If people ask me what's the 'it' weapon to become a good food blogger, well aside from being able to write and take good food pictures, your palate is everything, after all one's review will always be based on what the palate tasted and then you write a story about it, that's why it's very-very important to take good care of it! (FYI your palate = your mouth and its main features: tongue, gum, teeth)

I go to food tasting events almost every day and I am faced with various food & beverages served to me and most of the times you don't know what to expect because restaurants don't normally give the menu preview before (except for ice cream shops because you obviously know they're serving ice creams duh), instead you'll know what you're getting on the spot. The appetizers, main courses and desserts can be either very hot or very cold or things in between.

Now I have a little story, my teeth are in a much-much better condition now, but my childhood wasn't exactly unicorn dreamy when it comes to my uber sensitive teeth, long story short the most epic case happened when I was on my second year of junior high school, I was having sensitive teeth condition PLUS a pretty large hole on my left back molar (aka gigi geraham belakang) and I vividly remembered I was having ice cream with two of my best friends. I was totally aware that I had hole on that molar so I chose to digest using the left part of my mouth, sometime in the middle of our conversation, I might be too carried away with how fun that day was that my brain skipped to continue using the left part of my mouth and instead going with the opposite and BOOM the cold ice cream reached and sneeked in to that hole and I was instantly in such a terrible pain I CAN STILL REMEMBER HOW IT FELT UNTIL NOW and I just dropped my ice cream like that and rushed to the toilet just to wash my mouth and hold the terrible plain, I swear I almost cried it was that painful.

...and just like that my precious moment with my best friends got ruined, and trust me I think it's a complete bullshit when people say that heartache hurts more than toothache, whoever says that might never have experienced toothache problems I believe.

While the holes can be covered with surgery, sensitive teeth is something that needs an extensive and continuous care to keep the teeth healthy, and to be able to eat as much ice creams (or other cold dreamy stuff) as we can is just one of our childhood's most simple dream (and probably until now), yet I wasn't exactly living it back in my childhood.
I am pretty sure you guys have already known about Sensodyne, the well known toothpaste brand dedicated specially to solve sensitive teeth issue that it barely needs anymore introduction from me, now I am more than happy to tell everyone that I am completely free from all the dental issues including the sensitive teeth topic that we're talking about here, but it's always important to take care and that's why I am suggesting you guys this dental kit from Sensodyne Indonesia.

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No need to be ashamed because we're all the same! Now it's time to share your stories, inspire other people and grab the chance to win cool prizes! Now that I've shared mine I can't wait to read yours.

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