I JUST JUST came back from the launching of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)'s newest creation and one that I honestly didn't see coming: KFC CHOCHICKS: SPICY CHOCOLATE CHICKEN! Yes their fragrant crispy chicken meets sweet and spicy chocolate sauce dressed on top!
A couple of days ago I paid a visit to Mandiri Pekan Raya Indonesia at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD which is still running until November 5th 2017, the event was divided to different categories but of course I focused more (and more interested) on the Kuliner Indonesia Kaya and Warung Indonesia Kaya where it's all about food and cooking!
This post would be the third time that I am actually talking about Sushi Hiro, the main reason why each of my visit needs a good proper blog post is because they always have something new to offer: slightly difference ambiance, but mostly the new menus that are not only delicious but also Instagram Worthy! The F&B business in Jakarta can get very tricky and very extreme to the point where changing trends, opening and deceased outlets are almost monthly 'scene', that's why most restaurants (unless they're crazy good) needs to be creative, keep up with the qualities in order to survive, and Sushi Hiro is hands down, really one of the most successful ones in town, and frankly speaking, everytime I see the long queues in front of their restaurant, I can't help not to think about the amount of money they're making everyday (lol but I sometimes did).


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This post would be the third time that I am actually talking about Sushi Hiro, the main reason why each of my visit needs a good proper b...
I don't know if this restaurant needs anymore introduction as it's probably one of the most famous in the bunch! Raa Cha is a restaurant that focuses in serving barbeque and suki cuisine and I remember vividly the moment when this restaurant opened, I was in my first year of my high school, strolling Pluit Village (which was Megamal Pluit) and Raa Cha was just opening, still a very fresh brand that time and it was almost a decade ago #timeflies, their first outlet was in Cihampelas Walk Bandung and a couple of weeks ago I visited their newest outlet in Harmoni XChange to have a quick lunch with my mom and so glad that they opened here as it's very close to our house!
I have been extremely busy this month, if not this has probably been the busiest month so far this year. Right after coming back from Bali, everyday is basically waking up in the morning, doing shoots, go to 1/2 events per day, and no I am not whining, I am just 'expressing' how physically exhausted I am this month but in the same time so very grateful that life keeps me busy #blessed.
For me, some restaurants are not just a place where I go to dine and leave, some restaurants managed to leave certain impressions in me because I grew up with them, and shared my younger days and memories with. I am honestly very glad to the ones who can survive and make it at the rapidly changing food business and trend, and one of the many that I have in mind is surely Restaurant Penang, and special thanks to my parents for bringing me here the very first time because it's always the parents who kinda introduce us to the good eating places.
I love Japan, to the point where I am lost for words to describe my love for Japan, or even to describe Japan itself, but one thing for sure, it should be on everyone’s bucketlist and you better believe me on this one.
My Hokkaido blog posts are seriously one of the most requested this year and it's been one month since the trip and I have been missing Hokkaido so badly and I found myself reopening the folders and reedit the photos (and I don't know if it's just me but I sometimes can edit one photo to several editing style lol). I've been dreaming of going for so long and finally got the chance to travel and on top of it, shared the happiness with my sister, clearly one of the best highlight of the year that I'll forever keep in mind.