Went to this newly opened cafe yesterday for lunch with Cindy and since we both had good experience, I wanted to blog this asap, well not really, it's because I am those people who manage to go here earlier hence I want to blog about it before everyone else does HAHAHA! No lah joking, probably half true, it's just that I am always excited when it comes to visiting new places and be the one who promotes them at the early stage, that's probably certain percentage of happiness there is for me. Before I start, I just want to tell you that it doesn't matter if you blog something fast or not, make sure you make a bloody good post and you can tell when it's good, it's like you can feel the writer's passion on the writing and not ONLY for the sake of reviewing, not to mention, take freaking good photos and chill on the editing, don't hurt someone else's eyes.

Chronicle is located in Jalan Wijaya 2 around Dharmawangsa neighborhood, the venue wasn't as spacious as Common Grounds or anywhere fancier looking like Common Grounds, it's more humble, simple and proper, but I won't give you a lot of interior shots because they're still on their soft-opening days and some furniture are still pretty much temporary, their grand opening will (hopefully) falls on the next two weeks and I am so coming back for the final appearance! But so far, just like the coffee shop nowadays: wood materials majority, simple design and clean.

I learned that Chronicle is actually the sister of Common Grounds and that's why you're going to find a lot of Common Grounds cups and actually sip their coffee when you order some, so what is it that makes this coffee shop and cafe different from Common Grounds? Well here's the thing, you can say that it's the daughter of Wilshire and Common Grounds since it's the owners' (Yoshi and Hanna) venture together so there is not only going to be coffee but also food, but different from both Wilshire since it's concentrating on the casual fine dining cuisine, and Common Grounds since it's concentrating more on the all day breakfast menu and here's something to highlight: Chronicle is actually a coffee shop and cocktail bar! Again, COCKTAIL BAR - I even "bold" and underlined it for you so you can remember -, so you won't only experience the "common grounds" but also their own cocktail creations, especially the coffee cocktails.

 Not only the coffee, you can also experience special brewed tea here by Jing Artisan Tea.
Hibiscus and Blackcurrant Tea
IDR 30k
First of all, this tea was very fragrant and had this intense hibiscus scent but nowhere near sweet floral, this was Cindy's order and she actually liked it, it had this quite rich blackcurrant flavor (and natural of course) and in a way quite light, the thing about hibiscus is that the flavor can be subtle, but enjoyable.

Iced Cappuccino
IDR 30k
I had no further comment about this since Common Grounds is currently one of my favorite coffee shop in town and I always order this one whenever I am visiting. I love it! And oh, since I just came back from Oz, my standard for coffee is now pretty high! Common Grounds is actually quite there yet.

Belitung Noodle
IDR 45k
Uh oh I am so excited when it comes to this one! It's probably not your everyday thing to have local or Asian cuisine in a coffee shop but I was glad that Chronicle decided to follow their gut because this was very delicious! It happened to be Hanna's mom recipe and it has been the family's "signature dish" on events like family gathering. First and up most important: the broth! The broth had this medium consistency (not too thick and loose) and flavor wise: beautiful, you'll experience delicate flavors in one: sweet, tangy, savory, well I love prawn based broth but there are times when it gets too thick and disgusting you just want to throw it away but thankfully that's not the case here. Secondly, the noodle, it was actually not noodle noodle, but they're using spaghetti and glad they cooked it al-dente! As the topping, you're going to find fried tofu, homemade prawn fritters. If you love adding a little 'heat' on your meal, you're going to love their homemade chili, so damn good and really lived up the whole flavor!!! I'd be happy to pay for more than 45k for this one beautiful dish. Recommended!

Buttermilk Chicken Burger
IDR 70k
I have always been a fan of buttermilk chicken and decided to give it a try and boy didn't I regret my option! As simple as the buns were executed awesomely, wasn't sure about this one but I bet they're using good butter because the bun had this beautiful combination of sweet and salty with a little smoky flavor in it from the cooking process. The buttermilk chicken was perfect. Big big cuts-deep fried, ultra tender and juicy and lovely seasoned. The portion came with fresh lettuce and adorable fries and yes the fries were really good, something about the seasoning that screamed!

Lobster Roll
IDR 95k
So far if you think we eat like crazy, YOU ARE RIGHT. When we looked at the "lobster roll" written on the menu, we went crazy and decided to order one! As you can see on the pic below, you can tell how generous they are with the filling and toppings. The beautifully seasoned lobster was accompanied by diced tomatoes, avocado and all together tossed in mayonaisse sauce.  I love how they added this citrus flavor to the meal resulting different refreshing twist and flavor. The bun was semi-crunchy just how I like it

Since it was raining and we both stuck inside, we didn't realize that we've spent 4 hours in Chronicle and got hungry again, another bowl of the beautiful Belitung Noodle was what we had in mind and we re-ordered it! I was happy that they still manage to be consistent with everything. Nice!


Even though their grand opening will be in two weeks but I still highly recommend you to go here and try what they have in store. Based on my experience, I wasn't disappointed, everything was up to my standard and the pricing was good. The range here starts at IDR 25k-95k for beverages and IDR 40k-IDR 95k for food, good deal it is!

Jl. Wijaya 2 No. 73
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160
0821 8888 1538
Opening Hours: 10:30 AM - 11:30 PM
Pricing: $$


Map for Jalan Wijaya II

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