Hello everyone! If you follow my Instagram them you should know that I just got back from my latest trip which was Singapore and I couldn't wait to blog about so many stuff that I experienced in Singapore, it's almost like...mandatory because they're informative and you're gonna love it!

Recently, I got quite a few questions regarding to the business class and first class flights. In my life, I've been flying regularly with SQ but probably 6-7 times in total that I flew business class. For me, business class is mandatory for long haul flights, trust me, all those extra money you spent on a good comfort is such a worthy investment. This time I am going to be blogging about my experience flying business with Singapore Airlines.
First of all I am going to tell you here why you should fly business or first (as long as you can afford it).
The comfort issue is like a general-kept secret, it's clearly valid that the business class seats are more (or way more) comfortable comparing to the economy class. I happened to fly business again on my current Australia trip that I am experiencing and since I flew SQ, I need to fly to Singapore, waited for the transit time then continue the flight, in total I could be on the plane for almost 9 hours and I really do need that comfort, especially after being exhausted and a little mood swing. Personally, I couldn't sleep while sitting down, unless I am very tired but eventually waking up to a sore and tired neck, one of the advantages of flying business class for long haul flights is that (thank goodness) the seats could be transformed into your own personal bed...and I have more stories to share on the upcoming post!

If you don't like waiting (like I do) then having your own immigration line on a more convenient venue just couldn't be better, especially when your schedule's quite tight or for some reasons you happen to be late.

Not saying that the economy class service is terrible or means nothing but they just have the standard,  I mean, you're getting what you paid for, and me talking about the food and beverage service. Aside from that, just for the information, the first and business class passengers are given the access to board first so that you won't have to worry while pacing with the luggage and cabins.

It's not about the social class, I don't really care about that, I care more about my own comfort which then leads to personal health, love yourself darling. Business class flights are not only a lifestyle, it's an option.

Since I am flying business class to Singapore from Jakarta which means a short flight, I got the 2-2-2 seating and the plane's just slightly smaller than the one I used to fly to Australia (make sure you get the single seating because you're going to have more space for yourself and more on that on the upcoming post).
Asked the friendly cabin crews for a photo and look at that, an ad campaign material already.
Champagne to kick things off. They're using the high quality champagne as you can tell from the champagne "stamps" left on the glass as you carefully shake the glass. The cabin crews usually come to you and ask if you want champagne or other options (ex: juices) but since I want to have the champagne and for photo purposes too (since it's VERY business), I went with the champagne! SQ's business class ticket has this blue header while the economy's green and the first class is maroon.
This headphone amplifies the music nicely!
The meal menu should be somewhere at the cabinet (printed on a blue paper) and the meal in business class are usually set menus, so you're going to have appetizer, main course and dessert but all served on the same time, on a tray and presented beautifully (I consider this beautiful for inflight service). You're going to have your folded table covered in white table clothing first before the tray. The menu could be various but for business class, it should be the mix between western and asian menus and you can only choose . I was in the mood for seafood so I ended up ordering poached salmon with potatoes and greens. The poached salmon was unbelievably good, just perfectly cooked with tender meat, that silky and pink inner and seasoned as nice as well! I highly recommend this if you happen to find this on the menu on your flight. Till then, good luck!

But don't forget that they have this "book the cook" menu on their website you can pre-order your meal how you want it. It's classy but flexible enough just how I love it!
Right behind the inflight service, there will also be another cabin crew holding the bread basket and you could choose your own breads as much as you want (but don't forget to be ashamed at certain points). I went with the garlic butter bread and the dessert was bread pudding. The butter was fragrant, proper cheesy just how I like it and had this strong garlic-ish flavor to it while the bread pudding was sweet and kinda clean my palate a bit. Right after your meal, you're going to be asked if you want some tea or coffee and unexpectedly, their coffee wasn't bad at all, I honestly quite liked it.
The most mandatory shot of the whole entry!
Truth be told, I wasn't setting any high expectations for the food, just because it's in flight meal that's being reheated but I was very impressed with the quality that they're bringing, food was fresh and delightful along with the awesome five-star service. So far everything's indeed on board and I had no complaints along the way. Thank you Singapore Airlines and crew for the awesome flight!

I don't always flight business class, that's what needs to be underlined but as long as I can afford it and with all the reasons mentioned above, I will try my best to book myself one, it's mandatory.

I'll share more pictures and stories from my other business class flights, but till then, follow me on Instagram for the daily updates! Thanks for reading. Ciao!


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  1. How do you afford to fly business class so often??

  2. great shots! :))

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. I love your blog, but I have to admit that I was put off with this post.


    Umm, okay.. my keyboard is fine.
    Just wanna show you how much I love this blog.. Hah! ^^

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