Sabtu, 12 April 2014

Flour Flour Jakarta

Another bakery is opening in our beloved J-town...ladies and gents, please welcome Flour Flour by Kenji Kawasaki!

How can I not love this town, it's like everything you've wished for is here! I am just so freakin' fortunate to be born in Jakarta *wipe tears*. Okay it starts to get a little monumental.

Located in one of the most happening shopping malls at the moment, Lotte Shopping Avenue, this bakery is highly influenced by Japanese, even the pastry chef is Kenji Kawasaki, a very talented Japanese pastry chef. A little background of Kenji, he started his career is patisserie in 2002 and starting for then, he has been the executive pastry chef for some famous Japanese brands like Ristorante Angola, ISOO and Ristorante Armani, his career was even more evolved when he was introduced to Mr. Hide Yamamoto (who is like super famous!) and was pointed to be the executive pastry chef for his restaurant in Marina Bay Sands Singapore and some others in Japan. You must be wondering where do I know so much about him well actually it's on the official website! *major meltdown* but seriously his achievements really blew me away, wait until you try the desserts!

Flour Flour Jakarta was located exactly beside...actually more like a joint with Sesto Senso restaurant by Hide Yamamoto, normally it would be a take-away service, but if you want to dine-in then you'll be seated in the Sesto Senso, the restaurant itself was quite spacious. I heard the food is good here can't wait to try 'em.

Let's do the food yakking, sure you've been waiting for this part! I ordered three desserts during my visit, the one catching your attention must be the bear macaron, it's a Chocolate Bear Macaron (IDR 28k), and then another two came along in the order: Cheese Souffle (IDR 25k) and Honey Castilla Strawberry (IDR 15k).

Chocolate Bear Macaron
IDR 28k
For something cute like this, I am willing to pay! I thought I was enough carried away by how cute this macaron is but seriously one bite and I fell in love! It was not only good looking but it tasted as nice as how it appeared! The chocolate was very rich, the texture of the macaron was perfect and I love how it wasn't crazy sweet like some I've tried before. This was just very beary good!

Chesse Souffle
IDR 25k
Okay, first of all, I just knew that souffle actually is in this form of appearance, because normally souffle is being put in a ramekin, but this one is clearly a common slice of cake. Since this was cheese, I thought I wasn't going to try it because as you know, I really-really can't eat cheese (I know, mental much) but since Aline (and yes I went with her!) convinced me this wasn't cheesy at all, I guess I had just a tiny bit... and boy she was right! It wasn't overpowering cheesy and funny thing it actually tasted more savory rather than sweet. Texture wise, beautiful.

Honey Castilla Strawberry
IDR 15k
Castilla is one of Japanese famous cakes, technically it's actually a honey sponge cake. The texture of the cake was just beautiful! and the flavor... you guessed it: AWESOME! Yes, truly, it's really-really good, the pastry cream was executed nicely (and nice here refers to awesome consistency and not cheesy). The strawberry flavor was dominating the whole cake which surely a positive thing for me. Please give this one a try when you happen to visit Flour Flour.

Both the cakes and the service were really good! I had a quick snack grab here in Flour Flour and obviously...a great time :). Flour Flour is just recommended for you sweet tooth out there!

Apparently, Japanese cakes rock!!!

Flour Flour by Kenji Kawasaki
Lotte Shopping Avenue 1st fl.
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Kuningan, South Jakarta
021 - 2988 9153
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM

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