Personally, this must be one of my most anticipated and awaited venture to open in Jakarta and just a few days ago, it did! The famous Ippudo Ramen is now opening in Jakarta!!!

I was in Bali - if you follow my Instagram you must know that I just had a splendid one week trip to Bali - the first day it officially opened for public, kinda sad for missing it because I love trying new places and actually be the first to spread the news to the public (and to preserve the existence of course *cough*), but that's okay, I was in the island of God so I guess I still win!

Just like the other happening joint, Ippudo definitely holds the title at the moment and that you can see from the freaking queue! I got there around 6 PM and the queue was already very long, I was the 20th people in line, and yes since so many of you are wondering if I always get special pass, NO I AM NOT! I am also a regular customer and I paid for what I ate, I am actually in a way happier like this, earn and spend the money on the food, that's how my life pretty much like: revolves around food. Little that I knew, it was actually the queue for the 6:40 PM opening and they were taking a break. I wonder why those people stood and waited that long, my first instinct was to go to Starbucks and spent a precious 45 minutes of me-time.

I guess I was just lucky! I came to Ippudo at 7.15 PM and it's just literally the moment they shouted "20" which was my number! Thank God for no queue!
I was quite surprised to learn that the restaurant wasn't as big as I expected, I thought it's at least going to be as big as the Pancious (located right beside but currently on renovation) and it's just like half of it, well not small either. Since the crowd was really packed I got seated at the unexpected communal table. Without the desire to sound like a Divo, honestly this was like the first time for me to be seated at the communal table and together I seated with four Japanese, somehow it's such an exciting experience and made me feel like I was actually in Japan. Trust me, Japanese ate so freaking fast. They didn't really chat when they're eating (at least that's what I noticed) and when they're done with all the eating stuff, they pay and they go, I guess it took them only 10 minutes to finish everything! Awesome lah!

FYI it took me 20 minutes because I wanted to enjoy the ramen (including the time to take pictures and chat with my bud!).

Shiromaru Chasiu (extra)
IDR 90k
I came with a friend and we both ordered the same thing: Shirotama Chasiu ramen, but I had mine with extra Tamago (8k). They actually had the default option (with chasiu but without the tamago) and the default option had less chasiu (which was unfortunate then). I was in my chasiu-mood and I needed extra so I went for this one. I have had Ippudo in Singapore before and one sip of the soup, I knew something wasn't very similiar, it's not bad, but I definitely prefer the Singapore one. The soup was savory and tasty, but for some reasons the more you try the soup, the more you noticed that it slowly got saltier and saltier and I mean that kind of saltiness from the MSG (I don't know if they're using it or now but it felt that way and pardon me if you don't). The consistency of the soup was lighter and less thick comparing to those Tonkotsu broth from Ikkudo or Tsurukamedou. I love having mine a little spicy because it lived up the flavor. On the other hand, the chasiu was thick but not the most tender that I've had.

The pricing for Shiromaru ramen started from IDR 68k (the most basic), IDR 76k (with the Tamago), IDR 83k (extra chasiu), IDR 90k (most complete with extra chasiu and Tamago).

Short to say, one bowl of Ippudo ramen reminds me of Marutama's broth and Tamago and also Ikkudo's noodle. I didn't take the pic of the Tamago as I forgot (case when you enjoy your ramen too well) but I loved the Tamago, the texture was just nice with runny consistency of the inside.
 Since the noodle's quite thin, I suggest you go with the hard noodle for a more well-balanced portion and on your palate as well.

Pork Bun
IDR 28k
I must say I quite like it in general but I was expecting the juicier and thicker fat, initially wanted a burst of flavor on one bite but it wasn't really happening. The seasoning on the bun was light but decent and the bun itself was fluffy and smooth. This one you should try!

After trying the Ippudo here, I honestly had very high expectations and I don't know I just can't help it! But based on my visit, the standards I set wasn't quite reached, maybe it's because I tried the one in Singapore and that one happened to be so damn perfect and here I found minor mistakes that affected quite critical. However, I must say I like the ramen but not crazy about it, but I do love the service. The staff was really kind, polite, attentive and helpful.

I don't mind going back here for more, I really do hope I'd get the better one ;).

Ippudo Ramen
Pacific Place 5th floor, unit 5.37
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
SCBD, Jakarta Selatan 12190
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Pricing: $$, IDR 250k for two


7 komentar:

  1. you should try the ramen in Jinya, gandaria city :)

  2. Tsurukamedou still the best ya Hans :D

  3. You actually mistype on one paragraph that makes me quite confused and had to make sure the title is ippudo not ikkudo, hahaha

    "I guess I was just lucky! I came to Ikkudo at 7.15 PM and it's just literally the moment they shouted "20" which was my number! Thank God for no queue!"

  4. oh that Pork Bun looks interesting!!

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