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Went to this newly opened cafe in Pantai Indah Kapuk just yesterday just because I couldn't stand the cuteness when I saw their pics on my friend's Instagram! Sweet Hut is a Malaysia-franchise joint and brought up by the group that managed some of PIK's most favorite ventures such as Agantea, Broaster's Chicken, Karaoke PIK and Sinsin. They're only 1 week old and still on their grand opening days, but from what I see, I think they already have some loving customers, or at least curious hungry people! PS: their outlet was very easy because of its eye-catching appearance! Red and white color, almost festive. It's located just beside the PIK Karaoke in the Ruko Cordoba area.

Yes, congratulations for the opening!

They have indoor and outdoor seating, but sitting outdoor during the day won't be on my list because it's freaking hot, but frankly speaking, I think this is the first time I fell in love with how simple a restaurant's outdoor setting (referring to the restaurants in PIK), I just love the arrangement of the red umbrellas! The indoor area was surrounded with glass, hence it's such a champ when it comes to taking pics here during the day!

I came yesterday and that means: HALLOWEEN DAY! All the staffs were transformed into these villains and zombies and they personally hired a make up artist for the customer who desired a make-over! Bet the MUA needed a freaking hand massage.

Realistic scar

Sweethut's menu was mostly dominated by the desserts, but they also had quite a decent range of beverages and savory selections but mostly rice bowls and comfort food, but since I didn't try out their savory items, I only tried their desserts. The price range for the dessert ranges from IDR 35k-IDR 50k

Coconut Pudding with Caramel Pudding (A6)
IDR 50k
This is the dessert for the milk lovers, I personally am not a big fan of this dessert because it's milky, well it's a very cheesy judgement but at least I give out my POV, but according to my friend (whose sense I believe in), the flavor was milky, but the texture of the caramel pudding was silky, smooth with creamy flavor. FYI, I love the usage of fruits in the dessert because it kinda added that fruitiness which I found interesting.

Fresh Mango Sago Pomelo Soup with Mango Ice Cream and Coconut Pudding (H1)
IDR 45k
To be honest, the real serving portion was smaller than what I expected, especially after looking at their menu, but along the way, I found the portion reasonable. I like this dessert, well truth be told, lately I have been very into the not-overwhelming-sweet stuff and slowly I am converting to healthy indulgences. Not sure if you can categorize this as "healthy indulgence" but from what I tasted, it indeed still had that natural sense to it. The owner claimed that they're using very low amount of sugar and complement it with the good quality fruits with their natural sweet flavor, which somehow reflected. I bloody love their Mango ice cream and the fruit itself, they're just yum!

Baked Maquis Chocolate Pudding with Cookies Ice-cream (B4)
IDR 50k
This was basically a Chocolate Lava Cake, the texture was nice and the chocolate flavor was rich and dark, but again, this is another common menu, everybody likes it, but this is getting a little Justin Bieber famous.

Fresh Milk Oreo Snow Ice with Caramel Pudding (Z1)
IDR 45k
If you love heavy milk flavor then you're gonna love this! Well, you know me, I have major issue with milk and cheese. I personally couldn't stand this because my palate ain't belong to milk, but Cindy told me this was very good, the texture of the ice cream was light but the flavor's indeed rich. The caramel pudding also had this rich creamy flavor, light silky texture (bet you can see) and melt in your mouth.
They're having a promotion for every purchase of IDR 100k, free bowl of dessert (number F4). Basically it's the same as the the Mango Pomelo Sago dessert (H1), only different toppings with soft grass jelly, I obviously liked the H!
What I love about their dessert is the fact that they're not very sweet, this might be a downside for those sweet-tooth enthusiasts who're craving for a certain level of sweetness (meaning high), because I'm going to warn you that their kind of sweet is the natural fruit sweetness, so it comes with the territory I guess, some might love it, some might hate it, but when it comes to me, I liked it.

Will I go back? Of course! Simply because I haven't tried their savory selections and their mouthwatering drinks (FYI the menu had great photos they're almost like 3D!), and I won't bother coming back for more of their mango desserts.

Rukan Cordoba Blok E/12
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14470
0817 9098 489
Pricing: $, IDR 150k/two


Map for Karaoke PIK (located just beside)

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