This blog post is seriously HIGHLY requested and when I say highly requested literally every single day after I posted my purchase on my Instagram Stories at least 2-3 people ask me for the review and guess what? You're now looking at the review aka first impressions of the products that I have been trying from Innisfree Indonesia!

First of all, this is not a sponsored post, I purchased all the product myself and the review will be based on my personal experience trying the product for one week aka 7 days after the purchase and I have to point this out at the very beginning: since skincare and food review is VERY PERSONAL, so the products that match me and don't might do the opposite to your skin, that's just how it goes.

Innisfree just recently officially expanded & launched its brand to Indonesia last month and Central Park mall became their first launching space and outlet, followed by Senayan City where I purchased these items. The grand opening was a HUGE success and rumors speculated that they made over a billion rupiah on its first three days of launching, again this is just rumor that I heard spreading on the air, but if they really did make that much I won't question it, the queue was seriously insane on that first three days.

Initially did not plan to purchase Innisfree products because I have been very loyal with my long term relationship with Kiehl's and Laneige, but a few days prior the purchase when I dropped the question about your Holy Grail Skincare Regime on my IG Stories a lot of you actually recommended me to try Innisfree, and since this bitch is a sucker for skincare products I decided to try them out along with the hope that the products actually work and won't cause any freaking breakouts!

I really did not have any idea that they were having gifts to spare and I was lucky enough to actually get the Green Tea Fresh Kit and New Member Kit. Customers will get the Green Tea Fresh Kit for free if they spend IDR 340k or above at checkout and the New Member Kit is a free complimentary when you guys signed up as members on their official website. I asked the staff there about the length of the promotion but unfortunately they couldn't give a fixed answer because the gifts are available for giveaways WHILE STOCKS LAST, so if they're now running out of products, even though you sign up as new members or shop IDR 340k & above, there's a possibility that you won't get them.

Disclaimer: I did not do any research/background check about the product that I am testing on my face, I was a total virgin to this brand, have heard about it and saw the store when I went to Korea last year and I didn't know what to expect.

New Member Kit - free sign up gift!
The New Member Kit consists of three mini versions of their best selling products: Orchid Enriched Cream, Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and Green Tea Seed Serum. Now I am going to start my review from my most favorite to the least from this kit. The best for me has got to be their Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, this is a wash-off mask that's suggested to be used maximum twice/week and the texture of the clay mask is creamy making it very easy to be applied on the face. All you need to do is basically apply an even amount on your face, wait for 15 minutes then rinse it off with warm water, PS: I did not smell any fragrance from this product, the smell was actually very natural and clay-ish if you get what I mean.

Personally, the most seen effect for me is that the clay mask helps controlling the oil & sebum on my face and I normally do the regime at night before I go to bed then followed by the green tea toner + essence + serum. I feel like everytime I do the regime the night before I woke up the next day with a fresh and well-moisturized face, dewy but not oily. HOLY GRAIL MATERIAL! (the phrase that beauty guru loves to use LOL).

To be honest I don't really give a shit about the steps because I feel like the products with pretty much the same consistency and thickness will eventually absorbed in your skin tho and steps shouldn't really matter because afterall skincare should give benefits to your skin, almost like make-up but not too significant, some people can go with concealer first then foundation, or even contour first before the base, so I personally think it's totally fine to go either with the cream, essence or serum first.
Close up of the clay mask texture!
Green Tea Seed Serum
The texture of the serum is watery and it dries out fast when it's applied to your skin. I don't know man I am not a big serum believer nor I have found one that really does all the magic trick to my skin, I expected the texture to be slightly thicker but not creamy as I found that the serum didn't give me the amount of moisture that I expected.

If you wonder what all that hair is I literally put the product to my thigh and take picture, so much easier than putting on my hand so unglam wtf!
Orchid Enriched Cream
This was unfortunately the product that I was not super fond of, aka F A I L and I hate the fact because this was that product that smells the best in my opinion. I tried applying it on my face for a casual day out and my face got super oily after 2 hours of application! I immediately know that I will not be liking this product further and apparently after I posted my verdict of this product on my Instagram Stories a lot of you actually gave mixed reviews, yes the orchid cream is specially formulated for dry skin and for those with combo/oily skin like mine, you guys recommended me to go for the gel version. Should have known about that but yep I didn't do any research about the brands and these freebies before.

Ended up giving this to my mom and this actually works very well on her! She told me her skin felt more moisturized and smoother.

So CREAM for dry skin, GEL for combo/oily skin, yet I found more than 10 comments from people with combo/oily skin and their skin did just fine with the orchid cream, well yet again, different skin takes certain products differently.
Green Tea Fresh Kit - free gift after purchase of IDR 340k and above
This kit consist of three small versions of their best selling products from the Green Tea range: Green Tea Fresh Skin Toner, Green Tea Fresh Essence and Green Tea Fresh Cream. I totally change my regular toner (aka the majestic Bioderma) to this for one whole week and as what toner does: expect the toner to clean your skin by lifting the dirt, excess dead skin and elements from your skin making sure it's clean and giving you a hint of freshness, I was personally fond of the light fragrance of this toner.

I personally found the texture of the essence and cream to be a little uncommon, somehow I think the texture of the cream fits 'essence' better and the opposite, not to mention the cream itself actually has this gel-like texture instead of cream.

To be completely frank, I am LIKING their Green Tea series because I think they are doing a very good job controlling the oil and sebum on my face. Out of the 7 days of trial, I used the serum + essence + cream alone 4 days and the other 3 days layered with BB cream (plus the olive mist below) because I have events to attend, judge me bitch but I like to make sure I look BETTER at events. Anyway, after the whole day of application I notice my skin felt moisturized but I wasn't as oily as I normally would (before I converted to Kiehl's and Laneige), mostly around the T-zone (forehead and nose) and eye lids but not too much, and completely matte underneath the eye, and cheek.

Now the cons of this product, I haven't had breakout in a very long time, but after a week of application and as this post is written, I notice I am now having several small breakouts around my forehead, my cheek and jaw line, not sure if it's really because of this product or what tho.

Olive Real Oil Mist - IDR 135k
I used to have a love-hate relationship with mist because I don't know, I just feel like a lot of them are bullshit, but this one actually changed my mindset a bit because they did infuse this mist with real olive oil and after days of application, I notice that this gives extra moisture to my skin and making it feel dewier compared to the days when I didn't apply this, the only thing that I really didn't like is the fact that this runs out very quickly. In just a week and an average of 10 sprays per day, the mist is already gone by almost 50%, not to mention each spray didn't feel like much (which in a way good because you want to appear dewy not wet). If you're into super matte look then you might want to skip this.
The mist had this fresh olive and lemon-like fragrance that's light. I never carry this around everyday and I just spray this right after the skincare regime before I started my day.
Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask - IDR 190k (real size selling package)
So there you have it my review aka first week impressions of Innisfree Indonesia products that I have been trying and as this post is written been more than a week. Again, every single one of us has different skincare regime, and mine is pretty much what I've explained above, some of you might add sunscreen, eye cream, face cream, anti-aging cream or whatever in between because each one of us has different skin need. I generally found Innisfree products to be good and fun, but it can perform better, I feel like my face is better controlled with Kiehl's products but better-moisturized with Laneige products, but when you compare the price tag Innisfree is considered pretty affordable compared to the two other brands, or if you need something extra you can go for 'her fancier sister', Sulwashoo, which is under the same management.

Will I repurchase? maybe, mainly for the green tea series, but I am still comfortable with my long term relationship even tho it always cost me a lot.

Thank you for reading!

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