If you’re an avid fan of rumput laut (seaweed) snack raise your hands and also you’re on the right entry because I am going to share to you guys about one of my favorite seaweed snacks on the market right now, and that is Mamasuka Rumput Laut and here I'm also giving my two cents about the product!
I think it was 2017 where the cheese tea trend started to get really big (even though brands like KOI/Share Tea have started it long way back) and 2018 is just the expansion of the trend with more and more indie brands coming and major brands releasing their cheese tea menus, okay to be completely frank with you I am almost never interested in cheese tea, as personally I don't see why would you put cheese on drinks (and I am fully aware that's just me), but the visit to Ban Ban changed my perception! Keep reading.
This post is going to be a brief review of this newly opened PINK themed cafe called So Fashion in Mal Taman Anggrek that I visited earlier today with my sister! The cafe is located at the 2nd level of MTA and located at what was once McDonald's (ah good old days!), initially didn't plan to visit this cafe (to be frank even forgot that this cafe is in the mall), but we just finished our meeting in MTA and while we were taking the escalator to go down I noticed the cafe, so we paid a short visit here before rushing to another meeting at Central Park!