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Hi guys, how are you?

I have started to feel super duper MIA on my own blog ever since 2017 started, I have posted about this on my previous blog posts so if you miss them well basically because of two things: travels and being sick. The amount of travelling since the beginning of January has been insane and I was almost barely in Jakarta (prolly just for a few days before continue travelling), I have personally enjoyed the travel journeys but my body fought back and warn me to chill down and get some rest, hence I was hospitalized three times in a month for extreme fatigue and the first one was the most brutal: I was in Semarang having terrible diarrhea, and just three hours before my flight back to Jakarta I had the most painful headache, my vision started to get very dizzy and everytime I stood it got worse, my friend then drove me to the nearest hospital, I was put in the emergency room and got the quickest treatment that I could have as I still wanted to fly back to Jakarta because I thought if things got any worse at least I had my family with me, I didn't know exactly what the doctor injected to me but it made me feel fine in just a few minutes.

You know what I'm just going to stop it here because I don't like talking about me being sick and I don't like negative energy surrounding this blog, this entry should be me displaying my disposable camera travel diary, but quick and positive update I literally just returned from Hong Kong last night and I am now starting to take serious bed rest, I have been super picky in choosing projects as I really wanted to save up energy and I will try to be as productive as I can with the blog posts because truthfully I have so many things to share to you it's just that I had very little time and energy.
When it comes to the word "disposable", the quickest way to explain it is something that you use once or for a short period of time and throw away, and that's what this disposable camera's about. It's a one-time use camera mostly made from plastic.

I initially didn't plan to shoot film on my last Japan Autumn trip nor that I had the thought to purchase disposable camera (I just forgot) but when I was strolling Shibuya alone while waiting for my friends who were shopping I went to Bic Camera (a very famous tech store in Japan) and went to the basement where they sold used equipments and there I found the two remaining Fujifilm disposable cameras in that store and grabbed them before anyone did, I think it was the third or fourth day of the trip so I started casually documented the remaining travel days with the camera (when I remember) and I will be displaying them here!
Price: 980 yen each in Bic Camera Shibuya, they also have the 780 yen version with plastic packaging, basically the same just get that! This one was more expensive because it was the special 30th anniversary edition with little goodies like keychains, manuals, keychain and tag, to be frank I lost everything.

I looked online and found that so many people recommended "SoupNFilm" in STC Senayan so there I went to develop and scan my negatives, I don't know whether I should be displaying his number here but anyway I guess it's a professional matter so you can contact Ramli at 0856-9134-3875 or just DM them on Instagram really, the store opened Tue-Sun (1 PM-8 PM) and here is where you will be dropping your films for development, proceed to payment, made your contacts and retook your developed films while they will be sharing the scanned films online via the company's cloud.

They also sell film cameras online, again DM them for more details

Verdict: LOVE the results, I used to be blind with this whole thing and scanned my film at this retarded camera shop near my house and they fuckin charged me IDR 250k for one roll of film while SoupNFilm only charged me IDR 55k/roll, and the result was super disappointing I literally found fingerprints on the scanned films and just in a single glance you know that fuckin amateurs did the film development and scans, but this time I'll take the blame on me as I didn't do any research whatsoever and was totally ripped off! Dying to put the name of the shop here but NOT doing it for the sake of their reputation.

I was totally happy with the color and scan results I highly recommend everyone going to SoupNFilm if you're planning to develop or scan your films, or if you have any other recommendations you can drop them below.

Something about the color, the texture, the grain and the overall natural mood about film photography that's hard and almost impossible to replicate, you know I like vintage mood on my photos but let me tell you I have been tweaking everything for years and yet it's still hard to precisely copy the film look, but that's a good thing because that should be the joy of shooting film (not to mention how you can't see your photos unless you develop them) and natural personality is hard to copy!

Without further ado, enjoy the pictures. Didn't do any further retouching or else what's the point?
My apartment neighborhood in Hatsudai, such a calm & loving area! I enjoyed walking pass this everyday to the train station and the weather in the Fall was perfect everyday, sunny but never hot.
Sunday Bake Shop, a little patisserie shop also in Hatsudai
Blue sky and Folliage!
The must visit coffee shop in Tokyo: Blue Bottle! I was totally overcoffee-dosed but who can resist those good dark-roasted Japanese coffee! List of the best coffee shops in Japan -> HERE!
Hello Tika and Ezra
Another good coffee shop located just beside Blue Bottle (and uber photogenic): SHOZO!
Hi Andrew and Feli!
Omotesando, my favorite neighborhood in Tokyo!
The day before we departed back to Jakarta was the gloomiest and coldest, literally sunless, occasional mild to heavy rain and super cold the entire day, the tone on the last three photos here was my favorite, it's somehow pushed that signature Fuji green shadows and those grains are love! Photos taken around Shinjuku area.
NEWoMan shopping mall in Shinjuku
Well those are some of the shots that I took during the trip, truthfully I enjoy shooting with it, and always excited because I don't know how my pictures are going to turn out (and the waiting in between), from now on I will try to find more disposable cameras and when I happen to be travelling I'll document the journey using it as an additional camera aside from my main cameras.

For me, the idea of using disposable camera is supposed to!

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  1. Suka banget tone nya !!! Bagus bener.. Gue sendiri malah belom pernah coba kamera gituan.. Hahahhahaha..

  2. Wow cool photos! Looks delicious!! Love it!
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  3. Ahhh, this post makes me even more convinced to grab a disposable camera asap!!
    Thank youu so much for sharing the joy with us :)
    Loving your post as always, Hans!

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