It's not often that I blog about something that's already very famous, popular and reputable, if restaurant is a celebrity, then this following name is definitely Mariah Carey famous, so when I do, it's either because it's very good, very legendary or simply to show you guys how much I love it.

Ikan Bakar Cianjur is a legend. Ever since it served its first customers back in 1989 and after 19 outlets later, it's still going very strong. My family (and I am talking about my big big family) has always been enthusiast about IBC and especially the queen of the big family (my grandmom): she's an avid fan of their Nasi Liwet! But trust me, their Nasi Liwet is just that little piece of them that you're gonna love, many more to come.

Living in the western part of Jakarta easen up the access for me to fulfill my IBC craving, I could easily chose their outlet in Pecenongan but this post is going to be talking about their particular outlet in Alam Sutera which I found very beautiful and in a sense, earthy. To be completely honest, I had something to take care in my university which located not too far from Alam Sutera and I usually go with both my parents and my grandmom (for some reasons they love the ambiance of Tangerang) and right after finished dealing with some administration thingy fast forward here we were!
This particular outlet wasn't hard to reach, it's located just across Living World and near Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera.
I honestly liked the design of this particular outlet, from the usage of materials, coloring and design, I felt like I was actually in a colonial themed building, only with more food, more people and more fun! Another good point about this particular outlet was the fact that they have a little green area on the side allowing natural sunlight and in a way, sense of refreshment! The first floor could accommodate up to 250 people and it was packed when I went there (as usual)!
The second floor looked even more colonial with the semi-outdoor concept, and it's also where the VIP rooms (the green door) and the al-fresco dining area are located.

Now we better move to the fun part: FOOD! I'm gonna start with what they're MOST FAMOUS for: NASI LIWET! It's surprising but won't be a surprise that they manage to constantly sell 300 POTS (yes 300 freaking pots) of Nasi Liwet every single day (probably more on the weekends). I mentioned earlier that my grandmom is a die-hard fan of their Nasi Liwet, well, in this case: ME ALSO! The secret to have such delicious fragrant tasty rice is to basically soak the rice for 2 hours in their own homemade signature broth before it's slowly cooked in low heat and finally topped with Medanese sauteed anchovies!

Tahu Goreng
Fried Tofu
Tumis Kangkung (Stir Fried Water Spinach)
IDR 22k
There's something about water spinach that's so simple but very special and believe it or not, it has the power to convert those who dislike vegetables to like (and I mean only like) this particular vegetable and I've seen so many! The water spinach was stir fried in light seasoning and along Terasi (some kind of shrimp paste product), shallots and garlic! FYI they only use the water spinach brought from Lombok (according to them the stem's bigger and hence, crunchier). I love how they executed the cooking process and clearly on a decent temperature because it's still crunchy and fresh!

Sayur Asam (Sweet-Sour Mixed Vegetable Soup)
IDR 15k
Their Sayur Asam was one of my favorites that day because it was very refreshing with decent balance flavor and generous condiments. I love when Sayur Asam is perfectly balance because when it gets either too sweet or too sour, it could be a total fail, big time and luckily this wasn't the issue!

Nasi Goreng IBC (IBC Fried Rice)
IDR 32k
The fried rice might look standard and simple but it's actually quite nice! I love the seasoning of the fried rice and especially that hei wok smoky flavor (always love when stir-fried food had that smoky flavor to it!). If they could make a more beautiful sunny side up (just for the sake of aesthetic value) that would be even better, but that's just my personal preference and not the up-most important actually!

Ayam Bakar (Grilled Chicken)
IDR 18k
Grilled Chicken is cliche but this one was a total yum! I bet you can see how the generous sweet soy-sauce glazed on the tender chicken and in this case, what you see is what you get! It's sweet but not overpoweringly sweet and still had that savory touch to it which is mandatory.

Gurame Pesmol
IDR 75k
This was the deep fried Carp which then processed with the dipping in IBC Homemade Pesmol Sauce and then topped with sliced tomatoes, green chili and fried shallots. This was their signature dish along with Nila Pesmol (Tilapia fish) and as well as one of their best sellers. I had no wonder because this was really good with really rich seasoning, nicely executed fish (smooth, soft, tasty) and incredibly flavorful and I don't mean it in the most hyperbolic way but it is damn it! Having this with the Nasi Liwet was like a burst of flavor in the mouth. Dayum!
Kambing Oven (Oven Cooked Mutton)
IDR 48k
If you read my blog, I bet you know how much I rave about my dislike towards mutton and lambs, well it's not hate hate but it's just that I get traumatized because of how often I got the stinky mutton and lambs *barf* but this one has got to be that little part of the exception because this was good! The mutton was marinated in their homemade sauce before actually getting to the oven and processed. The meat was tender and tasty, the portion came with their homemade nut sauce and pickles, I loved having it with the nut sauce but as simple as "just the meat", I was happy enough.

Sop Iga IBC (IBC Rib Soup)
IDR 48k
This one got into my recommendation list and one of the must order for some reasons: First, because it was really good, second: it's the only dish with soup on the lunch and it's just me who believes that soup is mandatory on the set! The soup was actually beef bone stock and seasoned beautifully resulting this tasty and fragrant beef based broth, even more with you have it with generous fried shallots and spring onion. The ribs were actually quite tender and tasty, not a surprise when you know they're being slow cooked for three hours and pre-seasoned with local herbs and spices.

Left: Es Cianjur Right: Es Campur Tempo Doeloe
As always, my motto is to start with something savory and ends with something sweet (and refreshing of course) and these ice desserts could be just that! If you ask me, I think both of them were nice, equally using the coconut milk, condensed milk and various topping but still, in a way, different, but I am rooting for the Es Campur Tempo Doeloe more! Just because it's more fragrant and sweet <3.

I didn't manage to capture a decent shot because I realized the focus was on the glass (so I better not upload) but for the drinks, you have to order their Carrot juice, it was the winner!

So far, Ikan Bakar Cianjur is still one of my family's favorite when it comes to a decent place for family dinner and gathering! Most importantly, good food without eventually feeling ripped off! The range price for the food starts at IDR 10k - IDR 80k and the drinks starts at IDR 5k - IDR 20k! It gets a little packed during lunch time, no actually almost all the time, but if you want to bond with the communal, you are more than welcome, but if you want a more quiet ambiance, you can come in between the lunch time and dinner (est. 3 PM - 5 PM). I love going here on the dinner time, this might sound corny but I think that's the peak of the family time: it's night and having a lovely dinner with your family, sometimes it's nothing better than that!

Ikan Bakar Cianjur - Alam Sutera
Jl. Alam Sutera Utama Kav. 20
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
021 - 2921 1600
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Pricing: $$ IDR 200k for two


Map for Ikan Bakar Cianjur Alam Sutera

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