This is certainly one of the main highlights of this trip and particularly today: reuniting with one of my MOST favorite coffee shops in the world: OMOTESANDO KOFFEE. I was pretty sad when hearing the news that they were closing their pop-up Tokyo store as I am seriously in love with the store (as you can see here). I have plan to visit to Omotesando Koffee, but initially not today. OK so it was actually quite funny, we were crossing the road after having our delightful coffee at The Cupping Room (review coming soon) and I accidentally looked at this guy crossing the road while holding a familiar plastic cup with black stripes, and in a micro second my mind knew it was OK! I literally shouted "hey that's Omotesando Koffee's plastic cup!", we checked Google Maps and it was just a 3 minute walk from our then location in Wan Chai, so yes, double jackpot of caffeine boost!
Hello guys, quick update here! I am just so damn happy to be back at one of my favorite cities on earth: HONG KONG! Here I am writing this blog post from my beautiful room in Shangri-La Kowloon (I highly recommend you guys to stay here, not the biggest Shangri-La I've known but neither does most hotel in Hong Kong), the room however was not a disappointment! It was bigger than I thought it would be. More pictures of the room coming on the next post or the full review of the hotel, but if you follow me on Snapchat, I have kinda toured you around earlier today!
Vietnamese cuisine might not be as popular if you compare that to Western or Japanese cuisine, but I honestly don't think the comparison is needed as Vietnamese cuisine is very different than their "peers". I like Vietnamese cuisine, but there are not many Vietnamese restaurants in Jakarta, and until I actually met Monviet for the very first time, it was a "like" converted to a "love"
So today is a pretty hectic day for me, I have been all up from 8 AM to do to my works and finish all the crazy deadlines that has been haunting me ever since I was back from Bali, but in the middle of my activity, I had a few hours off for break before attending another restaurant opening, and being around Kuningan area, I took advantage to actually come and check out this newly opened coffee shop that I lately see pretty often on my Instagram "explore" tab: LUCKY CAT COFFEE & KITCHEN.
Here you go guys, I have been wanting to make this type of blog post for quite some time and I am finally making it!!! So the thing is, I eat out literally every single day, and the number of new cafes, restaurants and coffee shops opening in Jakarta every month is just cray. Now me? I am a one man show, I am handling this blog technically all by myself from basically coming to the restaurant, taking pictures, editing, writing and even more when I have events to attend, working on my advertorials and many more, and sometimes I could be very worn out and running out of energy & capacity to make all the blog posts for the restaurants, so I came with this idea of making a compilation post every month and I will update it regularly to let you know the new places that are opening in Jakarta.
I just recently came back from THE BEST birthday trip EVER, and why is that really special? Because I had the whole family with me in Bali to celebrate the birthday. It's just seriously the best freaking feeling in your life to give back to someone who has given you the best love and support and back then without their struggle you'll never be here, and I love you mom and dad. I hope I can continuously make you happy :").

Ok no time to be dramatic, I want to share you guys this new resort that I spent the first two nights at. It's a gorgeous fancy boutique hotel that has been opening for several months and is starting to light up at the hype-mosphere, ladies and gentlemen, I am gladly introducing you to Katamama! Disclaimer first: this is not ad and I am in no way get paid to write about this I swear! The experience was good and this is relatively new establishment so I wanna blog about it <3.
Earlier today I went to have lunch with my sister at this newly opened Korean restaurant in Kota Kasablanka that's currently on the hype-mosphere: OJJU! It's located at the UG level of the Food Society. This was my second visit to the restaurant, but the first time that I technically ate. Went yesterday but the queue was too crazy, ahead I had 35 people waiting to dine here. So bye bitch see you next time, and that "next time" happened to be just a few hours ago.
First of all, the biggest apology for the one-week hiatus! I am sending you guys a lotta love from Bali and as usual, I am just super duper thrilled to be here (even more because I am here with my family yay!)
If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, besides going here for a family holiday, another reason why I go to Bali is to celebrate my birthday (that happened two days ago). I made a personal vow to myself that I had to celebrate this year's birthday with my family and (if possible) it had to be outside Jakarta. Initially I wanted to bring my whole family to Sydney, but after further consideration, the trip would cost me so much money and I didn't want to go back home being broke, so I guess Bali is the cheaper alternative, and besides it feels just like Sydney as 80% of Seminyak is probably Australians. If you watch one of my Snapchat, I actually snap a selfie of me with people on my background and caption "Hello from Sydney!", I was literally the only local tourist there, so yeah Bali all the way woohoo!

After all, what matters the most is that special and private moment with my family! I have been enjoying this trip so far and sorry that I have not been so active in posting on my Snapchat, I guess that's just me living in the moment :). I choose to stay at Seminyak the entire trip as it's my favorite area in Bali and it's easy to get around from here. The first two nights I stayed at this newly opened hotel by the PTT Family: Katamama! I will definitely write a review on my blog (please pray for me to be diligent after the holiday withdrawal), and we have been exploring Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Ubud and Tanah Lot so far, and I am sending you guys some "postcards" from this trip!

