I am starting to take PIK more seriously, I used to think that PIK is somewhere that I casually go to have cute meals or to try new stuff but never something that I would repeat or even thought about repeating (only several that I did), if you've been reading my blog posts lately, I have been so thrilled of the fact that more and more new restaurants are opening and most of them happen to leave good impression to me.

Welcoming the newest addition to the never ending PIK's boulevard of heavenly pleasures: Saine Daise.

Saine Daise is located at the growing part of PIK: Ruko Mandara Permai and easily noticable from its huge white cluster, the (currently) eye-catching soft opening promotion banner, or to make it easier, it's located just beside Legend of Noodle. They should make the logo larger tho to make it even more noticable.

The whole cluster has four stories, but the mainly occupied ones are the first and second levels. The first floor is functioned as a cake and dessert shop: EIO. I was highly obsessed by the interior and I believe they put so much good effort in building and decorating the whole thing. It was so simple and effortless looking with a lot of white, marble and Victorian-minimalist element happening which I was super duper fond of (and not to mention the posh plywood floor)! It's the kind of place that I would take pictures non-stop at, and I actually did. Keep reading baby this post is filled with so many pictures!
This is an Instagram shot! Talk about symmetry.

EIO is a japanese word meaning 
Take note! Review of their dessert further down, stay tuned.
The place was so effortless pretty already that I felt like capturing Pinterest worthy shots!
The right one is the stairs to Saine Daise, the main eatery.
One of EIO's signature and best selling menu here is their beautiful cookies that came in this luxurious tin packaging, and I brought one home thanks to the super nice owner! Their cookies is eatandtreats certified lol, it's not overly buttery and my favorite one has got to be their Rose Petal variant. I would totally get some if they make a single Rose Petal cookies can!
Now Saine Daise! Be hold, this is going to be a pretty long review. I had a BIG lunch and tried so many food for your reference in the future when visiting it.
Space wise, Saine Daise might not be exactly spacious, but I must admit that they are masters in knowing what they want and how the design turned out because they magically transformed the little space to this fancy and feminine looking dining area with this classy French bistro vibe, but not the kind of place where it's too feminine and cute that guys will be ashamed of, but anyway no matter how cute a place is, the girls decide the boys just follow so yeah! Gotta give credit to the interior designer because they must've worked with the right one!
Fresh flowers on the tables!
One of the most fascinating area of Saine Daise has got to be the al-fresco as well as where the vertical garden is situated! The vertical garden really gave this zen, green and clean vibe to me even when I was just hanging around taking pictures. I suggest sitting here if you care about how your pictures are going to turn out and the fact that the restaurant faces this green field making me feel like I was not in PIK (and I consider that important), I sat inside because I needed better air-conditioning.
The food menus here are mainly the fusion between Japanese and French cuisine. Price range for food starts at IDR 50k-200k, and drinks IDR 20k-120k.

