Disclaimer: if you're expecting a full blown review of their restaurant, this won't be one. I already ate prior coming here and initially just wanted to go check out the newly opened bar, grab some drinks, nibbles and leave.
A couple of weeks ago I went to Bali for a short escape with my sister, spent the whole time browsing the freshly opened SAMASTA by Summarecon group which aims to be the one stop entertainment destination in Bali, precisely in Jimbaran. By one stop entertainment destination I mean you can really find various dining, shopping, beauty, grocery and more. This concept then visualized as this stylish 'village' that's rapidly and constantly opening more and more tenants. Stick with me and keep on reading.
WHAT'S UP JULY?! A couple of days ago I went to have a coffee date with my good friend at this newly opened coffee shop called Harapan Djaya that's located around Panglima Polim area, precisely across Woodpecker Coffee. Technically this coffee shop has almost nothing to do with the movie Filosofi Kopi (nor the setting) which is coming next week, but one of the owners of this coffee shop, Muhammad Aga, starred in the movie. I honestly can't wait for the movie because I absolutely love the first one!