The last few months has been exciting for F&B hasn't it? Geez!

Anyway so just earlier tonight, I and the same friends that went with me to The Seafood Tower (Aline and Fachmi from Foolosophy) went to have a quick dinner at the newly opened Japanese food stall in Gandaria: Tanpopo. So I was actually dreaming about Shabu Ghin the entire day and wanted it real bad so I asked Aline whose office is so close to where I was that evening (Senopati) if she would want to accompany me. I texted "where the fuck are you?" and she replied "come and try Tanpopo with me and Fachmi!!!", and long story short Tanpopo for dinner.

Being at Tanpopo makes you feel like you're actually in Japan but on the eye, not for too long and if you know how to take the pictures right (lol). They claim themselves as a Japanese ramen court, but I honestly think their yakiniku is a little more dominating than the ramen and others. So in Tanpopo you can have options like yakiniku, ramen, curry rice and oden (seafood balls).

Oden - IDR 5k/each
Even though their concept is rather a stall than actual dining restaurant, but you can very well order from the waiters, but if you're a first timer, I would suggest checking out what they have in stall before you actually order, especially in deciding the meats you want for your yakiniku. Here they offer selections of beef such as a regular US prime beef, rib eye, wagyu and beef hamburg, but if you fancy chicken they also have it here. Price range per plate for their beef starts from IDR 30k (regular US prime beef), IDR 80k (rib-eye) to the most expensive one: wagyu for IDR 150k. I don't think I would ever have their wagyu here because I would end up having 5 tiny slices of wagyu beef, that's pretty hefty for their concept.
Rib eye - IDR 80k
Personal grill with heats coming from charcoal, PS this thing might be small but it makes a lot of smoke!
Proteins and charcoal grill yay!
The special beef and rib eye was not bad in terms of texture (and all that depends on how long you're cooking them), though I did not think they are seasoned throughly (aside from the fact they did prepare the sauce but something about the flavor that was still lacking), overall they're pretty tender just lacking the kick in the seasoning. I must say I enjoy the marinated chicken and hamburg better (even though the hamburg's frozen).
Spicy Negi Shio Ramen - IDR 35k
A shio ramen means they're using the salt base soup. To be honest, the ramen was my least favorite thing here. The noodle had this slimy and oily texture that I did not like, the soup was light and wasn't spicy at all and I expected the egg to be a little runny. Appearance wise, not the most appetizing looking, and I don't think it is worth the IDR 35k price tag.
Oden - IDR 5k/each
Was skeptical about this but turned out this was way tastier than the ramen, the oden was pretty soft and the soup was just plain tasty.
Somewhere in Japan...like.
My conclusion of Tanpopo: it's the kind of place that I would go to hangout casually with my friends but not for serious yakiniku eats, and somehow I don't think they're aiming to become one. If I want to have serious yakiniku I would probably go to Yakinikuya at Dharmawangsa (and it's all you can eat too). But yes, I had a good time here thanks to the great companies!

Tanpopo Jakarta
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 99E
Arteri Pondok Indah (across Gandaria City)
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan
0877 - 7758 - 3858
Opening hours: 6 PM-12 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Tanpopo Jakarta

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