Minggu, 22 April 2018


There are a lot of things to do out of town if you fancy something with different vibe, or simply when you're tired of the town, well when it comes to me, I like to do things that revolve around food, so a little family getaway to a restaurant with different vibe (and view) could do much to me. A few weeks ago, I went with my mom and dad to Bumi Sampireun, a new restaurant owned by the same people who own Talaga Sampireun and located in Vimala Hills, Puncak.

I really wanted to give the best out of this post and took a lot of pictures, but the rain was unbearable on the time of my visit, it was super hard that we initially wanted to dine at one of their saung aka cottages, but it won't be the most comfortable, so bear with the pictures I took here.

The restaurant's surrounded by greens that the calm that you get from it is almost therapeutic. Damn I really wished it didn't rain tho.
 Even when it rained, the restaurant still looked pretty gorgeous.
 Each saung aka cottage can accomodate around 6 people (and up to 8 people).
Food wise, I personally think the options here in Bumi Sampireun is nothing too different compared to Talaga Sampireun: Indonesian food with emphasize on Sunda cuisine and seafood. The fresh seafood served here are all self-breed, they had their own fish breeding pond, as well as prawns, squids and many others. They wanted to keep the ingredients and the food as fresh as possible and that's why they're still applying the conventional processes starting from the breeding, cleaning to the cooking but still with a little sophisticated touch here and there. We're getting to that in just a second.

Price range for the food here is also around Talaga's pricing, starting from IDR 20k-IDR 200k, not the cheapest, but you're paying for the view as well.
Teh Poci - IDR 35k
Their Teh Poci has been a signature of Talaga Sampireun and in no way we're skipping this to prepare our palate before diving in to the food, one teapot can be shared for up to 4 cups.
Lalapan Pucuk Labu - IDR 29k
This was a fresh cold appetizer with a hint of sour and tangy infused to it, a good one to prepare your palate before the heavier feast. On top of it is this chilli and shallot dressing (almost dabu-dabu like).
Tumis Bunga Pepaya
If this can be slightly less bitter, I would be liking this one, but I really like how well they cooked this, the nice spot-on firmness and chewiness.
Bakwan Jagung
Pepes Jamur - IDR 59k
One of our favorites of the lunch! Slightly pricy for IDR 59k to be frank with you but this was delicious, well seasoned, spicy and best paired with rice.
Sayur Asem - IDR 12k
Udang Bakar Madu - IDR 129k
This was my favorite menu of the day, grilled prawns with honey sauce. I love how the honey was given generously all over the prawns but without overpowering the whole flavor of the fresh prawns. This has been a major best seller in Talaga Sampireun that I believe in no way they're not bringing this one here to Bumi Sampireun.
Gurame Terbang - IDR 109k
The good old deep fried Gurame fish which still is one of most favorite Sundanese menus! It's beautifully fried with this crunchy tail and coating, the fish was meaty and fresh, only the seasoning could be more vibrant to make this even more delicious.
Pindang Patin
NOW TO THE CHAMP! You know I always need to have soup to accompany my meal and since I was craving for something rich and spicy, I opted for this as recommended by the waiter, and boy, out of everything I had on the lunch, this one was my personal favorite! Just PERFECT! To do the justice, I had the Palembang origin and this was so close to that as far as I can recall. The fish was fresh and soft, the soup was rich and mild spicy, writing about this right now is making me craving for this at the very moment.
It was a short visit here but still pretty enjoyable despite the bad weather, it's always nice to squeeze in time among your busy life to take your parents and be with them for a while. Talk about quality time. For just around 1,5 hours on the road, you're somewhere calmer and greener, and I'll definitely go back, the food can be number two/three for me, it's more for the sake of escaping Jakarta for a period of time that I'm looking forward the most.

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