I have been waiting for the opening of this place and just two days ago it’s finally open for public! I think if you have been following their Instagram or the well known chef, Arnold Poernomo then it’s not just a rumour that Arnold is one of the owners and minds behind this new establishment. I honestly like the name, it’s catchy without being cheap (even though they have “z” at the back without sounding alayyyyz) and it just sounds... FUN!
This week, so many new places (I mean dining and hangout places) are opening in town and being the kiasu byotch I’ve always been, I managed to visit most of them! HAHA NO! Totally kidding, I am not kiasu nor a byotch (or probably half true), I just love the excitement of visiting new places and the joy to publish them first to let people know certain places exist here and there! This was one hell of a fetish and in this case, just like this one... earlier today, I visited this new establishment in Senopati called Amber Chocolate and Bar. Located just across Cacaote and actually looks pretty much like it, Amber specializes in chocolate crafting selling their own-produced artisan chocolates.
Say hi to Northpole!!! The newest dessert joint in Pantai Indah Kapuk!
Went to this newly opened humble restaurant for lunch yesterday (not so humble anymore when you actually open in PIK) and I couldn't help not blogging about this because the experience was just good, okay, so far I have been spoiling what supposed to be the 'surprise' on each of my entries! As I am typing this, they're currently 5 days old, so it's very very new.
I don't really put that much care and attention when I first heard that little chaotic situation between this particular Ying Thai that I am reviewing with the one in Melbourne. There has been some "he said she said" thing going on, but I chose not to give a damn, because honestly, what I really care about is the food and that's what makes me feel happy.
I had lunch at Orient8 last week and it was my first time visiting this glorious looking restaurant. It's THAT glorious that when I first stepped my feet in, it got me thinking "damn this is where I want to spend my Christmas dinner at!" (and probably eventually will). That first photo above would probably make you think the same way too... it's just that what's more beautiful than having a beautiful Christmas tree as your view while you're having a sweet dinner at a romantic venue. I super love the ambiance of this restaurant, it's just luxurious, classy but in a way super homey and comfortable just how I like it. I have always loved a touch of luxury on things and just like Orient8, it got me hooked! So far just so good!

I just came back from Singapore a couple days ago. It was a short impromptu weekend getaway. I have always wanted to see how is Singapore doing with all the Christmas thingy because a lot of my friends told me that Singapore is really giving it when it comes to the Christmas decoration.

I had mixed responds about the Christmas decoration honestly.
Went to the grand opening of The Playroom at Pantai Indah Kapuk on the same day when I visited The Milkbar (posted!) and this new cool hangout spot is currently the hottest spot in PIK right now. Well why do I say so? Keep reading to know why.
WakuWaku Japan, the well-known TV station from Japan is creating a new vibe in order to enhance the awareness of Jakartans about them, just last week I attended the grand opening of their very own pop-up cafe, WakuWaku Japan Cafe located at Kaffein in Gandaria City shopping mall.
Say hello to Milkbar! The newest joint in Pantai Indah Kapuk as well as its sibling, The Playroom. Both Playroom and Milkbar opened on the same day but aside from that, both is completely different when it comes to concept and product (going to do a separated post on The Playroom PIK soon), but this time I am going to be talking about Milkbar!
Before I start this post, let me greet you all the happiest December!!!

This post is my first post in December and I can’t believe that it’s been a year since my first Christmas dinner list in Jakarta for 2013! So far, 2014 has been such a remarkable year for me and so many things that I need to be grateful for, but that also means that I have to live up this blog’s standard, deliver better contents and (ahem) pictures.

