I had a lunch at this newly opened restaurant located in Grand Indonesia just last week with my good friend/the person I’ve considered my sister, Ivy, bet you already know her from her popular food blog (Ivy’s Life) as she is my go-to blog whenever I need a good read and good recommendations on where to eat and hangout. If you haven't you should check out her blog.

Olivier is just another venture from the same group which also manage restaurants such as Rustique, Garcon, Immigrant, Monolog and De Luca. The restaurant looked pretty from the outside with visible pastry display, but I initially expected the restaurant’s to look either like Nomz or Benedict, but I wasn't expecting that the restaurant would be that spacious and dominated with the semi-outdoor section, and boy it was very very very PRETTYYYYY! I found it awesome that it had good natural daylight and dedicated as non-smoking area (woohoo). The whole interior was beautifully designed, the bar and indoor area had dim lighting and mix of 1900 retro and sophisticated feeling to it, while the outdoor area had this earthy touch with beautiful couches and a lot of greens, for some reasons, I instantly think that it would be a good place for you OOTD enthusiasts to snap your outfit pictures at.

Since their concept is European restaurant, Olivier’s menus are dominated with European cuisine, but some menus had this fusion touch to it in the most unique and creative way, but still very delicious. Generally the range was pretty good, and we tried some of their recommended menus such as the ones below. While waiting for our meals to be delivered, they granted us with the complimentary housemade sourdough bread and it was awesome! Normally wouldn’t really praise complimentary breads but theirs was serious made: fluffy, fragrant and moist.

Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche, Truffle Oil on Salt & Pepper Short Bread
IDR 80k
Kicked off our lunch with this pretty looking starter and it was YUM! The salt and pepper shortbread had this crispy biscuit like texture. Wasn’t exactly a big fan of their cream because it was cheesy and kinda milky, but the smoked salmon was fresh and cooked perfectly! To top it all, the generous truffle oil dressing.

Talking about truffle oil, I wonder if anybody reading this dislike truffle oil, well people have their own opinions, but seriously how can you hate such beautiful invention!!! Some of my friends told me it smelt like “jigong” which I couldn’t understand LOL.
Hainan Style Risotto
IDR 125k
We were sold when we first saw that they had this menu, I mean, Hainan Style Risotto, where in the world Jakarta can you find this often? Well, that means a good reason to try. I initially thought the food was going to be weird and had this flavor funky, but it was indeed funky in the best of way, and turned out, surprisingly GOOD. The consistency of the risotto rice was good with proper firmness and the Hainan seasoning matched the overall concept and was quite fragrant too. The roasted chicken and asparagus which came with the risotto were cooked beautifully, the chicken was tender and had this semi-crispy coating. Overall, it turned out to be a pretty classy meal with genius execution.
Pork Chop with Apple Sauce, Beans and Mashed Potato
IDR 310k
In a positive way, you can judge a book by its cover, as appetizing as it looks, this thick cut pork chop was actually good, it was so beautifully cooked it’s glazed and covered with glossy juice layer, the meat was tender without being dry (sign it’s cooked on the right temperature) and the apple sauce was a good pair to the protein. I noticed the apple sauce had this chocolaty flavor  and sweet without overpowering my palate and the natural savory flavor of the meat. I was impressed by the look of the mashed potato as it had no lump and indeed had this smooth texture, but just slightly buttery for my liking.

My lunch was great, but the talk certainly outshined the food (nah kidding), I just had a good company to share my meal and my thoughts with (thanks Ivy!).

Grand Indonesia West Mall GF (beside Mad For Garlic)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 500k
Dresscode: sporty casual



Map for Grand Indonesia

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