Holycow Steak House Senopati.

It's been forever that I wanted to go to Holycow Steak and try it for my own and fortunately, I finally made my way here. Went here for a quick dinner with my best friends. Why quick? and I mean literally, it's all because of the lines to get in here, I went here by weekend, fortunately when we arrived we were straight taken to our table because there was no queue, just around like 15 minutes later people started to come and queue and obviously we would feel so bad to stay and chit chat around, we feel sorry for people who also want to try the deliciousness of the steaks.

Holycow has some outlets spread around Jakarta (if you ever heard about "anything" just get over it and focus on THE FOOD) and the latest one in Kebon Jeruk (around Jalan Panjang Arteri Kelapa Dua). I went to the Senopati Steakhouse outlet by Chef Afit, many ways to actually say the name of this restaurant: "Steak Hotel by Holycow", "Holycow Steakhouse" but from whatever the variousity, Holycow is a brand wagon now.

The kitchen concept is an open kitchen but the kitchen is located outside the restaurant but you can still check the kitchen out for your own viewing experience. I've always been such fan of Wagyu Beef so I ordered the Wagyu Steak (200gr). Here you can also choose the sidedish, whether it's going to be vegetables or spinach, or between french fries and mashed potato and the choice of the sauces, we all love their signature white sauce and it indeed is super yum! So let's surf what we ordered :).

Luckily, during our visit, there's this promotion given to every costumer just by mentioning @steakholycow and you'll be given this Misu creme, it tastes more like a blueberry ice cream than tiramisu cream, just sweet and nice :), and lucky for us, this was the only last cup for the day.

My order of 400 Grs of Big Bites! It's crazy big and totally fulfil my empty stomach that night.
IDR 122.000 (before tax)

Another order of Rib Eye Wagyu with French Fries and vegetables + white sauce :). -
IDR 109.000 (before tax)
Share the two steaks with my friend, sharing is one (lol).

Rib Eye Wagyu with Mashed Potato and Vegetables + White Sauce
IDR 109.000 (before tax)

I love the tenderness of the meat, and they happen to get the orders right: medium-well, I really took care of my order because since it's what I wanted, it needs to be right (hahaha). I would recommend the spinach over vegetables, it just gives a different sense of steak eating for me, but definitely it's all your choice. The french fries and the mashed potato are equal, both delicious. For the beverages, I ordered their fresh Iced Blackcurrent (it's refillable).

Together we spend around IDR 497.000 (after tax), but it worths every peny! and it's a good price to have wagyu :).

I think Holycow Steakhouse is going to grow bigger and bigger, I'm just looking at how people are super excited about this steakhouse and their followers on Twitter is continuously growing, it's just exciting to see that the business's going very well. Keep up the good work.

Oh yeah, I've been looking around the holy internet and if you want to look out for the map to here, you can get it from their twitter @STEAKHOLYCOW. I was about to download it but Twitter won't allow you to take other's photos. For some occasions, it's just bad, but you can always follow and stay tuned for their amazing offers and promotions.

Jalan Bakti No. 15
Jakarta Selatan. 


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