Approximately a month ago, I came to visit and dine at this still pretty new seafood restaurant in Menteng called Aroma Sedap.
Aroma Sedap is located at Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro, right across Anomali Coffee, it’s easily noticable as it’s located right at the hook and for its fancy outer package! From outside, it looks like typical Menteng expensive houses, dressed in white painting and huge “Aroma Sedap” signage.
Following the success of its first and pioneer outlet in Lippo Mall Kemang, W Group is expanding their business field with the opening of their newest W brand, just slightly a different concept.

W Kitchen Cafe opened a week ago in Gandaria City replacing what was a home to Lokananta. This particular outlet is slightly more spacious comparing to W Diner with a different vibe to it. If W Diner is a little more vibrant and youthful, W Kitchen Cafe seems a little more “serious” and urban, while still is perfect for young adults.
Is ice creams are so last year? I am not sure about that, to me it's more like an everlasting trend, but even though the number of ice cream shops is growing pretty rapidly, we gotta admit that the vibe wasn’t as spectacular as it was one or two years ago, simply because it's too many out there.

Lately everytime I hear a new ice cream shop opening I would go “oh okay”, where I used to “fuck yeah I am going to be the first customer and sleepover outside the store the night before”. No seriously, I am being hyperbolic right now.

To make things clear, I LOVE ice cream, and forever will. It’s just my opinion about the current ice cream trend.

Anyway, talking about food trend, I have been eyeing on the fact that sweets will always ring, but this time in forms of martabak, cakeshakes, doughnuts, assorted croissants and more. Earlier today I tried BC & Cone’s latest collaboration with Gordon doughnuts featuring the best of both brands: ice cream and doughnuts.
Gordon has always been one of my favorites when it comes to assorted donuts, it’s just that I think they make beautiful donuts with generous topping and glazing, nice flavor, the right density and pretty much munch-able anytime! Basically you can opt for your favorite Gordon donuts and topped it with whatever ice cream flavor from BC & Cone you want. I had Gordon’s chocolate donut and topped with the most awesome Matcha Soy ice cream, the ice cream was just really nice with rich soy flavor dominating the matcha but in a good way.

...and today, Cake A Boo just launched its newest creation: assorted stuffed croissant! I must give it to either Cake A Boo, Shirokuma or Shirayuki for always setting the trend and give us something to fascinate at! Simply explained, it’s croissant with filling, only the croissant is topped with choux dough giving that extra buttery and crunch to the texture!
It’s available in four flavors: chocolate, salted egg yolk (I have never been a fan of salted egg yolk on a dessert), speculoos and hojicha (BOMB).

BC Cone
Bukit Golf Mediterania Kapuk
Ruko Crown Golf Blok B
Jakarta Utara 14470
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k

Ruko Garden House Blok B No. 22
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14470
021 - 2903 2822
Opening hours: 11 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k

I have been travelling constantly over the past three weeks, hence my blog is on a pretty calm hiatus, but I am very back and I'm going to start posting more and more, anyway, another finding that I’d like to share to you! A week ago, me and my sister went to Meirton, a rather fancy (looking) Western cafe and restaurant located in T.B. Simatupang area in South Jakarta.


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I have been travelling constantly over the past three weeks, hence my blog is on a pretty calm hiatus, but I am very back and I'm goin...
Even when you are living your dream job, you get tired when the pressure is too much. Well I didn’t say that I am not happy with what I am doing, but I have some things that I choose not to post nor talk about because I don't want to spread negative energies, but the behind the scene of my day works is anything but hectic, and being almost stressed out is something that I have to fight most of the times, especially the end of last year where I have so many things on my plate that I have one or two days of crying in my sleep. I don't know why I am sharing this but I just feel like am.
The number of steakhouses in Jakarta is rapidly growing, but I notice one thing in common about the new ones: they’re now packaging their concept as an affordable steakhouse, and believe me Ruth Chris is not included to this genre.

I went to have lunch with my sis and her boyfriend at this not so hidden gem called Cut’ n Grill, located precisely at The Bale in Daan Mogot area. The steakhouse indeed had this homey vibe to it and was quite spacious making it easily noticable from the outsidea, if you are familiar with Jco The Bale, it’s located just behind it.
The number one pizza delivery service, PHD, just recently introduced to the public their newest and (always) awesome creation: THE NEW MEAT LOVERS!

How do I even begin talking about Meat Lovers? I guess this was the very first creation, as well as a bridge that introduced me to the brand and their other creations. Ever since the first time it’s being introduced to the public, it has consistently sit on the all time “best selling” menu, after all how can a pillowy pizza dough with tomato sauce base, generous cheese, ham and sausage topping can go wrong? It just can’t, and something about the seasoning, the fragrant pizza and that very sensation when you have it that just made everything even more fantastic.
Indonesian food has been a very important part of my life simply because I grew up with it and it’s kind of living in my blood, and I have to personally thank them for giving me such a sharp palate. Indonesian food is known for having rich & bold ingredients and what’s better for a foodie than growing up with a palate that could be vibrant yet in the same time versatile.

Short to say, for me, Indonesian food is the BOMB.
I don’t know who started the whole thing, but Indonesians are just too damn creative sometimes. Who never thought at the first place that Indomie can be the base of people’s creativity and business, while on the other side, I always think of Indomie as one of my guilty pleasures. Maybe I’m just not that creative I don’t know (lol).