When this first opened I was in Australia so I could only drool over my phone's screen, luckily I still manage to hold myself from unfollowing everyone! A few days ago, I visited this incredibly happening dessert house and here I am blogging it for you all! Shirayuki, which by the way means "white snow" is located in the guilty pleasure neighborhood, Pantai Indah Kapuk and just beside Ohka Ramen and near Food Plaza/Fresh Market in the Rukan Emerald (so it's not around the Ikkudo Ichi Ramen or Sumoboo but kind of align). From what I heard, it's the "reincarnation" of Kabocha
It's not often that I blog about something that's already very famous, popular and reputable, if restaurant is a celebrity, then this following name is definitely Mariah Carey famous, so when I do, it's either because it's very good, very legendary or simply to show you guys how much I love it.
Went to this newly opened cafe yesterday for lunch with Cindy and since we both had good experience, I wanted to blog this asap, well not really, it's because I am those people who manage to go here earlier hence I want to blog about it before everyone else does HAHAHA! No lah joking, probably half true, it's just that I am always excited when it comes to visiting new places and be the one who promotes them at the early stage, that's probably certain percentage of happiness there is for me. Before I start, I just want to tell you that it doesn't matter if you blog something fast or not, make sure you make a bloody good post and you can tell when it's good, it's like you can feel the writer's passion on the writing and not ONLY for the sake of reviewing, not to mention, take freaking good photos and chill on the editing, don't hurt someone else's eyes.
As you guys probably know, I just came back from my fantastic trip in Australia and I am now missing it very much, especially Melbourne! I don't know, I just feel like Melbourne is so me, but I'm not going to talk much about it right now, there will be so many posts about the trip, so make sure you stay tuned and going to keep you guys updated!
Still reminiscing my days in Singapore and I am finally it’s because I am representing eatandtreats and Indonesia at the World Gourmet Forum in Singapore just last month and on this post I am going to be sharing so many newsworthy stories for those of you who adore a little touch of class and luxury, especially those who are such big loyal fans of Singapore Airlines.

Hello everyone! If you follow my Instagram them you should know that I just got back from my latest trip which was Singapore and I couldn't wait to blog about so many stuff that I experienced in Singapore, it's almost like...mandatory because they're informative and you're gonna love it!

This post is going to be short because the pics do the talking! I am promoting this currently running contest that you might be interested in participating because the prizes are drooling!

I recently downloaded this uber cool application called "Bango Warisan Kuliner Nusantara" on my phone and so far I have been loving this. I am a newbie to this app but I just can't stand not blogging about this. I honestly do expect you to download this, this is such a magnificent idea from Bango (yes the soy giant) to risen up the local culinary scene and our support is more than appreciated.
Went to this newly opened cafe in Pantai Indah Kapuk just yesterday just because I couldn't stand the cuteness when I saw their pics on my friend's Instagram! Sweet Hut is a Malaysia-franchise joint and brought up by the group that managed some of PIK's most favorite ventures such as Agantea, Broaster's Chicken, Karaoke PIK and Sinsin. They're only 1 week old and still on their grand opening days, but from what I see, I think they already have some loving customers, or at least curious hungry people! PS: their outlet was very easy because of its eye-catching appearance! Red and white color, almost festive. It's located just beside the PIK Karaoke in the Ruko Cordoba area.
Even though "high tea" never actually become a huge trend in Jakarta comparing to the presence of "Red Velvet" or "Nitrogen Ice Cream" but there's still a couple of good spots for you to have your delightful, dreamy afternoon tea (BY THE WAY I use the term "afternoon tea" and "high tea" in exhange but it actually means the same for me). I used to question my interest for afternoon tea but now I seem to know the answer. I don't think it's a part of my need or lifestyle, it's just the platform and my favorite excuse to hangout with my friends in the more stylish and luxurious way!
In my life, I have always been obsessed with flowers. I don't care if you guys find it feminine or what but I think flowers are one of a lot of God's most beautiful creations. They live, they are pretty, colorful and there's something very therapeutic when you look at them or smell them, it's almost like the recharging, refreshing and some parts of the stressed-self got de-stressed. Something about its presence that brings excitement. Okay, this conversation is getting very heavy.

