Since I am tired of making the dramatic opening for new restaurants opening in Senopati, so let's just cut it off and get to the point: there's a new restaurant opening in the Senopati area - at Jalan Suryo to be exact -, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tredici Ristorante!

This newcomer in the neighborhood is an Italian themed restaurant and as I am writing this, it's now 5 days old (counting from the grand opening). Truthfully speaking, this restaurant is cute, in a way classy, rustic, sophisticated, homey and photogenic! General case of restaurants with such criteria: buzz and crowds! On my visit (which by the way just yesterday), it was almost full house, while I think most people would choose to sit at the "outdoor" area that looks like garden, I was happy enough with the perfect seat next to the window.

Just in case you're wondering, Tredici means "thirteen" in Italian and rumor has it that there are 13 shareholders for this restaurant.
There were a lot of flowers around the venue and for an avid flower fan like me, I loved it!

There's something about the ambiance of the restaurant that I like, it indeed made me feel (a little) like I was somewhere in Italy with all those wood material applied all over the interior, jazz musics playing along, dim warm lighting and simply the whole design. 
I love quirky stuff like this, must admit the owner has nice sense!

Complimentary bread! I love the texture of the bread and you must have them while they're still warm as they're at the fluffiest, the cheese sticks was also quite nice with proper crunchiness! The portion also came with the olive oil and basil parmesan dipping that was really good. 
The "outdoor" area of Tredici, not exactly outdoor, just the area with more access to the natural light. 

Major Apple Mojito
IDR 35k
To be completely frank, most of the times when I order Apple Mojito, it's because I simply know what I want at the moment and pretty much how the drink tasted, but this one was certainly on the good range of the Mojito I've had. I love sour drinks and this was sour in the tastiest way, I was glad that they used the lemon juice to this drink as it freshen the drink up!

Zuppa di Funghi
IDR 32k
Was in the mood for this so I decided to give it a try. I honestly expected more than this, I just feel like it was lacking that "mushroom" flavor and seasoning, this was also lighter and personally I love the thicker one.

Pappardelle Casereccia
IDR 72k
Ordered this because this was the recommended one as well as the best seller and boy this was good! I really love the texture of the homemade pasta: just the right al dente that I want! This portion consist of pork sausage, green peas, mushroom, parmesan in incredibly tasty tomato sauce and truffle oil! The tomato sauce had the right amount of thickness and loving how the sauce stick nicely to the pasta!

It was just a quick lunch at this new restaurant and I wasn't disappointed with the food at all, in fact I wanna go back for more as I noticed they have some lobster dishes that I'm looking forward to try!

I noticed they're preparing another spot one level above Tredici, heard it's going to be a bar area called 13 Monkeys! Well I guess they truly believe in the number "13" against everyone's perception and belief of it, well I personally don't believe it that either it's just a freaking number, well but for some reasons there's also a belief that monkey is the symbol of good luck.

Based from what I experienced, Tredici is not just a new trending restaurant depending on pretty look, I can see their potential in growing and their urge to fight and survive. The F&B biz is actually very fun but there's still seriousness to keep in store, another critic to give, I think they should improve the service quality as I noticed the staffs were a little confused in explaining the menu and the after service like the billing.

In the meantime, GOOD LUCK TREDICI!

PS: getting here is not hard, it's located not far from Crematology Coffee Roasters

Tredici Ristorante
Jl. Suryo No. 42
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 - 720 4567
Pricing: $$, IDR 250k for two


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