I have known about Roti Eneng since its early days in Pasar Santa and last week I went to their little cafe in Gandaria Tengah (Ganteng) and special thanks to my best friends Nadia and Fina for letting me know about this! I am used to ordering their breads via Gojek but now that they have an outlet, it's good to know that there's a new hangout place around the South and sometimes I just can't be more excited about the existence of humble cafes where you don't need to spend much to have fun and good food.

This particular outlet is basically a house transformed (or more like functioned) as a cafe and I am not sure if it's the owner's house or what so I can't confirm that. The ambiance does have this homey vibe that's simple with warm lighting at night, while there's not much seating capacity inside the cafe, I was pretty fond of the overall look and ambiance, nothing complicated just simple and proper. The cafe operates from 8 AM-8 PM daily and being the 'bread' specialist that they are (and THEY DO MAKE THEIR OWN BREADS) expect to find various bread creations (toasts) on the menu along with comfort food like pastas and coffee to pair.

They have selections of sweet and savory toasts with affordable price tag, mostly around IDR 20k and nothing more expensive than IDR 40k, including their best selling Es Kopi Bersahaja (IDR 20k) to pair the food here.
Es Kopi Bersahaja - IDR 20k
Sometimes you can't help comparing every kopi susu with Tuku's, while this is nothing close to Tuku's flavor character and more like 'warung' style iced coffee, this one's unique in their own way. Here you can also find their other best selling menus like Ice Chocolate Sea Salt, Marie Regal Shake, Apple Cinnamon or Es Kopi Moka Bersahaja.
"Jangan terlalu sibuk mencari yang membuatmu sempurna bila yang bersahaja sudah dapat membuatmu bahagia"
Salted Egg Spaghetti
Clearly not bad for a dish this affordable, wet while still being creamy and tasty. Pasta was cooked beautifully al-dente too.
Crunchy Hazelnut Toast
First, general review about their bread: I AM DIGGIN THE TEXTURE! It's thick, moist yet fluffy and altogether very fresh, certainly the very good kind of bread for toasts!
They did give a pretty generous amount of chocolate spread, but I expected a more hazelnut-ty flavor like Nutella or you know that hazelnut flavor, but the spread was indeed crunchy.
Bolognaise Mozarella
This was hands down CRAZY GOOD! Again, you can't help to think of how affordable the toasts here and for the amount of condiments that you're getting in the toast, surely worth it! The bolognaise sauce (or whatever meaty and savory) should work well with the generous Mozarella cheese, something about this that's nicely seasoned, a guilty pleasure you may call but whatever, it IS delicious!
Chicken Mozarella 
This was my friend's order that I didn't try, but according to my friend it was pretty good with (again) generous topping and cheese as you can see from the oozin' toppings!
My regular GoFood order is usually their Earl Grey Cream Cheese Toast or Cream Cheese Chocolate, I found the cream cheese to not overpower my palate and blends well with the sweet condiments and together become a good match, another bestselling of theirs that's worth trying!

You know the drill with humble cafes, you're here to have fun and have good tasty meals/guilty pleasures whatever you want to call it, but not the best food you can find in your life so I really suggest you guys set your fine dining standard away, even fine dining restaurants can be disappointing at times. Whatever I write here is entirely my opinion (as everyone's entitled to) that's based on my experience!

Roti Eneng
Jalan Gandaria Tengah IV No. 19
Kramat Pela, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12130
021 - 725 1746
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: none


Map for Roti Eneng

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