

Not the best idea to write reviews during the night because it friggin kills!

Asian Mess
IDR 33k
Presentation wise, it did sort of mess looking but the complex presentation actually led to amazing dreamy flavor (told ya they made great desserts!), the portion consisted of vanilla ice cream, coconut cake chunks, meringue, lemon curd, mango slices and salted peanuts (yes that one). Now I finally found a beautiful mess and I love everything on the plate, no negative comment. Period.

IDR 35k
It turned out to be a pleasant surprise when I learned that they're using creamy avocado pannacotta and dark chocolate shards as the base because I never had one before. The pannacotta was smooth, silky, flavorful without overpowering everything. Funny thing that made this simple dish capital AWESOME was the aftertaste: if you don't like avocado then the coffee will tone it down for you, but if you don't like coffee, then the avocado with sort of balanced everything. One scoop and the flavor faded to this one moment of balance. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

That was such a big dinner eh?!

Overall I think that Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho served pretty good food in general but maybe they just need a little factor to make the food stands out and to 'WOW' the costumers! No further negative comments on the desserts, they were very very good and I'll be back for more!

Wishing you best of luck and go win a lot of hearts!

Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho
Grand Indonesia 5th fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
021 - 2358 0045
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 12 AM