First knew about this when Andra Alodita tagged me on her Instagram Stories saying this coffee was crazy good and I've been wanting to try this ever since, but unfortunately (but fortunately) constantly being sold out at random hours every day (read: good business), and FINALLY just earlier today I got the chance to try this and weirdly excited about it!

I've been hearing a lot of good buzz about SAGALEH and when I uploaded this on my Instagram Stories earlier actually a lot of you told me that this tastes better than TUKU but in my personal opinion it's pretty challenging to decide which one is my favorite and I am not obligated to. I personally enjoy both and I think TUKU makes very good Kopi Susu and we can't disregard that even though technically Kopi Susu has been around for a long time, but it was them and the social media that really lived up the hype back and they really open ways to the other coffee shops who are giving shots of this particular product, and modernized it in a way that we all enjoy.
I found SAGALEH's coffee to be a little richer and bold with this bittersweet caramel aftertaste that's altogether beautifully sweet and interesting as well! It was genuinely good and price wise: cheaper (if not cheapest) around their peers at IDR 15k/glass! They have a small outlet located at Jalan Petogogan but to be completely frank I would recommend you guys to just have it delivered to you via Gojek or whatever you normally use, but do check their Instagram because they always let everyone knows if they're sold out that day.

Quick update from my friend, Aline: apparently they use 8 different local coffee to create their signature blend, no wonder why their coffee is a bit stronger.

This Kopi Susu trend is currently one of the most happening in town and somehow as a coffee addict I found this trend very interesting because more and more shops now come with their own version of Kopi Susu and each has their own take and it goes back to one's palate to decide which one is their favorite.

Kopi Sagaleh
Jalan Petogogan I/V No. 2
Gandaria Utara, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12140
Opening hours: 9 AM-sold out hours


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