Pannacotta Etc Pacific Place

Pannacotta etc was probably one of many successful entrepreneur stories, it was more well known as small home-online business which then grew to this pannacotta giant brand that captivates a lot of its costumers. Along with its success, it's now having its first official flagship outlet in Pacific Place Mall Jakarta! Even though they have a store now, that doesn't mean that they're leaving their root of success: online shopping. They still receive orders via email and phone and deliver the pannacotta straight to your cribs!

The outlet is located on the 4th floor of Pacific Place Mall Jakarta just accross Starbucks and Aksara. It's not physically big but it offers this simple yet still having that hip and chill feeling to it, the outlet probably fits around 25-30 people maximum.

Beside the main courses (read: pannacota), they also offer you selections of their signature Panini sandwiches and freshly made beverages. During my visit, I ordered their two recommended pannacottas: Baileys and Mixed Berries. The pannacottas are sold for the same price: 30k each.

Baileys Pannacotta
IDR 30k
I pretty much fond of this one. If you're expecting the pannacotta to be soft and smooth, well it's indeed soft and smooth, but it has a thicker and gelatinous consistency than the other pannacottas I've had before in life. You'll notice a quite strong hint of milk and vanilla in the pannacotta and for someone who's not really a big fan of dairy products like me, it was not overpowerering my tastebud :).

Mixed Berries Pannacotta
IDR 30k
Still the same pannacotta base (and applies to all), the mixed berries sauce was sweet and fruity, however, it tasted more like raisin sauce with runny consistency instead of the majority of berry flavor I had imagined in my head (was expecting it to be more like the mixture of rasp and blackberry and jam-like consistency), and it'd be even better for my liking if it's a little more sour.

Iced Lemon Tea
IDR 32k
Refreshing iced lemon tea with lemon slices in the beverage. Decent sourness!
It was a nice visit to Pannacotta etc, I will surely coming back for more pannacottas, probably going to try out their Butterscotch and Chocolate! Frankly speaking, I thought it's going to be bigger in portion because it's sort of pricy for that size, but other than that, the flavor was decent :). Gotta try them guys!

Pannacotta Etc 
4th fl. Pacific Place Mall Jakarta
Jalan Jendral Sudirman No. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190

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