Since 2017 started I haven't revisited two of my favorite boulangeries/patisseries: UNION and BEAU, well I've been to UNION DELI several times this year but I haven't paid another visit to their Plaza Senayan for months, and it's unacceptable because I remember I used to go here at least literally three times week and I don't know why I haven't done it for a while, but most likely because of works (I think), if you ask me to name one restaurant that is really close to the heart, one that I don't mind coming again and again and in a way special: UNION Plaza Senayan it is!

UNION, Plaza Senayan
I remember vividly UNION was really the one that started all these fancy hangout places trend, fast forward years later and after several outlets spread in Jakarta, UNION Plaza Senayan is still one of the most successful restaurants in Jakarta to date with waiting list almost every single day, to be completely frank, UNION's food is good but not out of the world good, but it was really the cakes, the ambiance and the place that really stood out. I constantly like to think of myself being in a fancy New York restaurant with front facing park view everytime I am here. To create an ambiance this strong is not abc easy, your restaurant can be pretty, but there has to be the soul too!

Another restaurant/cafe/hangout place that is currently on the top of my list is BEAU, I have been an avid fan of their breads & pastries for some time now and just last year they opened their latest BEAU branch in Senopati area that they like to call BEAU HQ. When I went there the first time the plants were just started growing and it's almost like this beautiful foresty cafe on my last visit a few days ago! Personally for me, BEAU HQ is certainly among the prettiest spots in Jakarta to date!

Beau HQ Senopati
UNION recently launched their new menus and I sampled some that I am going to talk about here. Since me and my sister work together we often have brosis q-time, that day we decided to meet up in Plaza Senayan after each of us finished our meetings, we were craving for some good cakes and good food so UNION it is!
Salted Egg Pasta
This pasta had this creamy texture along with the mild salted egg flavor that I like, but I think it was the defaultly spicy serving that I found most interesting, I never really had spicy salted egg pasta before and this one was unique, refreshing but if you're looking for intense and bold salted egg flavor then this might not fit your palate best.
Angus Beef Steak Sandwich
Now that I briefly look back, I am rarely disappointed by beef sandwich dishes and this one worked just fine simply for all the right elements: generous beef slices, cheese, soft-moist bread and overall good seasoning.
Wok Fried Beef Kway Teow (available from 11 AM-4 PM)
I don't know if it's because of my Asian tongue or what but this was hands down my favorite menu here, I know I know, you probably don't expect me to name fried kway teow as my favorite menu here nor it's very "UNION" but trust me this one is good! The Kway Teow (wtf so hard to type aka kwetiau) was pretty generous and you can even share this with a friend, very aromatic, indeed had that wok-hei aroma and smokey flavor that I like, again the beef was beautiful, overall not THAT richly seasoned but somehow I just like it!
Coffee Crumble Cake
Everytime I hear UNION is releasing new cakes I'm like BITCH BRING IT ON! This time they came with their new Coffee Crumble Cake that came with honeycomb, the cake is sponge cake (the classic that they're best at) and coffee cream layered in between and on the coating. I expected the coffee flavor to be richer because I found it a bit lacking in this cake BUT I like the fact that this cake is not sweet, and when I say not sweet I mean very mild sweetness. As for the coffee cream, I'm not sure whether they included cream cheese to the cream but I sensed a bit.
Still as pretty as ever, also industrial and white just how I love it!

BEAU's menu was pretty limited (they only had pastries and smorrebrods) on my last visit there but now they expanded the menus with more food! Was craving pasta so I had the Truffle Mushroom Pasta because it sounds LEGIT AF and paired it with Truffle Fries (also kryptonite), and yep when it's served to my table the lingering truffle scent was overwhelming in the best of way and the pasta itself was VERY GOOD in my opinion, the ravioli was perefctly cooked with al-dente kind of firmness and generous tasty mushroom puree filling, and the Truffle Aioli sauce for the fries was also DAYUM!
Oh I love writing these short stories, I literally take pictures every single day and I often have short stories that I want to share you but somehow I managed to 'forget' that I have a blog where I can just pour my feelings out and share more stories, basically any kind of story as I sometimes more focused on writing individual reviews or guides, but again this is my blog where I can write anything I want and anytime.

For those who are loyal to this blog, I am genuinely grateful for your existence. I love you.


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