Lately I've found myself liking to write daily short stories to share you guys in this blog and I found that a bit more personal & different compared to the common restaurant reviews, anyway today I met up with my college friends: Nanda and Qaedi whom I have not met literally for years and today we went to the last day of Ngopi di Museum event at Museum Bank Mandiri Kota Tua to check out the event and some of the stuff there!
Before I start this mini-article I want to thank Hadi from Manual Jakarta for inviting me to The Morning After brunch earlier today at Common Grounds Neo Soho.
First knew about this when Andra Alodita tagged me on her Instagram Stories saying this coffee was crazy good and I've been wanting to try this ever since, but unfortunately (but fortunately) constantly being sold out at random hours every day (read: good business), and FINALLY just earlier today I got the chance to try this and weirdly excited about it!
This blog post is seriously HIGHLY requested and when I say highly requested literally every single day after I posted my purchase on my Instagram Stories at least 2-3 people ask me for the review and guess what? You're now looking at the review aka first impressions of the products that I have been trying from Innisfree Indonesia!
If people ask me what's the 'it' weapon to become a good food blogger, well aside from being able to write and take good food pictures, your palate is everything, after all one's review will always be based on what the palate tasted and then you write a story about it, that's why it's very-very important to take good care of it! (FYI your palate = your mouth and its main features: tongue, gum, teeth)
Had a satisfying lunch at Padang Merdeka last week and realizing I was in the Kota Tua area and since I have been hearing buzz about this pretty little coffee shop called Semasa, so why not have a cup of coffee after a "brutal" Padang feast? Yay!
The arrival of this restaurant should be a bliss as well as warning to its peers, in just the count of days, precisely next week April 23rd 2017, A new Korean steakhouse: AB Steak by Chef Akira Back is ready to MEAT you and make sure all the GRILLS gone wild! Pun intended.
A few days ago a very good friend of mine asked me to go out & had a dinner with her at this place which I totally had no idea being new, she kept on referring to this restaurant called Bijin Nabe in Plaza Senayan which weird enough I've never heard of (normally new places always get around my radar) so there we were setting our dinner date, I knew this restaurant was new literally upon arrival and looking at fresh flower bouquets placed outside the store and my friend told me that this Bijin Nabe restaurant is highly popular in Singapore and if you don't make any reservation you might need to queue 2 hours just to get in (and with the possibility that they'll run out of certain broth).
Recently PHD Indonesia just launched their latest addition to its evergrowing and impressive series of pizza creations, and this time they keep it lowkey awesome by keeping what they've known best: their bites crust but this time they're doubling everything hence the DOUBLE CHEESY BITES and in this entry I am also introducing you their latest pizza variant, Pepperoni Jalapeno and their bottled drinks which I paired the double cheesy bites with.
Sweet, creamy and simple. No preservatives used.
Pepperoni Jalapeno Pizza - starting from IDR 78k, available in Regular and Jumbo size // IDR 98k with the Double Cheesy Bites crust
PHD is known for consistently making great pizza and their pizzas have always been my kind of simple guilty pleasure that I can much anytime: breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper you name it, and the more I can share them with more people, the more the experience excites me, and for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, particularly the PHD blog posts, y'all know that PHD signature style pizza is this thin crusted pizza with generous sauce dressings and toppings, just how a good pizza should be, their Meat Lovers has remained my all time favorite because it has everything that I liked as pizza condiments (beef ham, beef sausage, minced beef and more) but this Pepperoni Jalapeno is my new current favorite! I just love something simple with an extra 'kick' and altogether tasty. The tomato sauce spread gave this refreshing flavor and then you got the generous cheese and meat topping, and the kick of spicy flavor from the Jalapeno and the Nachos dipping sauce!

You are more than welcomed to pair this Pepperoni Jalapeno pizza with your favorite crust (original, stuffed, sausage and the currently launched double cheesy bites crust), you can also pair the double cheesy bites crust with your favorite pizza variant but do note that for this particular crust, the serving only comes in regular size (6 slices).
So what's so special about the double cheesy bites? The fact that you are getting the cheese and chicken sausage on each bites! Double the calorie but who cares when it's double the yum! It's awesome that you can get this delivered to you with just one call away, you know the drill you know the number: 1500-600!

The highly anticipated Uncle Tetsu Shop from Fukuoka, Japan is finally here! Following their success in Malaysia (and after 8 outlets spread around the country), Jakarta is next! The grand opening of this famous cheesecake brand is going to be held this April 8th 2017 and I was very fortunate to be invited for an exclusive preview today and keep reading as they have special treat for everyone (but if you follow me on Instagram I think you should have known about it LOL!).
Hi guys, this will be an entry about my well spent weekend yesterday and I spent the whole day doing cafe hopping with my good friends from Surabaya (hi Jack and Zef) - and because I was on my lazy mode yesterday (and the fact that it rained very hard and there was barely light to shoot) I didn't go around to take a lot of pictures of each places, and just some proper food and beverage shots, but the ones that I went yesterday were the newly opened places that could be visited if you're looking for hot new places to hangout!
This will be a short review of the newly opened cafe that I visited earlier today: Hardware Lane. Few reasons why this review will be shorter than my usuals: had very little time to hang around here (because I had another appointment) and it was crazy packed hence found myself becoming a little shy to go around and take pics (but yep I do).