I can't believe that it has been one freaking month since my last Bali trip. Indeed time flies and I am just stuck in between having my soul there while my body's here and looking back the old photos and all the calories that I have consumed, damn I ate so much in Bali I always gain more pounds everytime I got back, not to mention I spent one week there. It was fun but I might have to start considering gym right now ._.
I've been anticipatedly waiting for the arrival of Authentique's second branch for a while and knowing that they're opening today, I wasted no more time and oh-so-ready digging in to what they have in store! I am such a sucker for bakeries, patisseries, boulangeries or whatever you name it that has to do with breads, cakes and desserts. I have been the first Authentique once and the place was petite, and I mean really petite, but for some reasons I sort of like the heartwarming feel to it, not to mention that particular outlet was also literally warm ._.
Went to this new joint in Senopati just earlier today and couldn't wait to blog about this to y'all! I've told you guys so many times how I've always loved meetings! The thing is, my kind of meeting is actually very berry casual: Casual outfit, casual conversation, maybe not always casual dining *put my shades on*.
Photo credit: George's twitter

Sssh, please don’t tell me you don’t know who he is!

Buat yang bertanya-tanya kenapa tumben-tumbenan seorang Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto aka Mr. SHDS nge-blog pake bahasa Indonesia instead of English, dan tumben-tumbenan masang muka George Calombaris, well gak semata-mata karena keinginan, tapi karena aku pengen banyak yang bisa relate sama entry ini dan banyak yang bisa iku... adalah kejutan nanti, disimak aja ya!

Ngomong-ngomong soal Masterchef, kayaknya sih aku gak perlu ngejelasin lagi karena aku yakin 90% makhluk hidup di dunia ini tau what that show is about, not to mention, Masterchef adalah salah satu acara masak paling beken di dunia, dan saat ini acara ini udah memasuki season ke-6 dimana kontestan-kontestannya sekarang sedang berkompetisi untuk merebutkan tidak hanya uang tunai sebesar $250.000 atau IDR 2,5 M, tapi juga berjuang untuk memperebutkan gelar juara Masterchef Australia season 6.

Anyway, intinya aku cuma pengen ngasih tau aja nih:


...then it's no longer a surprise! Kedatangan chef berkepala pelontos ke ibu kota tercinta ini adalah dalam rangka Masterchef Australia tour 2014 and it’s an honor karena tahun ini nama “Indonesia” ada di dalam daftar destinasi mereka, and the good thing about his visit dan tentunya buat pembaca blogku yang setia-setia, eatandtreats bekerja sama dengan Lifetime Asia punya sedikit hadiah buat kalian:


Aku bakalan ngasih hadiahnya buat dua orang yang beruntung, terutama buat kalian para lovebirds karena pemenang yang beruntung bisa ngajak pasangannya ke acara makan malam ini (uuhh)! Yang spesial dari acara ini (selain kedatangan George Calombaris tentunya) adalah karena George bakalan masakin para tamu undangan signature dish yang jadi andalannya di MasterChef Australia yang akan di-twist dengan citarasa Asia. Kesempatan ini limited lho! For the VIPs only!

Nah, buat menangin tiket ini caranya gampang banget, jelasin aja lewat comment box di bawah kenapa kamu merasa berhak untuk datang ke acara makan malam bersama George Calombaris, dan jelasin kenapa program Masterchef Australia menarik banget buat kamu! Kita bakalan milih pemenangnya berdasarkan jawaban paling jujur, paling kreatif, pokoknya no pressure deh jawabnya, just be yourself and be honest even though it’s a little crazy! Jawaban harus dalam bahasa Indonesia ya!

Jangan lupa juga guys buat nge-vote nih, kira-kira kalau George harus nyicipin menu makanan lokal khas Indonesia, menu apa aja sih yang harus dicoba? Click HERE for voting!

OK like I am now super duper excited to read your answers, dan tentunya gak sabar pengen ketemu sama kalian di acara makan malam nanti! Kapan lagi nih merasakan masakan seorang chef sekaliber George Calombaris dan maybe bisa foto-foto bareng George juga and pamerin ke semua social medias yang ada MWAHAHA!



You can watch Masterchef Australia every Monday-Friday, 6PM & 10PM at Lifetime Channel in Indovision channel 167, Firstmedia channel 359, Big TV channel 221, Top TV channel 167. 