Smores Milkshake - IDR 55k
I found this a little milky for my liking and it was not sweet, but I appreciate the fact that they told me earlier that most of the drinks here are intentionally made not to be very sweet.
Cuddles by The Beach - IDR 55k
I literally fucking love cuddles by the beach, and I love this in a different way (my palate does). This was the virgin version of Sangria, altogether very refreshing with the right sweetness and generous amount of muddled fruit.
Gin and Tonic (left - IDR 90k), Smoking Scotchman (right - IDR 90k)
The Gin and Tonic is the good old pleasure, something that you can casually have anytime without being overly strong for the day, the Smoking Scotchman on the other hand was indeed stronger in terms of body, the drink consist of barrel aged Negroni and smoked orange zest giving the bitterness and dominating smoky flavor and aroma. Do I like this? Yes, but this is the night drink for me, not so much for the day and G&T. The making process was something weirdly pleasant to look at and I have the photos at the end of this, just follow the flow ok.
Smoking Scotchman - IDR 90k
Mushroom Soup - IDR 55k
Some compare this to Amuz's very own mushroom soup, and being a regular at Amuz, I would say it's quite there yet. The mushroom soup consist of ZERO cream on the cooking process, 100% mushroom puree and house ingredient mix. What's fascinating about the soup was that they pair it with parma ham on top of bruschetta! The parma ham was cooked & seasoned perfectly and matching the mushroom soup beautifully! I could have the parma ham everyday. MUST TRY.
Side Dish: Sauteed Mushroom - IDR 45k
When it comes to mushroom, I am easy to impress. Give me a huge portion classic sauteed mushroom cooked with butter and I could munch that everyday, but if you try to be more "unique" I would not mind either. This was the bolder and more saucier (white wine sauce) kind of sauteed mushroom and I think they did a good job in delivering a tasty side dish.
Scallop, Kale and Butter - IDR 120k
Let's say this, if there was nobody around the room, I would had probably licked the whole plate off! This dish was that tasty for me. Kale is currently my favorite green at the moment, something about it that's just so versatile, but I love it best when it's deep fried tbh. The scallop was fat, juicy and pan-seared perfectly with golden brown coating, and the garlic butter sauce was a total bomb.
Pan Fried Garlic Baby Squid Salad - IDR 55k
This was a very simple dish executed nicely. There wasn't a lot of things going on the plate, but "quality" talks here. The squids were fresh and juicy, and glazed in simple garlic dressing.
Duck Confit - IDR 185k
Duck Confit is always on my top consideration list when I happen to dine at a French restaurant, and I personally love that they have this menu on the list. The duck was fat and chunky, and they cooked it perfectly that this was free of stink and meat that was tender. The duck was paired with perfectly imperfect mashed potato (I hate the super creamy one I had in Sofia), sweet carrot, kale tempura and house dressing. If you fancy duck, go for this.
Black Cod - IDR 195k 
Cod is not the cheapest protein, but when you know how to cook it properly, it's just freaking worth it. This was a success example of it. Hands down to my number one favorite dish on that day's lunch! The cod was cooked to perfection with smooth-silky meat, but it was the miso dressing that did all the talking. It was bold, strong and savory and as it might seemed that they didn't give the sauce generously but it was actually the perfect amount as that "little" can cover the whole elements on the plate.
Gyudon - IDR 118k // extra foie gras (IDR 98k), uni (IDR 70k)
When this was first served to my table, the strong truffle scent made me high af, I think of truffle as my morphin and I love to get high by it. In a brief glance, this might be the most appetizing looking gyudon that I've ever seen, especially after that extra uni and foie gras #die. Overall, I prefer the thinner slice of beef, but this was a dish with a lot of flavor, and oh, one thing about flavor, I found that they're really brave in delivering flavorful dish and that's a good point of theirs that they should keep up. Their food match my Indonesian tounge just spot on.

And talk about the foie gras and uni, they gave even creamier texture (after the help of the soft boiled egg), and the naturally delicious foie gras flavor is never a disappointment.
Ami Ebi Angel Hair - IDR 80k
This dish reminds me of Vue 46's signature truffle angel hair pasta, only theirs is served cold, smaller and "wetter", while this came in a bigger portion. Same as the Gyudon, when this first came, I could smell the strong truffle scent surrounding this. The idea was to tossed the al-dente pasta with everything on the plate together and have it right away. The generous amount of ebi gave this dish a little texture, and you got this natural salty flavor from the caviar. Overall I found the flavor quite light for this particular dish, but this is my kind of pasta!
Live Blue Swimmer Crab with House Made Black Ink Pasta - IDR 150k
Flavor wise, this was bolder comparing to Ami Ebi Angel Hair, but taste is about preference and I like the simple angel hair better. Not that this is bad (trust me not at all), again the angel hair and its seasoning is my kind of pasta. This pasta came with homemade al-dente pasta (I really like the firmness of it) with generous crab topping, crumbs and other ingredients. I could sense mainly garlic seasoning and truffle oil glaze (but the angel hair one was stronger).
Now the desserts here are presented by EIO patisserie which by the way is owned by the same owner of Saine Daise. The patisserie is located at the first level of the building (actually the main entrance). They are currently developing the range of cakes and I heard they're having orange cheesecake very soon and as you're reading this they will be released NEXT WEEK! OK now for the desserts that I had that day.

