Roastwoods Kuningan Village

Got invited to the grand opening of Roastwoods at Kuningan Village and also the exclusive chance to try out some of their menus as well! If you guys don't know where Kuningan Village is, it's in the Kuningan area (are you kidding me), and it's actually really near from Setiabudi One and not too far from Four Seasons Hotel, more like in between. Chris, the owner of Roastwoods is another descendant of his family business, Kuningan Village area is owned by Chris' family and it is the home of Roastwoods and Roastwoods' two older "siblings": Dapoer Nyonya and 3house.

Even though this one is an invited session, but let's make the judgement fair! *smirk*

Chicken Popcorn
IDR 38k
A decent starter, I enjoy having this menu and couldn't stop myself from picking each to each. It's fried beautifully crispy outside but still remains chewy on the inside.

IDR 45k
The "stand out" among the appetizers presented to me on the afternoon. For me, this is unique. The idea of eating this is basically having those "cups", which were edible, then add the filling which is sauteed vegetable in Roastwoods' special black sauce. If you want, you can add some topping (eggs, chilli, celery) and spicy sauce. It was such a burst of flavor in the mouth <3.

Chip and Dip (Nachos)
IDR 45k
This one is sightly more common because you can found it in other restaurants as well, but so far this one is good, the chips (nachos) were home made and were pretty crispy! Me fond of the tomato sides, it's fresh, sour and lightly seasoned. Other than that , despite my personal hatred meltdown on cheese in general, this was good.

IDR 45k
Another different and fun Roastwoods' creation, this one is called Smores. The idea of eating this is basically to burn the marshmallows until they melt and slightly burnt on the outside, after that, you need to fasten up in putting the chocolates and the strawberries together inside the biscuits which acts like "burger buns". This was unique but I personally think it's a cute presentation and way of eating, maybe it's just not my thing.

Iced Lychee Tea
IDR 28k
Since I need a refreshing drink for the day, this one is my option. It was indeed refreshing.

Beef Bibimbap
IDR 59k
Roastwoods' take on Beef Bibimbap, surprisingly this was decent!!! The sauce was pretty generous and tasty (must be! It's the bomb!), maybe I would love mine with raw runny eggs on top instead of a sunny side up, but it's their creativity I need to give credits for. This freakin Bibimbap is damn working for meh!

Fried Duck with Green Chili
IDR 62k
This might be my favorite main course here, I have never seen such a big and thick duck that looks almost chicken like and by the way, it's a good value for money! The meat was tender and such a lovely crisp on the skin! The green chili was the bomb! It was spicy, tasty and definitely addicting. Even without the thin sliced soya beancurd and soya bean cake on the side, this is such a lovely dish for me.

Stuffed Chicken
IDR 65k
The stuffed chicken was another menu to watch for from Roastwoods. the filling was majority Cassava leaves with other ingredients. The chicken coating was a bit hard, I wish it was softer on the outsider and juicier on the inside.

Chocolate Lava Cake
IDR 49k
I onced gave a little teaser on my Instagram about this following dish. So far, this Chocolate Lava cake from Roastwoods' is on the top 10, even probably top 5 tastiest chocolate lava cakes I have ever had so far! It has an amazing texture, rich chocolate dough on the inside that won't bloat the hell out of you, and one scoop of vanilla ice cream! Sounds simple, but simplicity is sometimes the loveliest. I hope I wasn't just lucky and they consistently presenting this to the other costumers <3.

I couldn't believe I actually ate this much food! I feel like everything goes inside my tummy so smoothly, my mouth is definitely working out VERRRRYY HARD!

Overall, I think Roastwoods is a really decent cafe that serves decent (mostly) western food with a little touch of asian menu, it might not be very spacial as in the space, but during the day, the ambiance is pretty decent. It's that cafe that you would love to go with your friends while watching football match with the company of decent menu. You should really go here and try out their Chocolate Lava cake! DIE!

Did I mention that not a single food here contains MSG on the process? :).

Shoo for now! My tummy's full! Thanks for reading!!!

Kuningan Village, Jl. Karbela Timur No. 1
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
Opening hrs:
Weekdays: 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM
Weekends: 11.00 AM - 01.00 AM

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