Tim dari Lifetime sudah menentukan pemenangnya dan selamat untuk Aline Chandra Rusdiani dan Imelda Budiman yang telah memenangkan kuis ini. Keputusan sudah mutlak dan tak dapat diganggu gugat. Kirimkan identitas lengkap anda beserta nomor handphone ke stanislaus.hans@gmail.com

If you follow me on Instagram then you should know that I just came back from Singapore for one project, but I am going to share it very soon on the upcoming posts. It was a short visit, only three days but in those three days I managed to visit 4 coffee shops and several cafes. Couldn't wait to blog about them all and in the mean time I'm going to slowly get through all the pictures and will edit them all parts by parts.
Thank you for your support so far on the previous Free Curve Sunday giveaways and the number of downloads was *ahem* unbebloodylivable! More than 4000 downloads for both Blutro and Poppylove! Hence I get more and more excited to be more creative with the color play and I sincerely love to help you enhance your beautiful photos.
In just less than a month, two rooftop bars are opening in town! The other one I've blogged it on the previous post, this time I am going to be talking about this trending rooftop bar that's actually technically not yet opening, but you know people these days, with the little help from the social medias and mouth to mouth promotion, people start flowing to the destination.
A few days ago I got invited by Artotel Thamrin Jakarta to join the food bloggers weekend staycation and one of the activities on the itinerary was this cocktail making class, as well as introducing their new rooftop bar which currently isn't yet opening so I really got the first watch here and the first to share not only the venue in general, but my experience as well. Their very own rooftop bar is called BART: Bar at The Roof Top, located on the 7th level of the hotel and it's scheduled to officially open for public this Friday (October 17th). If you noticed the blank canvases on the photo above well I have a story for that as well, so just keep reading :).
There's a cute cafe opening in Central Park just a few days ago and since my fellow bloggers have been uploading photos of them and their adorable and cute cakes, I decided to pay a visit here, well actually it's because I had an appointment for student interview with students from university nearby plus I haven't tried it, two shots in one!
I totally feel like this was the first ever trip where I actually could experience and bond with the Bali socials in a whole new perspective. Most of the times, I went to Bali for works and not really browse around the neighborhood and my fifth visit to Bali this year (referring to this particular one) was one of the best trips this year. That one week was well spent even though I still find it not enough :(. When in Bali, one week is just like four days, three other days you don't know where the fuck they go.


by on 04.52.00
I totally feel like this was the first ever trip where I actually could experience and bond with the Bali socials in a whole new perspecti...
Everytime I write the Bali posts I always get excited. I don't know man, I think I am so in love with Bali right now, it might sound super melancholy and melodramatical but seriously, I think I left half of my heart in Bali and I can't wait to spend other glorious days there. Just got back from my super lovely trip from Bali last week and I spent one whole week there and when you're happy and having fun, one week feels like three freaking days :"( WHYYYYYY???

Photo credit: Google, Cereal Magazine

Since I am tired of making the dramatic opening for new restaurants opening in Senopati, so let's just cut it off and get to the point: there's a new restaurant opening in the Senopati area - at Jalan Suryo to be exact -, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tredici Ristorante!
Personally, this must be one of my most anticipated and awaited venture to open in Jakarta and just a few days ago, it did! The famous Ippudo Ramen is now opening in Jakarta!!!


by on 12.23.00
Personally, this must be one of my most anticipated and awaited venture to open in Jakarta and just a few days ago, it did! The famous Ipp...
Before I start writing the essential of this entry, I just want to say that:
I love this city for so many bloody reasons. I have mentioned on my previous post that Manila to me, is like 70% Singapore and 30% Jakarta. I love big cities, especially the downtown area and fortunate enough I stayed the whole time during my Manila days in Metro Manila, the downtown of Philippines!
I have always been a huge fan of pancakes and waffles, not to mention cakes, breads, pastries oh shit that's everything! I heard about this snack from a friend but it wasn't this particular brand that I am talking here and for some reasons I got excited to try it and I did last week! I have heard amazing reviews from some of my friends telling me that this might be the best in town, but rumors are rumors before I actually tried it.


by on 10.25.00
I have always been a huge fan of pancakes and waffles, not to mention cakes, breads, pastries oh shit that's everything! I heard about...
I love afternoon tea.

