Earlier today I was invited to the exclusive preview of the highly anticipated Le Burger restaurant at Alila SCBD Jakarta, and as the name suggests, this restaurant will specialize in serving gourmet burgers, so burger lovers be merry!

Le Burger is curated by the father and son duo Jean-Georges & Cedric Vongrichten who I unfortunately didn't have much chance to talk to at the event (next time maybe!). The restaurant's located precisely beside the Vong's Kitchen and evaluating from the design of the restaurant: I love how it's so vibey (not to mention I love the fact that it's located in SCBD probably my favorite area in town) with this industrial touch to the design that's playful, modern, but overall still homey and totally comfortable to be around.

PS: the restaurant is not yet opened as this post is written, it will be opened on July 27th 2018!

Let's tour the restaurant a bit!
 Wood is pretty dominant on the design, which is good as it adds in that expensive classy touch that's essential but not necessarily intimidating, I mean when you know a restaurant is opening in a fancy hotel like Alila SCBD it's going to be somewhat high-end, but keep reading for the review...
 At the center of the restaurant is this spacious bar area where guests can enjoy the gourmet burgers and pair them with the craft cocktails and beers! I didn't have any cocktails at the event, it was just too early for cocktails (lunch time).

 They have this chic al-fresco area for customers for preference and most likely for smoking guests, maybe the weather was quite friendly earlier today that it didn't feel overly hot, but I appreciate the touch of greens (plants) that's making the vibe a little more enjoyable and cooler in a way!
For the burgers, they currently have 7 menus including one Vegetarian Burger with patty made from chickpeas and corn, the other six are Cheese Burger, Truffle Burger, Crispy Chicken, Grilled Lamb, Shrimp, and Kimchi Dog! The Cheese & Truffle differs in the truffle (of course), the sauce and the cheese (Cheddar for the Cheese Burger and Brie for the Truffle Burger), and if you want the additional patty that would be IDR 60k/each. Price range for the burgers here range from IDR 110k-IDR 150k with Shrimp being the most expensive.

Below are their Truffle Burger with single patty (left) and Crispy Chicken (right). Unfortunately I didn't have their Shrimp Burger, initially wanted to but I went with the classic beef burger to see how they're doing with the classic, but praises were given to the Shrimp Burger with it claimed by many as one of the most delicious.
I didn't have any problem with my burger to be frank with you, my Truffle Burger was very good, I can tell straight from the first bite that they're using fresh and premium ingredient as the beef was incredibly juicy and tender, the Brie cheese was given generously but altogether on the perfect ratio, all that with the softest potato brioche bun! It was not the overly saucy type of burger nor the boldest flavor so don't expect the dirty messy goodness but I love this kind of burger and it was the patty that really did it for me! As for the Crispy Chicken, the coating was crunchy, followed by tender chicken that's beautifully cooked and seasoned! I paired my burger with Crazy Fries (IDR 95k), basically fries with cheese sauce, the fries were nicely fried and seasoned but somehow IDR 95k felt a tad pricey.

Other side dishes include Regular Fries (IDR 50k), Crispy Onion Ring (IDR 50k), Jalapeno Fritters (IDR 60k), Lettuce Wedge, Blue Cheese (IDR 85k) and Cucumber Yuzu Pickles (IDR 50k).

If I may suggest, I would love to have something that's Mediterranean inspired on the menu, that would be so freaking interesting, and maybe something with fish.
Some of the desserts presented on the lunch event that day:
Assorted Cookies (IDR 80k) - my personal favorite was the chocolate chip cookies, I just love that classic goodness and I love the fact that they make it soft and chewy! I never really like dry crispy cookies, who's team soft cookies here?
Apple Cobbler with Cinnamon Icecream - IDR 80k 
Everyone's favorite! Fresh Granny-smith apples layered with fragrant buttery cobbler, served moist and wet, such a play of flavor & texture in the palate. YUM!
Banana Pudding - IDR 80k
For me, the dupe for Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding when it's impossible to find in town, this one's another favorite of mine for the spot on creamy texture, and lovely banana toppings!
Soft Serve (Vanilla, Chocolate/Mixed) - IDR 80k
Simple refreshment if you prefer softserve for the sweet closure to your meal, it was good and simple, not out of the world good.
There you have it! The brief exclusive preview of Le Burger that's opening in two days! Will I personally revisit? Why not?! I love their Truffle Burger and would most likely come back to try out their Shrimp Burger. I heard if things go well they'll open 24/7, well that's interesting, in the mean time I hope things work and they're worth giving a chance!

Disclaimer: I am invited to attend the exclusive preview but in no way this blog post is an ad and I don't receive any monetary compensation.

Le Burger
Alila SCBD Jakarta
Lot 11, Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190
Opening hours: 24/7
Dresscode: sporty casual
Average spending for two: IDR 300k


Map for Alila SCBD Jakarta

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