Welcoming Holy Smokes to the jungle!

Attended the press launching event earlier today and can’t help but blogging it to you right now. Why? Because they’re opening for public TOMORROW (11/07/2015), and SUNDAY (12/07/2015) before they're closing and re-opening back at the end of July (after Idul Fitri).

Holy Smokes is another venture by the Ersons group and it’s the sibling of the older venture, The Holy Crab, no doubt the mastermind behind the monsters has got to be Chef Albert Wijaya. This guy is amazing, he’s a person with decent personality, amazing sense for food and good at mixing fun with business. I have good expectation towards Holy Smokes to be honest.
Both Holy Smokes and The Holy Crab are located in Senopati area, while THC is located in Gunawarman street, Holy Smokes located in Wolter Monginsidi exactly beside KFC. I like the simplicity of the interior design, mixed with something country with a lot of woof, industrial but still pretty much neat.

If you’re not really aware about “smoking” technique, and believe me I am not referring to the one where cigarette is involved, the cooking technique consist of flavoring and preserving food by – short to say – burning, the material that’s mostly used for burning is definitely wood and lumbers of wood! For the proteins, they have Smoky Beef Brisket, Texas Short Ribs, Southern Style Beef Ribs, BBQ Chicken and Pulled Brisket Sandwich, if you don’t want to stuck with one option, guess what? They have the combo menu featuring Chicken & Brisket combo, Brisket & Ribs combo, and Chicken & Ribs combo. To accompany your beautifully cooked meat, they also have extensive side menus, such as: baked beans, coleslaw, green salad, corn, homecut fries, potato salad, mac & cheese, onion straws, BBQ chicken salad and rice. The hot tea and soft drinks are refillable, but not meant for sharing. Details of their menu can be seen on this photo:

They apply easy self-service ordering method, basically after you’re done with the ordering, you’re gonna be given this (somewhat like) pager, and when this gadget rings and the lights starts to blink, it means your order is ready.
Here are the food showcased on the event, just how the food’s going to look like when it’s served to you. I got the chance to sample everything on the platter sample (except the short ribs which I was pretty much sad of), but I will definitely return for the good looking short ribs!

BBQ Chicken – IDR 150k (whole size with two sides)
Texas Short Ribs – IDR 278k (with two sides)

Smokey Beef Brisket – IDR 142k (three slices with two sides)

Southern Style Beef Ribs – IDR 263k (with two sides)
The baked beans was altogether good in both flavor and texture, the fries was not my favorite (kind of soggy), the beef brisket was AMAZING and I got the cut with more fat and the fat was obviously THE BOMB, even more when it’s combined with their BBQ sauce, the pulled brisket sandwich was nice and I love the texture of the fluffy bread and the lightly seasoned brisket, the chicken was supposed to be good but sadly was slightly undercooked, and the mac & cheese was just okay.
 A little smoking and meat showcase by Chef Albert Wijaya himself, with him, premium wagyu beef and I mean, look at that salivating piece of heaven!
MY GOODNESS! Low and slow cooked meat!
I think some people need to be educated more about the smoking technique, because I do receive some comments given on my IG by judgemental people that I found quite displeasing and disappointing, the coating was indeed from the smoking process, but that could be totally harmless when you know how to eat it correctly, instead of saying things that sounds nonsense, I found that pretty annoying.
I sincerely hope that Holy Smokes would do good, the thing that I love about their meat is the freshness and the good quality of the meat already spoke for themselves, even without all that over-seasoning and BBQ sauce glaze, the seasoning was very light but you can tell that the flavor actually came from the meat, and that’s supposed to be the main idea of smoked food, well that in my opinion. BEST OF LUCK!
Holy Smokes - Slow Smoked BBQ
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 27
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12180
021 - 722 1795
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 700k
Price Range: IDR 88k - IDR 278k
Dresscode: casual

Map for Holy Smokes

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