The welcome drink at Katamama was actually FANTASTIC! I don't normally rave about hotels welcome drink but I like this a lot and the idea of an assigned mixologist actually made the drink inside your room! Can't wait to share more stories!
 Another thing to cheer about: MOVIDA Melbourne is finally opening in Bali, and lucky enough, it's located inside the Katamama hotel! DAYM!
 When in Bali: eat seafood by the beach!
 Monkey pictures coming! Initially wanted to upload more monkey pics </3
I personally want to thank everyone who has been sending the warmest birthday greeting and I am terribly sorry for not being able to reply to everyone!!! My Snapchat literally freez-ed and it's funny that my provider told me I had 2GB left the D-1 (birthday) and half the day I did not realize that I was running out of data. Normally I would be super tardy and careless when it comes to text, but I am a bit paranoid when it comes to replying special greetings, so to those who I do not have the chance to reply, I am terribly sorry and trust me I never meant to be a bitch! So virtual hugs and kisses to everyone. I LOVE YOU!

More Bali stories coming soon! Thank you for reading and I hope you're having a good day! Ending this post with a photo of a dreamcatcher, a friendly reminder for everyone to keep on pursuing your dreams!

I am an avid fan of dim sum, they're just one of my all time favorite guilty pleasures.

I regret not having a lot of dim sum on my latest Hong Kong trip because my focus was to explore the hip cafes and eateries, one day when I go back to HK I must have a one whole day of dim sum (or yum cha) hunting. I remember when I was younger (probably when I was at the elementary school), literally every single week my parents brought us to have dimsum at various places, back then, when my palate wasn't as sharp as it is, all that I could remember was that they're either "good" or "very good", unfortunately the ones that I went to pretty often.
The last few months has been exciting for F&B hasn't it? Geez!

Anyway so just earlier tonight, I and the same friends that went with me to The Seafood Tower (Aline and Fachmi from Foolosophy) went to have a quick dinner at the newly opened Japanese food stall in Gandaria: Tanpopo. So I was actually dreaming about Shabu Ghin the entire day and wanted it real bad so I asked Aline whose office is so close to where I was that evening (Senopati) if she would want to accompany me. I texted "where the fuck are you?" and she replied "come and try Tanpopo with me and Fachmi!!!", and long story short Tanpopo for dinner.


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The last few months has been exciting for F&B hasn't it? Geez! Anyway so just earlier tonight, I and the same friends that we...
A couple of days ago, I went to have dinner with my friends at this newly opened Korean seafood restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk: The Seafood Tower. As the name might suggest you, the restaurant focuses in serving seafood cuisine in unique and one of a kind tiers presentation! This is certainly something that I haven't experienced nor seen before so I kinda had this excitement and must admit I expected it to be good.


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A couple of days ago, I went to have dinner with my friends at this newly opened Korean seafood restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk: The Seaf...
I am starting to take PIK more seriously, I used to think that PIK is somewhere that I casually go to have cute meals or to try new stuff but never something that I would repeat or even thought about repeating (only several that I did), if you've been reading my blog posts lately, I have been so thrilled of the fact that more and more new restaurants are opening and most of them happen to leave good impression to me.

Welcoming the newest addition to the never ending PIK's boulevard of heavenly pleasures: Saine Daise.
I am in the mood to finish my Bangkok trip series because I feel like I used to be super tardy with my travel posts and I honestly push myself to finish them slowly and in two months I managed to blog almost all of my latest Australia, Bangkok and Malaysia travel stories. This is seriously a very good improvement comparing to last year where I could start writing like 5-6 months after I return. Claps for Hans please!
With the rapid growing number of new coffee shops opening in Tangerang, Sajiva ranks on the top on my list as the homey-est of them all.
To be completely honest, never in my life did I except to live from blogging, they say "you don't know what's going to happen in the future", and I am probably living my future, well hopefully. Did I know this was going to happen? No. Did I care about people reading my blog? Yes of course, otherwise I can just keep it on my personal diary if I don't want anybody reading it.

Some of you are probably aspiring bloggers and are reading this post right now, and you might dream about making money from your blog. I started eatandtreats three years ago (as I am typing this post) genuinely as the labor of my writing and photography hobby and my love eating, and in three years I have gained 12 kilograms (and not too proud but nevermind). This blog started with 100-ish visitors per day and slowly after three months I started getting 700-ish visitors, in a year I got around 1000-ish daily visitors, and fast forward to May 2016 where I mark my 15.000 readers per day! It's not always 15.000/day to be honest, but it's about that range.
Bangkok is one of my most favorite cities in the world because it reminds me a lot about my own hometown Jakarta. Visually, both might not be the best organized cities, they are rather packed, crowded, full of traffic that it's my daily bread, but there is something about the imperfection, the friendly people, the fascinating F&B scene, the cheap prices and how easy this city to travel at that makes me love this city more and more after every visit. I have been to Bangkok several times in my life that each visit is different and left me with a better point of view of how I see Bangkok, the only thing you need to do is dig deeper.


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Bangkok is one of my most favorite cities in the world because it reminds me a lot about my own hometown Jakarta. Visually, both might not...
When in Bangkok and if you happen to be a huge fan of Matcha: GO TO KYO ROLL EN!