The major food event, Taste of The World, is happening at PIK Avenue and I was invited to come check out the event on its opening day and blogging my experience for you guys, the event is here to stay until October 1st 2017 at their Main Atrium, that means you still have 6 days to come and see what they have in store.
Okay now this is exciting: the famous BAKE CHEESE TART is finally opening in Indonesia with Jakarta (particularly Grand Indonesia) being where the first outlet is located the country! The cheese cake and tarts trend is really booming here in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta and the amount of new businesses focusing on this particular product is really getting a bit insane! I remember when it hasn't opened in Singapore, the only place where I could buy their cheese tarts is in Hong Kong (and last year I happened to visit Hong Kong more often than Bangkok), and in certain ways I am so glad that more and more famous foreign food businesses are coming to Jakarta and expand here, making it super accessible for us to purchase their stuff.
Hello my beloved blog readers, so several weeks ago I paid a visit to Almond Tree, a cake store with a new concept from the Mount Scopus Group, which I believe previously known as Cheese Cake Factory. I grew up with this brand, their cakes were so close to the heart of my friends and families as they were there for the celebrations and I thought I wanna blog about my experience to their store as well as giving you ideas on how they're doing now.


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Hello my beloved blog readers, so several weeks ago I paid a visit to Almond Tree, a cake store with a new concept from the Mount Scopus ...
I think it was after this blog post that I haven't paid that much attention to the rapidly growing Kopi Susu trend in Jakarta and boy I might need to update the list now, this entry will be a brief thought about this newcomer called Kopi Kenangan which I just had earlier today. I found it interesting because they claim to be using the 8-years Arabica Aged Coffee (which got me like 'hmm...'). They have a little shop in Menara Standard Chartered but because I know that normally Kopi Susu shop will be incredibly petite and almost impossible for you to sit around so I really recommend to just have it Gojek-ed to your place.
You can take me out of Indonesia, but you can't take the Indonesia out of me, or should I say, the Chinese blood out of me. Despite the rapidly changing food trend, the classic always stays and I am talking about good Chinese cuisine, if you ask me to name one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in town then Sin Cin is one of the top ones that flashed in my mind just like that, and I have a lot of good things to say about this restaurant.
SORRY GUYS for just writing about this entry aka my experience to The World of Ghibli exhibition in Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta which I visited around three weeks ago, sorry I've been super busy and not to mention I just went back from Hokkaido for a short summer holiday with my sister.
I am just uber excited to blog about this restaurant that I visited LAST MONTH in Bangkok (really can't believe it's been a month tho) and it's just three more days before the restaurant opens in Jakarta and of course yours truly got the privilege to sample their best selling menus on a private tasting lunch two weeks ago, but disclaimer first, this blog post will be the mix of my experience trying the original Greyhound Cafe in Bangkok too and I can really say that after coming from the private tasting lunch, the presentation of the food here and there was exactly the same, as for the taste and impressions? Keep on scrolling.
Just earlier today I visited the newly opened Momozen for a lunch date with some lovely people and it is another establishment from the Les Amis group and located at what previously the home of Shabu Gen (now located just across Momozen), venue wise not the most spacious but clean, neat with fancy vibe, the latter might be me carried away for the fact that it's located at the 46th floor, somehow the higher it is the more prestigious it feels, well at least for me.