After a quick lunch at UNION earlier today I went to Wolter Monginsidi to meet my friend at this newly opened coffee shop/mini workspace: Wolterhouse that's located precisely in the same building as Kambing Cairo Wolter Monginsidi only they occupy the third floor, somehow I kinda like the fact that Wolterhouse is located in the building because if you're really planning to work on your stuff here and ever feel hungry later, you can just go downstairs to have the delicious Kambing Cairo/Jjang for Korean food.
Spent a good three hours here while waiting for more friends to come, also because Jakarta was raining very hard this evening, but let me tell you wholeheartedly that I am really loving the vibe of this place! It's actually rather petite and very simply designed, but it's very homey & comfy and I can seriously picture myself coming here often to just sit alone for hours and work on my stuff, they don't serve food here but they do serve coffee, and a rather serious one! Being the mini workspace that they are if you happen to have a group meeting they have a small private room for ten. Must highlight the fact that I am loving the simple details like the cool air-conditioning and the fact that they have a no-smoking policy in the venue but smoking guests can do it outside, so if you felt the outside's a bit more humid and smelly, that's really because of the smoke but once you're in you should be fine.
Simonelli espresso machine!
They currently (and most likely only) serve black coffee & white coffee like Espresso, Long Black, Cappuccino, Piccolo and non coffee drinks like hot/iced chocolate and mineral water with price ranging from IDR 10k-36k, and for the food they currently only serve cakes and pasta like Carrot Cake, Nutella Doughnut and Garlic Chicken Rigatoni with price ranging from IDR 20k-35k. Very affordable! As for the coffee, their signature menu is their Es Kopi Manatahan (IDR 25k) and it's their own version of the es kopi susu (classic iced coffee) but very different from TUKU style, almost like an iced cap only in a sense richer, thicker & creamier.

Their Nutella Doughnut (IDR 25k) is the best selling item here and can be sold out even before the midday approaches, my friends & I were lucky that we had some for all of us! The donut was this classic Kampong sugar-coated donut kind with generous Nutella filling, I notice that a lot of you compare this to UNION's but they were different, UNION's style was way more fluffier, larger and I can't deny that it's also very delicious, while Wolterhouse's version's a bit more classic but yet still delicious and I appreciate the generous Nutella filling!
Nutella Doughnut - IDR 25k
Absolutely in love with the space, and I am actually excited to go back and bond with the small venue, the air-conditioning, the lingering smell of coffee and just the overall ambiance. PS THEY OPEN VERY EARLY DAILY so if you're feeling like having simple donuts and coffee in the morning, come come!


Jalan Wolter Monginsidi No. 39 - 3rd floor
(same location as Kambing Cairo)
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12190
Opening hours: 7 AM-9 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k


Map for Wolterhouse

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