Hello guys, quick update here! I am just so damn happy to be back at one of my favorite cities on earth: HONG KONG! Here I am writing this blog post from my beautiful room in Shangri-La Kowloon (I highly recommend you guys to stay here, not the biggest Shangri-La I've known but neither does most hotel in Hong Kong), the room however was not a disappointment! It was bigger than I thought it would be. More pictures of the room coming on the next post or the full review of the hotel, but if you follow me on Snapchat, I have kinda toured you around earlier today!

In this post I am just going to show you some pictures from the first day of this trip! Heavy metal cafe hopping is coming tomorrow! Most of the pictures here are taken with my pocket camera and my phone, I haven't slept even for a second last night and that's how I am with early flights (a bit paranoid must admit) and I am not so much in the mood to take tons of pictures today, I hope you enjoy the pictures and please let me know if you have more recommendations on what to do or eat or whatever fun things here in Hong Kong.

PS: I am so very thankful for the huge amount of recommendations given to me mostly from Snapchat and email, I feel obese just by looking at them (and I think I will gain several kgs back but who gives a fudge *wink*).

Flew Cathay Pacific this morning, nope this is not in any form a sponsored trip, my buddy Jack won this contest held by Cathay Pacific, and together with Inijie and his fiance Ivanna we tag along on this trip to accompany Jack and definitely to have a lot of freaking fun!!! I love travelling with them, they just have this big ass appetite that nobody can handle (especially Jack)
Arrived on the T2 and went straight to buy Octopus card and TOTO to purchase CSL tourist sim card ("3" is cheaper, but I recommend this provider: fast 4G internet and 5 GB for 8 days, that should be enough), the card cost HKD 118 which I think is quiet cheap for 8 days of usage.
I did not eat on the flight as I was very tired and lost my appetite, but as soon as we landed, I couldn't hold my hunger and went to have a glass of milk tea here at this store below. The milk tea was everything that I like: perfectly creamy with proper sweetness without being overly milky!
Design on point! There was this Bruce Lee exhibition happening at this area, didn't manage to get good shots as it has to be seen in a certain way and people were constantly packing this area and taking pictures here, but again, it's on my Snapchat :).
Shangri-La is located at the Kowloon area, so we took the Airport Express to reach the hotel (HKD 60), FYI the hotel is literally like a stone away from the MTR station!
Hong Kong train is clean, just like Singapore!
MTR station
Shangri-La Kowloon chandelier, so ATAS looking.
First and highly satisfying dinner on the first day: BUTAO RAMEN which is A MUST VISIT for everyone's reading this right now. You should put that on your list or you're missing way too much!
Central night situation
A Starbucks store is located literally across our hotel and apparently they have this new delicious Mango drink! I am posting this on my Instagram soon.
That pretty much concludes the first day of my trip. Trying my best to update regularly, at least Sneak peak! Thank you for reading now off to bed zzzzzzzzz



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