I have been waiting for the opening of this place and just two days ago it’s finally open for public! I think if you have been following their Instagram or the well known chef, Arnold Poernomo then it’s not just a rumour that Arnold is one of the owners and minds behind this new establishment. I honestly like the name, it’s catchy without being cheap (even though they have “z” at the back without sounding alayyyyz) and it just sounds... FUN!
This week, so many new places (I mean dining and hangout places) are opening in town and being the kiasu byotch I’ve always been, I managed to visit most of them! HAHA NO! Totally kidding, I am not kiasu nor a byotch (or probably half true), I just love the excitement of visiting new places and the joy to publish them first to let people know certain places exist here and there! This was one hell of a fetish and in this case, just like this one... earlier today, I visited this new establishment in Senopati called Amber Chocolate and Bar. Located just across Cacaote and actually looks pretty much like it, Amber specializes in chocolate crafting selling their own-produced artisan chocolates.
Say hi to Northpole!!! The newest dessert joint in Pantai Indah Kapuk!
Went to this newly opened humble restaurant for lunch yesterday (not so humble anymore when you actually open in PIK) and I couldn't help not blogging about this because the experience was just good, okay, so far I have been spoiling what supposed to be the 'surprise' on each of my entries! As I am typing this, they're currently 5 days old, so it's very very new.
I don't really put that much care and attention when I first heard that little chaotic situation between this particular Ying Thai that I am reviewing with the one in Melbourne. There has been some "he said she said" thing going on, but I chose not to give a damn, because honestly, what I really care about is the food and that's what makes me feel happy.
I had lunch at Orient8 last week and it was my first time visiting this glorious looking restaurant. It's THAT glorious that when I first stepped my feet in, it got me thinking "damn this is where I want to spend my Christmas dinner at!" (and probably eventually will). That first photo above would probably make you think the same way too... it's just that what's more beautiful than having a beautiful Christmas tree as your view while you're having a sweet dinner at a romantic venue. I super love the ambiance of this restaurant, it's just luxurious, classy but in a way super homey and comfortable just how I like it. I have always loved a touch of luxury on things and just like Orient8, it got me hooked! So far just so good!

I just came back from Singapore a couple days ago. It was a short impromptu weekend getaway. I have always wanted to see how is Singapore doing with all the Christmas thingy because a lot of my friends told me that Singapore is really giving it when it comes to the Christmas decoration.

I had mixed responds about the Christmas decoration honestly.
Went to the grand opening of The Playroom at Pantai Indah Kapuk on the same day when I visited The Milkbar (posted!) and this new cool hangout spot is currently the hottest spot in PIK right now. Well why do I say so? Keep reading to know why.
WakuWaku Japan, the well-known TV station from Japan is creating a new vibe in order to enhance the awareness of Jakartans about them, just last week I attended the grand opening of their very own pop-up cafe, WakuWaku Japan Cafe located at Kaffein in Gandaria City shopping mall.
Say hello to Milkbar! The newest joint in Pantai Indah Kapuk as well as its sibling, The Playroom. Both Playroom and Milkbar opened on the same day but aside from that, both is completely different when it comes to concept and product (going to do a separated post on The Playroom PIK soon), but this time I am going to be talking about Milkbar!
Before I start this post, let me greet you all the happiest December!!!

This post is my first post in December and I can’t believe that it’s been a year since my first Christmas dinner list in Jakarta for 2013! So far, 2014 has been such a remarkable year for me and so many things that I need to be grateful for, but that also means that I have to live up this blog’s standard, deliver better contents and (ahem) pictures.