Today is a very happy day because coincidentally I met the cutest baby whom I have been wanting to meet for a long time: DIA SEKALA BUMI!!! I know right what a name!!!

So earlier today I was invited by my dear friend, Dery to come to the private viewing of Barli Asmara's Runthing collection in collaboration with my favorite skincare product: Sulwhasoo but Jakarta's traffic was pure ass (as usual) so I arrived at Writer's Bar Raffles Hotel literally in the midst of the running fashion show and upon entrance I saw Sekala was being held by his dad and my heart went warm, I don't know this weird feeling like when you see this very cute baby and you went "aww" and flowers starts coming out of your chest (well not literally) and that's exactly what I felt earlier today when I saw him!

Sekala has always been an interesting topic among my circle and we just couldn't stand the moment when he's just being quiet with that uber big charming bug eyes. I NEVER skip their vlogs and I am one of their channel's team notification and I'm always excited to see Sekala's actions on the videos like when he pooped and he'll make this funny straining face OMG I can't!!! Lately when I wake up in the morning aside from Lambe Turah (which by the way has been missing for several days now), I always go to Ayudia's and Ditto's page just to see whether they uploaded Sekala related posts or Instagram Stories!!!

For more dose of Sekala's cuteness you can subscribe to their channel, find: "teman tapi menikah"

I might sound like a freaking psycho-pedophile shit but I am honestly A BIG BIG BIG Sekala fan in all seriousness! I don't know, something about his presence that's really the 'buah hati' and 'good luck charm' of his parents, it's like he is this beautiful blend of Ayudia's and Ditto's DNA and he's the exact mini version of them! Ok back to when I saw him around the entrance of Writer's Bar, I literally just put my bag on the couch, grab my camera, approached Ditto and ask him for some pictures of Sekala. Ditto was seriously being the nicest and actually offered whether we wanted to hold Sekala! OF COURSE WE DID!

BTW this is the limited edition cushion that's being launched by Sulwhasoo for their anniversary! The packaging was dope.
Ditto Percussion and Dia Sekala Bumi. EYES WOOT (O.O)
He looks a lot like his mom here!!!
Why so cute I can't :"""""""""(
The event was actually a tea time AND private viewing! Loving this fancy cage presentation and I wanted to capture the whole presence but the second and third tier were already messy :(, I'll definitely go back to have tea time here and the venue was bright with this posh vibe that I like.
The "inner-circle" #love. Thank you Dery for inviting us!
...and no pictures from the collection I know right what a bitch that should be the main highlight of the event but whatever HAHA I was so lateeeeee!

As I am typing this post I keep on scrolling above just to see Sekala! We were really lucky today and as I am looking at Sekala, I do hope God bless, protect and shower all kids in the world with love.

...and to everyone who's struggling to have a baby, I will pray for you tonight I promise.


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