Gastromaquia came to Jakarta all thanks to its owner, who is an avid fan of Spanish food, and whenever he travelled to Spain, Gastromaquia Madrid has always been the owner’s must “embark” restaurant! There must be a special personal interest and potential of this restaurant growing well in Jakarta, and that’s why after constantly meeting the chefs (Hugo Ecolios Roldan & Ramon Figuls Palos) and the owners there, just a few months ago, finally the restaurant – which is currently in the top 50 best restaurants in Madrid - opened its door for their excited Jakarta customers.


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Gastromaquia came to Jakarta all thanks to its owner, who is an avid fan of Spanish food, and whenever he travelled to Spain, Gastromaquia...
HELLO GUYS!!! Sorry that I haven’t been active lately, all because my laptop suddenly broke down and wouldn’t turn on (I mean technically), I brought my laptop for service right away and the mechanic said that it’s all because of the IPC something so it needs to be in the service station for more than a week! Seriously, without my laptop I feel like certain parts of my life and work is tearing apart, and I am left with so many to-be-finished deadlines I probably won’t be very active on the social medias for a few days. I’ve been sitting here in a coffee shop for around 7 hours and feel extremely bored so I decided to write a blog post.


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HELLO GUYS!!! Sorry that I haven’t been active lately, all because my laptop suddenly broke down and wouldn’t turn on (I mean technically)...
Welcoming Holy Smokes to the jungle!

Attended the press launching event earlier today and can’t help but blogging it to you right now. Why? Because they’re opening for public TOMORROW (11/07/2015), and SUNDAY (12/07/2015) before they're closing and re-opening back at the end of July (after Idul Fitri).
I became one of the tasting panels for this particular brand that will be launched on July 15th 2015 and I got it covered just for you, and in no way this is an advertorial and I am telling you all the most honest thing that I’ve experienced, because in certain way, as the tasting panel, you also pay attention and judge without being bias and judgemental.
Hello my dearly beloved readers! How is your fasting doing? If you follow my Instagram, I’ve been giving recommendations to you guys on where to go to “ngabuburit” or to break your fasting, and along with series of restaurants that is in Jakarta, one particular restaurant remains close with the heart, the good old Bakmi GM!
Mad For Garlic might not be a new player in the game, but after 4 years since it was first introduced to the Jakarta public, it is still going strong as one of the most sought after Italian restaurants in Jakarta.

I have this mixed feelings of happy, extremely grateful, unbelieving and I can’t help not bragging about this, well I don’t think anyone can when they realize they’re being featured on a BIG publication like Harper’s Bazaar, and cherry on top, on their anniversary issue! WOOHOO!

I am being featured as one of the most inspiring social media influencers/social media darlings alongside Andra Alodita, Ayla Dimitri, Dian Sastrowardoyo and Marischka Prudence, and here I am sharing you the scans of the magazines, and an article about dining recommendations, sharing you my favorite restaurants in Jakarta, best coffee shops, and best dessert places!

This feeling when you’re just so happy you read the feature again and again, and even start analyzing your face in the picture, OMG why am I being so honest when I should probably act ATAS at the moment, nah joking!!! What I really want to let you know is to NEVER change who you are, stick with your writing style, take better pictures and out of nowhere, life will decide that “it’s your turn”, and not to mention, you’ll still gain a following.  Who am I to say this, but I just highly believe in it because it happened to me J.

Thank you Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia and especially to Mrs. Ria Lirungan, the editor in chief of the magazine for believing in me, and also thanks Stella, Michelle, Arimbi and all the amazing Bazaar team <3

I had a lunch at this newly opened restaurant located in Grand Indonesia just last week with my good friend/the person I’ve considered my sister, Ivy, bet you already know her from her popular food blog (Ivy’s Life) as she is my go-to blog whenever I need a good read and good recommendations on where to eat and hangout. If you haven't you should check out her blog.
Got myself the newly released XT-10! I’ve always wanted a Fuji camera and finally bought this at their grand launching at Pullman Hotel just a few days ago, they were having this one-day promotion that anyone shouldn't miss: FREE 35mm 1.4 Fujinon lens. Damnit I must get one!

Fujifilm XT-10 is available in two colors: black, and silver, initially wanted the black one as it looked very expensive and classy, was afraid that the silver one’s going to look plasticky, but it wasn’t, plus the silver one looked better in pictures, ait?

Planning to write an entry about the overall camera review, but gotta wait until I got inspired and diligent ;p. So far I am still learning and exploring this camera, well, my impression throughout this camera has been good, I’m just very used to shooting with Sony and Nikon, but I am gonna rock it!

The current retail price for the body only is IDR 12 mil, IDR 13,2 mil (16-50 mm kit), and IDR 16 mil (18-55 mm kit).

For more information about this camera, visit their official website.


*photo taken with Nikon D600