...and I am not talking about having a cake and a cup of tea in the afternoon and call it a day, but the more "luxurious" one with tiers and treats.
Somebody should give me an award for becoming very diligent lately! So have you read my previous post? Well I hope it helps you in preparing the awesome Puerto Princesa trip of yours. I had blast writing the post and almost couldn’t stop even though after all the editing and writing I got quite tired, not to mention right when I come back from the Philippines, I have even more on my plates! Meetings and works so tired! Well, still manage to put the gratitude in the attitude tho!
In this tutorial, I am going to be showing you the easy and simple way to achieve that signature VSCO look on Photoshop as I received tons of requests to do this tutorial! Basically only three main steps that you need to follow and we're trying to achieve the T3 preset tone that would transform your photos like this:
Okay, let’s continue my still-fresh Philippine trip diary and since I still manage to have the diligence to edit the photos and blog about them (which I normally don’t), let’s keep this going!

I was looking at my Thailand picture folder due to missing it very much. I don't know, there's something about Thailand that's really captivating, well, personal truth be told, Southeast Asian countries in general. I just got back from the Philippines and actually kind of missing it (already) mostly when I remember how polite the people I met, how smily-ish they were and how they were generally nice. I literally didn't even meet one annoying person on my trip, that's the least freaking thing that I want to deal with on my joyous days!
Sukiya, the highly popular Japanese Gyudon chain in Japan is now opening its first outlet in Jakarta, just a swift away from the ocean at the north, in Baywalk Mall Jakarta to be exact *confetti*.

Sukiya Gyudon Jakarta

by on 13.18.00
Sukiya, the highly popular Japanese Gyudon chain in Japan is now opening its first outlet in Jakarta, just a swift away from the ocean at ...
As you guys know... well, I’m talking about those who follow me on Instagram, I am currently in Puerto Princesa, Philipines and writing this post here excitingly! It’s been two days filled with so many things and I couldn’t wait to share with you.

La Hoya is one of the newest joints to enter Gandaria City's "Main Street" - the area in Gandaria City where it's completed with restaurants and dining scene - and yes you are correct, this restaurant is serving Mexican Fusion Food! Confident enough to assume if some of you were wondering about it right when you hear the name.
I had a splendid trip to Bali last week! I have been travelling to Bali constantly this year and this was my fifth time going to Bali in 2014! Each visit to Bali had its own impression but all of them identically-definitely made me want to go to Bali on and on again, even at the moment, as I am typing this blog post and look back to the photos! Trust me, I have spent the last 30 minutes just looking at the photos and let them "slideshow-ed" themselves. Oh Geez I miss Bali right now! *sigh*.
As you know, I just got back from a splendid trip in Bali all thanks to Double Six Luxury Hotel for letting me to experience the best that it has to offer. I had so many stories to share but I'm going to keep you guys very-very excited because first, I am going to be reviewing this restaurant which you can call the current 'it' restaurant in Bali (Seminyak to be exact) and even cooler, the fact that it's actually a part of Double Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak! It's one of the five ventures located in there.
For some, the idea of staycation is a little insane and fortune-wasting. I have friends asking me why I love to splurge by staying at hotels in town while you have your own home. I honestly don't know the the exact reason why I love it but I know enough I don't need one, it's just that I like it and I love trying new places which I'll eventually take as "experience". I have been doing quite a few staycations lately but I haven't gotten the chance to blog everything due to the lack of time and I am super duper busy lately, but for you my lovely readers I'm sitting in front of the lappy while becoming a night owl and doing this post! Can I be more dedicated I deserve an award!
Congratulations Belle Et Petite for finally opening its first store!!!

It's just amazing how something that started as a home business making its way to the public through online promotion, growing and then finally decided to take steps further ahead by opening its first store, must be one inspiring journey eh, and in this case, it's one of my most favorite online macarons shop!