If you guys have been following me for a while, I think you should how much I love to travel. Travelling for me is just like reading a book where I can see, understand, get new ideas and see things differently! Most of the times when I'm about to start reading a book, I never expect and let the story that I am about to read amuse me or vice versa, and same as travelling, even tho everyone wanted a good time and experience, we can't even predict the future, but lucky for me I never really have bad experience when it comes to travelling, maybe once or twice, but as far as I can remember most of the times they have been either memorable or simply lovely.

I have been super blessed with the chance to travel the world, back when I was younger I used to dream about going to London and Paris but I thought I would go there when I have enough money in my 30s, and long story short I managed to fulfil my dream of going to London and Paris three years ago and in a way, my life has been pretty different every since, and I'm talking about the way I see things in life, ever since coming back from London, travelling has been a good addiction and I always save up more to travel more!

It's common for everyone to prepare the travel and itinerary before actually travelling and this state can cause a good hassle for me and sometimes for me as when I travel with some friends I am ALWAYS the one who's in charge for the tickets, hotels and arranging where to go! Arranging certain destinations in a certain country/city is another thing but when it comes to arrange the flight and hotels that I'm about to stay, truthfully speaking I ALWAYS (I repeat, ALWAYS) go for Traveloka for some help.

...and when I say 'help' I mean their extensive range of flight and hotel options and YES YOU CAN BOOK FLIGHTS AND HOTELS IN ONE PACKAGE, and not to mention, their occasional promotion that you just can't miss!
Most of the times, I access Traveloka through their app that's connected to their site, so if you're reading this right now I highly suggest you guys to download the app from App Store (ios users)/PlayStore (Android users), or if it's more convenient for you to access the site through your laptop then go to WWW.TRAVELOKA.COM
What I truly love about accessing Traveloka is their user-friendly interface and how they default-ly sort the flight options from the cheapest to the most expensive, and sometimes when I get a little more 'specific' there's a 'filter' option where it's possible for everyone to filter the options based on their preference! For example: price range, specific airlines, with/without layover, and with hotel options you can also filter out the price range, areas where you fancy staying in a country/city, hotel rates and more. The features are SERIOUSLY helpful.

Let me show you how I usually get my flight bookings (same steps apply to hotel bookings) done in a few steps, and just in time for another travel I just booked my tickets to Jogja and NO TRAVELOKA DOESN'T SPONSOR MY TICKETS I PAY THEM WITH MY OWN MONEY.

1. Open the Traveloka app and choose the "Flights" menu
2. Search for your flights, I am going to Jogja soon so I choose Yogyakarta (JOG) as my destination and since I am flying from Soekarno-Hatta so Jakrta (JKTA) it is!

3. Choose your desired flights! There's almost flights for everyone
I once tried to compare Traveloka's price with the official price from the airline site and guess what? It's THE SAME, and I suggest you guys to keep track with their app because if you're lucky you can get the special combo price offered by the airlines! Last March I checked in and nosing around to check the tickets for Los Angeles (initially planned to go to LA for Coachella but didn't end up going because I was sick) but I literally saw Cathay Pacific return tickets from Jakarta-Los Angeles was about to 'only' cost me IDR 12 mil, that's pretty cheap for United States!!!
I love travelling with Garuda Indonesia since I found them pretty reliable (not that the others are not) but it's again just the matter of preference, after you choose your flight then the app will proceed you to the next steps which is...

4. Review your flight details and filling in the passenger details form, I suggest buying Travel Insurance too!
5. All done and it's time to proceed with the payment! There are some payment methods that you can use, since I don't have any credit cards and always pay cash, the bank transfer is the only payment method that fits me, but do keep in mind that bank transfer closes at 9 PM daily and reopens are 12:30 AM daily, not sure why that is but I do hope that they could do 24 hour.

One thing that I found awesome about doing transaction with Traveloka is how they actually provide travel installment via credit card too, considering not everyone has the same capacity when it comes to purchasing things/travels, and payment can also be done from ATM transfers and credit card (of course!)
...and that's it, literally how easy I plan and manage my travel! Right after they proceed the payment they'll send you a mobile text and confirmation email, which means YOU'RE READY TO GO!

If ever you find problem with your bookings, their LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE feature is always ready to help you. Another plus point.

Traveloka has seriously been my go to app for years, I think I started using it 3 years ago and if they continue to keep up with the great performance I can see myself using this for more years to come!

This review is purely based on my experience, never did the Traveloka team push me to write good things about them.

"to know your friends, travel with them, to know yourself, travel alone"

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