Yuzu Cremeux with Almond Sable - IDR 55k
This is one of the best cakes here and A MUST ORDER! The texture was soft and silky at the same time and overall packed with this nice combination of sweet, sour and citrusy! You just can't miss this.
Valrhona Chocolate Mousse - IDR 55k
You know when it appears on your timeline too much that you are more and more eager to try this! This was one of the most posted Saine Daise or EIO) creations that I saw flocking my Instagram after the Ami Ebi Angel Hair. Mousse is probably my favorite kind of cake base and they successfully made a charming and perfect creamy chocolate mousse creation glazed in this semi-mirror cake appearance and topped with whipped vanilla bean cream and topped with gold. Flavor wise? The chocolate flavor was absolutely there and altogether being perfectly sweet. Yes it's really good and delicious for my liking, but yet again you just can't fail a chocolate dessert (unless you're dumb af) and chocolate desserts like this is a little "been there done that" as I have had mousse desserts like this in the past with almost the same presentation (and don't get me wrong, not that this is bad or what, but again this is a chocolate dessert that's getting a little common), and I notice that for this particular dessert, the presentation was lacking that chocolate splatter, the ones I saw online was more extravagant :p (I just realized this when I re-looked at their tagged Instagram pictures).
Now to my favorite cake in EIO! I don't usually find a coconut nor my first instinct prefer that to the safe chocolate cake, but let me tell you darling, this coconut mousse cake was EVERYTHING! It was rich in coconut flavor and the passionfruit layer on top was the perfect match to the coconut mousse. I didn't get what the chocolate pocky is doing there because I would leave the cake alone and left happy! This is my top dessert recommendation to try here!
You know I am not big with cheese and it's just something that I don't actually look for often in a restaurant, but I must admit this one was delicious. Their cheesecake was this cotton cheesecake type like Dore or Chizukek, and it was just spot on to my liking: it's not overly cheesy and milky, it was actually this nice sweet and salty flavor in a cake.
THEIR DESSERTS SUPPOSE TO BE A SWEET CLOSURE TO YOUR DINING EXPERIENCE HERE. You are honestly missing a lot if you leave without sampling their desserts! I think they honestly make one of the best desserts in town at the moment!!!
Now to the one I promised you guys! The making of their signature Smoking Scotchman!
They have this smoke machine that burnt all the orange zest and turned the aroma and texture to smoke!
Smoke porn! The smoke then given to the drink mix (barrel aged Negroni)
I give my opinions on most restaurants on this blog on my first visit, because I think first impressions are important. People can value me whatever they want on the first visit and I give the least care about it, and the same thing happen to restaurants here, you can care just be completely careless about what I say on my blog because that's my opinion, that's my right and people have the right to want to read or hear or neither of them. So my first impression towards Saine Daise has been nothing but positive, and I was so glad to acknowledge the fact that Pantai Indah Kapuk is now having more and more "PROPER" place to called a restaurant where they serve freaking good foo and not just some bullshit attention seeking nonsense. I have a good feeling that Saine Daise will do good, and you my friends need to start visiting restaurants like this. GOOD LUCK EIO and Saine Daise.

PS: THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTORIAL in case you wonder because I rave so much about it.

Saine Daise
Jalan Mandara Permai VII Blok 6 KA (beside Legend of Noodle)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara 14470
021 - 3005 1662
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu: 11 AM-11 PM
Fri-Sat: 11 AM-2 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: casual


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