With the number of new restaurants opening in Jakarta, frankly speaking, only several that really gets me in the good way. I think I have pointed this out so many times it almsot bores me, had lunch earlier today at this (at the moment as I am writing this) two month old casual French restaurant named "Avec Moi" (read: Ah-Vekh-Mwa) and unexpectedly, it changed my perception of the mainstream new eateries. Avec Moi means "with me" in English and I want you to stick with me right now and keep on reading.

This restaurant's located in Thamrin City Office Park and in line with Tanamera Coffee, location wise, sort of anti-mainstream considering most new restaurants are opening either in Senopati, Panglima Polim or Pantai Indah Kapuk. Venue wise, not the largest most extravagant restaurant, but I was fond of how comforting the interior was, the interior design was simple with the touch of casual & quirkiness, something that's not everyday French (normally they're quite "serious" and very neat).
 Avec Moi's first floor. The restaurant has three floors, the first and second floor are functioned as the dining area while the third floor is actually their bar.

 I love this frame!

 They're using "bunny" as the logo of their restaurant and I super love how they're functioning the bunny ears on the chairs. I found that supah dupah cute! FYI if you're dying to sit on those bunny chairs, they're located on the second floor. The second floor is also where the live kitchen area is, so you can also see when the chef (who btw is also the owner) prepping and cooking your meals!

 The third floor/bar area. The design's also very simple.

 Amazing view of Jakarta landscape from here, the view almost reminded me of the one I saw in H Senopati.

 Since Avec Moi is a French restaurant, the menu is undoubtedly dominated with French cuisine, but their concept is a little more modern. The menu range was pretty good and there were some good selections of proteins to choose from! Good enough to take me on a certain momentum of dilemma, but since some of my blogger friends have actually been here before and they told me their burger was amazing, I decided to order that...and some more! HAHAHA!

Foie de Poulet
IDR 50k
Kicking off the lunch with this garlic butter baguette crispy bread and they were very lovely! The texture was crispy but moist on the center with amazing seasoning, I love how the butter was very fragrant and rich but not overpowering my palate. The baguette was meant to be paired with the chicken liver rilettes & caramelized onions and picked veges. The chicken liver rilettes was another bomb, normally I would say no because when chicken liver's not executed nicely, it could be freaking stinky and disgusting, but it's nowhere near that. Juz yum!

Salade Avec Moi
IDR 65k
I am going to cut the bullshit and say this: it's ONE OF THE BEST SALAD I'VE HAD IN LIFE! It's actually very simple: fresh lettuce with cherry tomatoes, chickens and fried shallots, but it's the seasoning that did most of the talking! The sesame ponzu dressing was so beautiful I literally couldn't stop taking more! MUST TRY!

Foie Gras with Spiced Fruits and Orange Glaze
IDR 155k
I have been craving for Foie Gras for quite some time and I was glad that I finally fulfil the craving with such good Foie Gras, in terms of quality. The Foie Gras was cooked perfectly leaving the texture to be very smooth and to pair it with the spiced fruits like apples and raisins with pancakes was just a brilliant idea. I love that zesty citrusy flavor from the orange glaze, but I just found that the flavor was a tad sweet instead of tangy (because there spiced fruits were already sweet). If they could give a little more salt to the Foie Gras then it would be perfect for me.

Salmon Tartare with 63 Degree Celcius Sous Vide Egg
IDR 83k
Their salmon tartare was another memorable dish as well as my personal favorites. The cook was cooked in sous vide style and by the way if you don't know sous vide, it's actually the slow cooking style in this sous vide machine where you can cook for a certain number of time in a controlled temperature. I really don't know how to explain the main difference between the common soft boiled runny eggs and the sous vide eggs but the texture was smoother and the white and egg yolk had this stable creamy texture and flavor. I liked what they did with the salmon tartare, the chef actually put in two kinds of salmon: the raw and medium-cooked one to give the texture. I recommend you guys to have everything together with the baguette because the burst of flavor was beautiful!
Bacon Carbonara Pasta
IDR 78k
I also liked this one, the texture of pasta was beautifully al-dente with generous pork bacon cuts, sous vide egg, grated parmesan and Sarawak blackpepper. This dish was less creamier than what I expected because they're using the soft cream and the help of the sous vide egg to enrich it, and basically you mix everything before you have them.

Kakuni Pork Belly Burger
IDR 138k
I don't know why but in this post I almost want to cut everything short and label everything with "the best" so can I do it here? It's one of the best burger I've had in Jakarta so far!!!

The patty was beautifully cooked (medium) with caramelized onion and the pork belly was tender, juicy, perfectly cooked and marinated (I MEAN LOOK AT DEM JUICE). Something about the fries that's very simple but well seasoned making it one of the highlights of the serving!
230 gr Striploin Steak
IDR 198k
Again, the desire to label "the best", this steak was also one of the best steaks you can possibly try and find in Jakarta, the thing that I love about it is the fact that it's just very simple, but it's the marinating and seasoning that really spoke out loud, not to mention the good old garlic butter giving a little more flavor and hint of delicious-drooling aroma. When you order the steak, you HAVE TO order either medium or medium rare and you better listen to me.

Orange Souffle with Rum Raisin Ice Cream
IDR 60k
The souffle came with candied orange zest, segment orange and optional ice cream (I chose Rum Raisin because it had more character). Souffle easily shrink in seconds and as you can see on the photo, it shrinked as we were taking photo. Yet again, the case when you're making one of the trickiest desserts on earth. The texture (egg white) and the flavor of this souffle was beautiful and there was this rich orange flavor and aroma lingering the dish. I would recommend you guys trying this.

It felt so good knowing that there's ANOTHER GREAT restaurant in town and it's just the beginning of the year and I already have the candidate for my upcoming Best Restaurant list, whoa an early notice right? So far, I can proudly crown this as one of the best restaurants in Jakarta at the moment and I mean it. If you think this is a freaking advertorial (as some people kept on saying) you're stupid. Pricing wise, they're very affordable especially knowing you're getting this kind of quality, I would love to pay more to be honest!

Don't forget that they have two opening hours in a day: lunch time starts at 11 AM - 2 PM (last order), to be continued with dinner starting at 6 PM - 9.30 PM (10.30 on weekends).

By the way, the 2014 list coming soon, still working to collect the missing photos </3.

Avec Moi
Thamrin City Office Park Block AA-01
Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat 10230
021 - 2962 5878
Opening Hours:
Lunch Time: 11 AM - 2 PM (last order)
Dinner: 6 PM - 9.30 PM (last order), 10.30 PM on weekends
Pricing: $$
Dresscode: Casual


Map for Thamrin City Office Park

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  1. the hipster location doesn't matter when their food looks and tastes that good *drools*

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