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Last night I went to another new kid on the block (as in Senopati) called YAWARA to have dinner here, as this post is written, the restaurant has been opening for 5 days! Special thanks to my dear friend Arafina for telling me about this restaurant.

Yawara is located at Jalan Cibitung IV and the above picture is how the restaurant looks from outside and yep like someone else's home! Getting here was pretty easy and the location's already added to the Waze/Google Maps but they haven't put the Yawara signage on so we were kinda guessing if this was the right point, I notice a small cake shop called "Tivi" was located next to this restaurant, almost like merged actually.

The interior of the restaurant was simple and neat with dim lighting and earthy elements around that was giving me this Japanese home vibe and yes they did a pretty good job in creating and bringing this Japanese restaurant ambiance that I am loving! The main dining area is currently on the second floor and they are currently working on the first floor where the sushi bar and shabu-shabu will be served here.
Not sure why they had the Harrod's photograph on the background

Here in Yawara they offer selections of Japanese-Korean cuisine (more emphasize to the Japanese cuisine) where you can enjoy various kinds of a la carte, Wagyu sashimi, kimchi, salads, jijimi (Korean pancake), soup, grilled meat, seafood, vegetable, rice, noodle and desserts with price ranging from IDR 30k-900k. From the a la carte you can find selections like Jabchae (Korean glass noodle), Fish Sashimi, Yawara Kuroge Prime Kuroge Steak Tartare, Wagyu Sushi, Yaki Nori and more.

Here you can also pair your meal with selections of beer, sake, soju that they have in store, because I don't really drink I am always good with Ocha.
A plate of seasoning will be served to each guest, you'll find salt, pepper, yuzu, lemon and a container for Tare (soysauce).
Complimentaries of shredded squid and curry potato
Yawara Kuroge (Prime Kuroge Steak Tartare) - IDR 178k
Prime Kuroge Steak Tartare (of course raw) served with soybeans, spring onion, garlic and eggyolk that are mixed together while the Nori is functioned to roll beef tartare and have it altogether in a bite! As you can see the quality of the beef tartare itself is already very good (I mean look at the marbling) and it was so fresh that it's naturally sweet and melt in your mouth easily. The egg yolk is really giving the dish additional creamy texture and the garlic should be your own preference, if you don't want it you can always pass.
Sundubu Jjigae - IDR 78k
Their version of Sundubu Jjigae has this hint of sweet in it but not too much, even though I really ike my Sundubu very-very spicy but generally speaking, I really like how well-balanced the savory and spicy flavor of their jjigae is.
Hot Stone Wagyu Garlic Rice - IDR 92k
The hot stone garlic rice was very fragrant already even before it reached our table and we were told (of course politely) to shorter time to take the pictures because they have to cook this quickly in order for the heat to stay on and they did have their own way of presenting this. They mix all the condiments together along with the egg and rice then they set the rice on the side of the hot stone for further cooking and to create the crackling rice!

After they set the rice on the side of the hot pot, the waitress told us to wait three more minutes in order to get the crackling rice texture. I expected bolder seasoning to the rice, but it was the beef that was the highlight of this dish for me.
Common condiments for the grilled beef
Ordered the beef tongue (US Prime Tan Shio - IDR 185k) and Prime Wagyu Karubi (IDR 230k) to share and I had zero complaint towards the two. The waitress offered to help cooking the meat (another little gesture that I appreciate) and she did a good job at cooking the beef and I enjoyed every bit of the gyutan and the Wagyu Karubi. The Wagyu Karubi was of course the more tender and juicier one due to the gorgeous marbling and the medium-ness. When I had the beef I normally keep it very simple with a little drizzle of salt and pepper and I normally stay away from the sauce (that's just my thing) but the Yuzu was the one seasoning that I like here, it was fragrant, tangy, spicy just refreshing.
US Prime Tan Shio - IDR 185k
Prime Wagyu Karubi (IDR 230k)
Complimentary dessert - I wasn't super fond of this because the ice cream was overly milky.
Green Apple Pear Sorbet - IDR 30k
Now this was refreshing, spot on sweetness and definitely natural. YUM!
Enjoyed my dinner here in Yawara but this review is not final yet, I haven't got my palate on the freaking Oyster Blade but was too full last night. I will definitely come back for more and I am excited to see how their sushi bar and shabu-shabu going to be! Service was friendly and attentive, their yakiniku is the highlight here and pricing was worth it (not to mention it's Senopati).

PS: they currently have two opening hours, 11 AM-3 PM, 6 PM-10 PM

Jalan Cibitung IV No. 32
Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12170
021 - 720 3789
Opening hours: 11 AM-3 PM, 6 PM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 500k


Map for Yawara

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