What's a day without a delicious home mad treats? I was craving for chocolate and I suddenly remembered that I have some Hershey's chocolates left from my latest Singapore trip. As what you see on the picture above is one of my sweet experiment. I don't take anything from the internet (recipes), as this is called an experiment, it might end up as a sweet treat or end up as a chaos :(.

I don't recommend this for anyone who doesn't like sweet stuffs as this is dangerously sweet and might be dangerously fattening, but that's probably the least of my care (weight) so I'm going to HAVE SOME SWEET MOMENTS to remember the sweet moments.

If you're wondering about the ingredients used for this experiment, here they are:
- a half of the whole bar of the Hershey's Harmony chocolate bar (192gr)
- 5 pcs of the Hershey Kisses milk chocolate
- 2 pcs of Hershey Kisses chocolate almond
- marshmallow (plain)
- one sachet of Cadbury hot chocolate drink

The most used and general mixture for this experiment is actually the chocolate garnish and dip, so let's start with it first.

- put the bars of the Hershey's Harmony chocolate bar, 3 pcs of Hershey Kisses milk chocolate and 1 pcs of Hershey Kisses chocolate almond into a bowl, or it could be anything that's microvable and heat-resistant.
put on the microwave for about 8-10 minutes in maximum heat.

Let's move on to the "Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows"
Level: easy
Approximate time of making: 8 minutes

The longest time taken for creating this actually waiting for the chocolate garnish on top of the marshmallows to melt, while you're preparing for this drink.
I'd like to mix the hot chocolate with the rest of the Hershey Kisses chocolates so that I'd have a fun chocolate taste. After you pour the boiling water to the glass, don't forget to stir, so that the Hershey Kisses could melt, and finally put four marshmallows to the hot chocolate drink and garnish it with nice and hot melted chocolate. This drink is totally my newest love.

I love when the marshmallows kinda melt and you can have some foamy texture and original vanilla taste from the marshmallow. Variant!

Baked Marshmallows with Chocolate Dip
Another fun experiment, this time I'm wondering what it's like to have marshmallow baked in the same time with the melted chocolate. I thought I was going to burn the marshmallows with the fire, but I thought isn't it hideous to burn something that came from the gas, I don't think it's healthy enough and you'll get those gas tasted marshmallow instead.

I kinda thought that the marshmallow's going to melt away, but I end up got a little happy surprise.

Look at how prettily baked the marshmallows are...wait until I try to dig the inside.
 I love how it looks and tasted, at first when you put your spoon on the surface, it's absolutely crispy, but soon you'll have this foamy texture and cloud like appearance. I'm in love.

That's for my home made treats of EATandTREATS. Incase you're wondering why is the first picture is written 'part 2' on it, well if you follow my instagram, you'll know that I posted a picture of Starbucks Hot Chocolate with marshmallows.

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