Lately I've found myself liking to write daily short stories to share you guys in this blog and I found that a bit more personal & different compared to the common restaurant reviews, anyway today I met up with my college friends: Nanda and Qaedi whom I have not met literally for years and today we went to the last day of Ngopi di Museum event at Museum Bank Mandiri Kota Tua to check out the event and some of the stuff there!

Getting here was seriously easy, and because I live not too far from Kota Tua it literally only cost me less than 10 minutes to arrive, and if you make your way from Sudirman Street, keep it straight to Kota Tua and I believe you'll easily find the museum.
The event has been running for two days and in that short period of time, it manages to feature a lot of coffee houses/roastery/ice cream along various F&B vendors, latte art competitions, cupping sessions and more. There's no ticket nor entrance fee required to come to this event so everyone's more than welcome to come for free! I noticed a lot of my favorites such as Kopi Kina, Ottoman's, Rubiaceae, Coffee Smith and more! I didn't really try everything one by one because people were packing the event and the hallway where the coffee booths were mainly located was a bit narrow for people to go back and forth so not many could really pack certain coffee stand to be honest, and not to mention it was humid.
Because this event was sponsored by Mandiri Bank, the payment for every purchase/transaction here should be done with Mandiri E-Money (and not sure about other Mandiri related stuff). I personally am not a Mandiri user but my friend is so I kinda borrow his money and changed him with cash afterwards. To be completely frank, if you're planning to buy anything/coffee beans/products, I notice most of the booths provide free samples of their products.
It has been a very laid back Sunday and I wasn't being very ambitious with all the browsing and stuff because what really matter was meeting my friends today and the good talk. Thank you Nanda for the picture on the left :p
To the irony of the event: Thai Tea, but this wasn't my favorite tho.
Dutch "Cold Brew" Coffee from Coffee Kulture
I saw they have some food stands selling Cumi Matah, Soto and this Tahu Gejrot!
After spending around two hours at the event, we went to have late lunch at Padang Merdeka which was located just nearby (just a short 5-minute walk) and as expected, left feeling VERY FULL! Anyway their Ayam Pop was seriously so good (only IDR 19k) and you guys have to try (I haven't written the blog post of my frist visit there two weeks ago sowry a bit lazy)

Even though as a freelancer everyday kinda feels like Sunday (meaning I can work anytime and doesn't need to stick to the office hours) but I have been loving these two 'back to back' long weekends! Another holiday tomorrow where should I go? Hmm.


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